Botw lynel mount

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Botw lynel mount

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Botw lynel mount

He up! So I just encountered White Maned Lynels in Hyrule for the first time, and I have heard claims that the Golden Lynels are not much harder than the Silver Lynels so I was questioning if they are too easy especially given the fact that you can still remove them with an ancient arrow, and if so, should they have tougher variants in the sequel?

One way I was thinking they could be made more challenging is that head shots no longer stun them and they have armored back preventing you from mounting them unless you remove the armor. The weaker variants could have wooden armor, the stronger having metal armor, and the elite having armor you cannot remove. I found them tough enough. Eventually you do learn their patterns and they become easier, but that's not a bad thing. I don't want every fight with a Lynel to make me sweat. A few of them did initially.

I heard you can get two lynels to pair up. A single Lynel is easier than a single TP Darknut, however, the latter is more difficult in a group of 4 because fewer options to use. I have not yet encountered a silver Lynel and I heard Golds move slower for some reason. In BotW2, I would like to see tougher Lynels or perhaps mounted varieties. Back in the first game, they were the toughest overworld enemies, but manageable if you had projectiles unlike Blue Wizzrobes that were only affected by Bombs and the Sword and in ALttP, only three are encountered in the entire game more appear in the GBA port's alternate ending, but that does not really count.

The Oracles incarnation was at their easiest, and the first time a gold appeared. In ALBW they were threatening especially being an early encounter, and strangely the black lynels only appear in the treacherous tower. BotW is where they are the elite monsters. A single Lynel is easier than a single TP Darknut.

They challenged me enough. I laughed when I found I could shoot ancient arrows at them though. I tried using ancient arrows, but it takes away the satisfaction of actually killing them. Besides, you cannot get a savage lynel crusher that way either unless you manage to glitch the game somehow. Nevertheless, if you use one in the colosseum, the traveler will still give you a silver rupee.

I save ancient arrows for guardian skywatchers so i do not have to waste bomb arrows to destroy the propellors or whack it with a large metal box. All three weapon types appear. Now with sword, I did find it easier to pull off flurry rushes than with spear and crusher has a risk where it is not safe to use. At first they felt challenging, later on they become annoying HP sponges.

That combined with the weapon durability system made me dread encountering them, not because I felt they'd challenge me, but because I didn't want to break half my inventory. Well to be fair, you can get free shots if you mount them.

Botw lynel mount

From what I was informed the golden Lynels move slower for some reason. As for HP sponges, they are the only enemies I look forward to along with Guardians in BotW and maybe the overworld bosses. Not only that, but they are generally in isolated locations although I do think the game could have done a better job where they are more unexpected just like in the East Lanayru Gate or the plateau above Lake Floria. The Colosseum should have been in northern Hyrule if you ask me. I realise this is a late reply, but I just wanted to say at the moment I'm relieved to hear people say lynels are too easy, because I've just encountered my first one and found it impossible.

It's the one just past Lanayru Road East Gate, and at the moment just a normal red lynel but I haven't been able to kill it.

Botw lynel mount

I'm sure it's at least partially because of my tactics, but I also wonder if I need to come back with stronger equipment. I've got a grand total of 22 armour from my best kit champion's tunic, soldiers leggings and helmet, all upgraded once and my best weapon 2 handed axe has a damage rating of I can get a small defense or damage bonus from food of course, but neither seems to make a big difference. I almost killed it once but burned through all my food and 2 fairies trying.

What seems to work best is dodging it's attacks until it charges me, then mounting it and doing as much damage as I can before I'm thrown off. But I can't do that reliably especially when it's breathing fire or firing ice arrowsand any single hit seems to kill me. Also sometimes by the time I find it and run round to mount it the lynel is already recovering so I don't get to attack and I'm in very close range when it starts attacking. I definitely need more practice, but when I did the first Minor Combat Trial at the Muwo Jeem Shrine on the cliff top just south of Hateno it took ages, I had to get it to run into all the pillars to stun it, then go through several rounds of it's spinning laser attack, then reflect it's targeted laser back at it to kill it.

All that changed is I got better equipment, my tactics were the same, so I'm thinking it might be the same with the lynels. So I finally beat my first lynel. It was the one on the mountain above Zora's Domain also a red sword lynel. I'm not sure if that one is intentionally easier because it's involved in quests although it is optional, I actually had enough shock arrows already, but decided to fight it anyway or if practising is paying off I used a mix of head shots and dodging to disable it, then mounting it and whacking it with a Knight's Claymore.

I still can't get the timing right to reliably get the flurry counter-attack on anything, not just lynels but at least I can avoid getting hit. Gold lynels in master mode are NOT easy DM really should have added at least one Lynel even if it was by the entrance.

Botw lynel mount

Just a follow-up to say 4 lynels in 3 red, one blue, all sword lynels I'm finding them much easier. I'm glad I took the time to write down what weapons and armour I was using in my first post because I can confirm there's been no real change there, but I do have more hearts which means they take 2 hits to kill me instead of one, which helps. But mostly I think the difference is understanding the fight and the tactics required. Mostly what I'm doing is staying close enough that they don't use their bow, but out of range of their sword I assume it is possible to use perfect dodge against them but since I can't do it consistently even against moblins or lizalfos I'm not trying here.

When they start a charge attack I stun them with a bow, then mount them and attack that way, then repeat the pattern. And of course backing away from the fire breath and jump attack when it happens. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0. YouTube Twitch Discord.

Botw lynel mount Botw lynel mount

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