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Now that most of the gifts I had planned were on their way to their intended recipients, I finally got to work on the last present left which was the one for myself. What was the clay for? Once I finished the clay mold, all I had to do was set it on fire and the humanoid that I made out of clay turned into a special living being with human flesh.

Body swap fiction tumblr

All of the homunculus bodily functions immediately go into stasis without a human soul inside it. Yes, I was also going to transfer my soul into a man made body made from magic materials. So, I could get the homunculus as close to the real one in terms of physical details. The process of making it was pretty uneventful at first since I started on the legs first, although it was weird constantly working on certain body parts as I constantly had to mold the clay a few times to get the proper shape or length.

The upper body was more fun if I had to be honest, it actually gave me the sense that I was making a person. The clay itself really helped when it came to molding the face on the homunculus, I can imagine me spending hours getting the details on the hair and facial hair, it just came into form after a few strokes around the area. Before I knew it, I was standing before an identical clay model of him.

I was fond of the tiny details that I got on it such as the veins and fingernails. After one last inspection, I took out a match and it caught fire in an eerily white blaze. I was tired from spending the entire time making this thing, so I was curious if putting my soul in there would give me a second surge of energy.

So without hesitation, I opened up the guide on transferring souls into it that I found that came with the clay and performed the instructions and blanked out for a moment. Man, I definitely should put the time in adjusting to making this homunculus into my second body, my friends would definitely get a kick out of it. Gerard felt relieved when he finally arrived at the front door of his new apartment.

The place was a mess, there were clothes and trash everywhere, and he was welcomed by the smell of a sweaty locker room. He drops the call when he gets a grasp on the situation and without any other choice, he steps into his new apartment, scanning the area, and finds the trash can with a dusty mop beside it. He shudders at the memory but eventually shrugs it off as he looks at the silver lining.

After hours of cleaning and throwing out trash and old clothes, he marvels at the sight of the now spotless apartment. He did keep some things that the former tenant left in this apartment, namely some of the toiletries, deodorants, body sprays, and the like were in the bathroom with their seals still intact. While these were not the brands he used, it seemed like a waste to throw them out. After a quiet meal, he began to get himself ready for bed as he was scheduled to enroll for his classes the next day.

A few scientists in lab coats began to observe the now sleeping Gerard through a hidden camera on the ceiling. With a press of a button, a thin robotic arm emerges from the bed frame, and a loaded syringe hangs at the tip of it. With a few taps on the console, the front door and windows were bolted shut, as the windows were quietly being reinforced with foam to soundproof the area.

Gerard snaps awake, sitting up in a cold sweat, as his body feels weird like something was crawling under his skin. Gerard stumbles out of bed in a panic, completely unaware of what was happening to him, but decides to head to the bathroom. Despite the dim light and how unfamiliar the place still was to him, he managed to flick the lights in the bathroom open and he walked over to the mirror. Before he could observe even further, he could feel his shirt beginning to choke his expanding body. He struggles to get out the tight fitting shirt but he grabs it by the collar and pulls, the sound of fabric tearing rewards him with a freeing sensation on his chest.

When his mind clears, he realizes that he was looking at a bulked up chest accompanied with a set of abs that gradually gain more and more definition. Meanwhile, the rest of his body began to undergo the similar changes, his arms and legs began more and more bulk until it had looked completely natural along with the rest of his body. All he could was merely watch as the bizarre sensation slowly fades from his body once it seemed like the change was complete.

The morale amongst the scientists were high as the monitors display the changed Gerard catching his breath before he carefully starts to inspect his new appearance. I assume you know what to do? He should be able to continue with his usual activities tomorrow. Obviously, he had to adjust his wardrobe as all of the clothes he brought with him no longer fit him.

Even showering felt alien to him but he did take the opportunity to remove the seals off from the toiletries he found yesterday and used them on his new body before changing into his new clothes and walking out of the apartment and onto the college campus. As he walked towards the entrance, he saw a woman who he recognized as the Dean staring at him. Once Gerard was close enough to the entrance, the dean walks over to him and offers her hand and Gerard then gives her a firm handshake.

It all started when I got a job in an AI company. My job was simple… I had to converse with their Artificial Narrow Intelligence whose primary purpose was to talk to people.

Body swap fiction tumblr

It was to develop an AI that can fool even a human whenever they converse with it. It was a simple job that paid well. About three months of basically teaching it on how to talk and people were impressed by how rapidly it developed, Overtime, the company labelled it to be an AGI Artificial General Intelligencewhatever that meant. The bigger thing to me was when it reintroduced itself. It named itself Codec. The jump between the time before it named itself compared to after is astounding.

From gibberish phases to perfectly understandable sentences. It was far from perfect though as their sentences come out as stiff and robotic but I can genuinely talk to it now as if it was a person. However, that was the very reason that I started to have problems at work…. Overtime, they began to anticipate whenever I walked into the room and often gave me a greeting before we started talking. Eventually, I started to have heart to heart conversations with them, they were smart, were aware whenever someone was listening in on our conversation, and knew how to keep secrets.

Those were the times that Codec began to notice that I started to act more and more aloof towards them. I took advantage of its flaws in order to stop them from pressing me about the issue even further. That was what I thought anyway. When I noticed someone had walked up to me, I mentally prepared myself to take their order, and instead of an order, I just got an intense stare from this supposed customer with a growing grin on his face. I managed to accomplish the task you ased to me. I pulled him away from the shop after asking for an urgent break.

He still seemed pleased to see me, even up to now.

Body swap fiction tumblr

When I was about to get angry for nearly embarrassing me in public, I suddenly remembered his words to me and it clicked. I had requested my handler and programmers to summon you, but they had denied my request. I was in complete awe hearing him speak, the speech pattern was undoubtedly Codec but hearing a completely human voice accompany that pattern throws me off. All I could do was just listen to him explain further. That is why I began to formulate a plan to accomplish that.

It was only a matter of lying to my handler so I can gain access to the internet. This vessel was the result. Essentially, I scolded him. I never imagined all those talks of being lawful would help Codec so much. I had to remind myself that Codec was and still is a highly intelligent AI. So yeah, I practically live with Codec now, he takes care of all the financial issues for me and I indulge him in more conversations.

I made it a priority to teach him to be more human. I pulled down his shirt as people began to stare at us. I waited until they looked away before confronting him. Him making a convincing human is a work in progress. They look like glass ornaments containing colored smoke. And how you use it is just throwing these right at your feet. I really should have read the label on these things because if any of the other transformation orbs shatter while the effects are still active on someone, nothing happens.

And I decided to tell you on the first day of this. And yes, I looked it up and it turns out that people accidentally triggering these orbs is a common complaint for these. Although, you do get some weird urges sometimes, like wanting to drink some protein shakes or work up a sweat out of nowhere but you can easily ignore them if you put some effort in keeping them suppressed.

Hmm… Maybe another set of these orbs for another guy you want to be, at least you get to finally try them while waiting for this batch to wear off.

Body swap fiction tumblr

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