10 Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

10 Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget

There are sure plenty of bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget turning it into a cool relaxing space without having to splurge mega-bucks! According to frontline home and interior magazines, average bathroom remodeling costs are around $10,500. But the good news is that you can remodel it for $1,000 – $3,000 or even less depending on the creativity of the agency and limiting the changes.

Updating your bathroom will not just help you relax in your personal space at the end of the day, but also add value to your property. Here are some super bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget:-


List of Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget:-


Limit the use of tiles


One of the most expensive areas of a bathroom remodeling involves laying of tiles by the experts. For a good job, of course, you’ll have to hire expert home remodeling contractor New Jersey and that is going to cost you money! The best way is to work with these experts and get a 3-D visualization of the same. In areas where water is bound to splash, you’ll naturally have to opt for tiles.

There’re plenty of look-alike tiles of designer brands that you may want to install. Tell the home remodeling agency to calculate the cost of laying the whole area with these tiles.


Paint dry areas yourself


If costs mount up, opt to paint the dry areas with glossy finish paint. Pastel shades, white and grey are wonderful colors to opt making the areas look more spacious. Not only will you save the cost of laying tiles but also have the satisfaction of doing up your personal space yourself by painting the walls.


Opt for an old dresser countertop


Countertop materials are expensive to say the least. You can remodel and also save by placing an old dresser as the basin stand. Since the basin is going to take up most of the top area, polishing or painting it all over is a good way of getting a fresh new look. Hang it on the wall to get a large space visual effect and see the difference it makes to your bathroom interiors.


Opt for countertop material with some flaws


If you’ve set your heart on an attractive countertop, shop around for countertop material that has a small flaw in it.  The basin is going to sink into the countertop, and the faucet, any flaw is hardly going to be noticeable. This is going to save you big on money and yet help you get the look of an expensive bathroom.


Give existing cabinets a fresh lease of life


An expensive way of doing up your bathroom is to fix your existing cabinets with new hardware, covering or paint. Here, again you’ll need some expert help to see that the screws align perfects and the new knobs match the overall look and feel of the space.


Install a new faucet


One of the time-tested ways of giving your bathroom a new look without having to change the basin is changing the hardware. Opt for a new and trendy faucet and see how the look of the basin changes without having to change the rest of the vanity.


Go of pre-fabricated showers


It’s always nice to build a customized shower area but this is one of the most expensive options too! There are plenty of pre-fabricated showers in the market that you can match up with your space, utility and budget. Installing these will help you reduce the hassle of on-site building and also cost you way less.


Choose multi-purpose bathroom fixtures


Storage and ease of use are 2 primary concerns when remodeling a bathroom. This is where choosing fixtures come in too. Opt for foldaway and multipurpose cabinets with mirrors that will help you cut on costs. Instead of installing only a mirror over the vanity opt for those that come with the mirror and storage unit. If you’re not buying one of those, you still have plenty of mirror-cum storage options that are high on utility and also give the bathroom a swanky look.


Change the lighting


A dimly lit area is never appealing however expensive the rest of the setting may be. Take a good look at the lighting of your bathroom. If there’s a source of natural light, open it up by placing light curtain materials. Add attractive wall scones strategically to give light and also pep up the look of the space. In case of a false ceiling, try adding better lighting system that radiate colors and more light.


Add small décor and plants


There’s nothing like the look of fresh flowers in a vase in any place of the house. If you can’t afford them daily, place artificial flowers that mimic real look along with a few décor items on a wall shelf and see your bathroom come alive.

If you’re looking for more ideas to spruce up your bathroom immaterial of its shape and size, get in touch with us today. We’re a specialist home remodeling contractor New Jersey that has been working with clients with all types of budgets. We’re sure to give you the best bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget as per your taste!

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