Big cat diary tamu

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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. It's great to see this wonderful program back. Better than any soap opera with it's fighting and affairs and illegitimate children Two cracking episodes so far thought Tamu was amazingly brave to go for that male lion like that - not many lionesses would have risked it - even though I fear she got there too late but it's such a shame it's on at a silly time.

Would have much preferred to see it back at it's 7pm slot rather than 5. Saigo Posts: 7, Forum Member.

Big cat diary tamu

Amazing programme, as always. The presenters do shamelessly try to build tension but watching the cats is always interesting Tamu was great but it is sad that Honey lost a cub. I agree, great programme, can't wait til Neighbours Returns at pm! After the trauma of Toto in the last series, it's been a bit of a bloodbath this time, only 3 episodes in and already we've had 1 cheetah and 3 lion cubs killed, the presenters do over do the tension a little, but it's still one of the best programs on the BBC.

I think a lot of the tension from the presenters comes from just how much they've come to care about these animals and knowing that they themselves are helpless to interfere. Heartbreaking stuff with Tamu's cubs.

Big cat diary tamu

I really hope the other two survived but it seems somehow unlikely. I love Simon King, but I can't watch this programme, I lasted about 1 minute into the first one when they instantly showed gazelles or something about to be killed. I just can't bear to see anything being ripped apart alive, the terror and agony they must go through. Gutted Girl Posts: 3, Forum Member. It's been really sad this year with Honey losing another cub and Tamu coming back from fruitlessly trying to find her two missing cubs to find that the little injured one had died.

It was heartbreaking to watch her licking the poor little thing. Gutted Girl wrote: ». Saigo wrote: ». The presenters do shamelessly try to build tension but watching the cats is always interesting. Due to be transmitted after Big Cat Week has finished but this has not yet been confirmed. I love this programme. Tamu was strong when she chased away the male. Heartbreaking too when Honey lost the cub and Tamus' wee cub died. Hope the other two cubs are found safe and well. Will have to watch tonight to find out! Surely there must be some way we can keep up with the progress of these cats instead of having to wait a whole year to find out?

I'm amazed that Tamu found those other two cubs alive and had a good old laugh at Honey blanking her cubs after they ignored her.

Big cat diary tamu

I'm sure we're in for more drama tomorrow though. Dracarys Posts: 1, Forum Member. I'm so happy to see the return of BCD but only a week of programmes? It's not enough. Tamu and Honey are both wonderful mothers and I really laughed at Honey's reaction to the cubs ignoring her. That'll teach em. Tamu's tale is a heartbreaking one, especially after the cliffhanger today.

I sincerely hope Tamu and her family are accepted back into the pride though it looks very doubtful. And am I the only one who felt like giving Notch a slap when Tamu was being chased? Get in there man, before one of them gets hurt! Can't wait for tomorrow's episode. I look forward to this programme every year. And then when tamu was lickin the dead cub i was sobbing like a baby. My bf asks why i watch it when i know it will upset me I even get upset when wilderbeasts die even tho i know the cats NEED to eat.

Kbramman wrote: ». I know honey is amazing I really have fallen for Tamu and her babies this year Last year i was in love with toto i still have him as my pc wallpaper And Honey is such a fantastic hunter, my jaw always drops watching her twist and turn perfectly as she's chasing her prey. DejaVoodoo Posts: 5, Forum Member. I was out there a few years back and they were filming then. It is an amazing experience however the massive of trucks sitting waiting to see certain animals, does take away from the occasion.

Big cat diary tamu

I don't believe the other two are dead - the male lion did not have time to get them. It looked like he leapt on one the injured one before Tamu chased him off. I think they might turn up which may be why they are dragging that story out. In or Register to comment.

Big cat diary tamu

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