Corruption of champions ends

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You return to the clearing where the goddess is sealed, pulled by the blessing Fera placed on you. She immediately manifests, drawing on the energy you've accumulated in a year of fucking willing needy partners lured in by your amazing body and enhanced sexual prowess She fucks you roughly against a nearby tree and whispers a proposal: that you let her briefly possess you, so you may carry her beyond the confines of the clearing. You allow it, and everything nonetheless turns out better than expected when a local mouse-morph woman living in a nearby village begs you to impregnate her and the goddess is quick to help you grant that wish.

Your body has already been altered by Fera's dark magic, the goddess of the predatory hunt having modified you to be the perfect pheremone-infused breeding machine.

Corruption of champions ends

You are a perfect breeder and you love being impregnated, you only experience pleasure When Fera awakens, she wants to go out into the world and bring you with her. You decide you'd rather "stay in" and get fucked into an even better breeding machine, whatever the consequences. You catch up to the fairies, narrowly avoiding their trap. Given that two of them have fallen prey to the magical rope harness intended for you, you think maybe you'll let them go Except they are begging you to play with them, to toy with them, to allow them to feed from your sexual fluids as you take charge of the three women and direct them how to pleasure you despite your size disparity.

As they are effected by your fluids as though you were a potent aphrodisiac, the fairies enjoy themselves immensely and even have a surprise for you in the end. When walking in the forest near your camp, you discover a mysterious and serene glade. Pure energy emanates from a mysterious pearl, driving back all of the local corrupted vegetation and allowing sun to penetrate the canopy.

Corruption of champions ends

You move to take the pearl, inspect it, maybe use it to cleanse the local area- when the three fairies who have been basking in its light challenge you and run off with it. Caught in a magical rope harness and used for pleasure, two of them go down on you and one rides your tongue. You lick the diminutive fae until climax, while she and her companions experience powerful aphrodisiac effects from your fluids. The creatures in the forest are indiscriminate in their desire for sexual fluids.

A natural alteration to the terrain caused by corruption, tentacle beasts seek out anything with sexual fluids and attempt to extract them. They will bind and then pleasure anyone who they sense, trying to induce addiction and corrupted aphrodisiac driven desire to return. The tentacle beasts can fuck any hole perfectly, lubricated, seeking the spots that induce forcible and forceful release of sexual fluids.

They will soak up every drop and leave their 'victims' quite clean, despite any forest leaves scattered in your hair from being suspended then ridden into the ground with long tentacles in every hole. Ass, pussy, mouth, fucked. Nipples, clit, teased. Climax to the limit and then cum on the tendrils gaping your pussy.

A tentacle beast experience. Ass and mouth, fucked. Nipples teased. Entire body bound and rubbed. Your cock buried deep in one of the special vines with a suckling sleeve at the tip. Climax to the limit and then cum inside one of the tentacles as they drink it all up. Further tentacles wrap in a kind of net around your cock and balls, jerking you off to the limit and holding you suspended until conclusion. You're freed when the ravishment is over, but after that kind of treatment are you ever really free? Wandering through the desert, you find yourself face to face with a beautiful woman who has a serpentine lower body and a willing manner.

She takes you back to her place in the nearby ruins, and though she does not speak your language she has a particular way of communicating things with her swirling yellow gaze. An alternative take where you get along with Dominika better, as opposed to the light humiliation of Trance In The Bar. You are taken home by a beautiful woman you meet in a bar. She has an interest in hypnosis and mind control too, and the two of you hit it off. She asks if she can "place her mouth on your genitals". A strange description for oral sex. Perhaps that fits, as it turns out to be a very strange cunnilingus session.

Drained, emptied, seeing strange visions amidst the phenomenal pleasure of her worshipful sucking and swallowing. You awaken in the lobby of the boarding house she's staying in, completely clothed and with some interesting memories. A strange description for a blowjob.

Perhaps that fits, as it turns out to be a very strange blowjob.

Corruption of champions ends

Discovering a mysterious pumpkin and its strange vaginal entrance, the listener finds themselves mesmerized. Similar to other corrupted flowers in the forest, the pumpkin is deed to milk one's cock and retrieve their semen. Slipping your cock inside, you proceed to fuck and thrust You fall short of allowing the eldritch goddess sealed inside to cross over. Deeming you inadequate, she uses the minimal power you have provided to punish you with a curse rendering your submissive cock too sensitive for much thrusting at all.

It might feel quite good, set you trembling and clenching your ass, make your nipples tingle and otherwise excite your body But it will never climax unless you are filled, fucked. You are a submissive bottom, sensual prey for powerful desirable partners who pin you down and let you feel pleasantly helpless. Then, and only then, your limp cock will climax in a submissiongasm which cements your true hunger to be fucked and filled.

Slipping your cock inside, you proceed to fuck and thrust After a powerful climax and some spurting, Fera stands over you: goddess of the primal hunt.

Corruption of champions ends

Your lust and virile confidence is rewarded with more of the same. For listeners with hard cocks that yearn to fuck, thrust, grow, and enhance your confidence and pleasure. Discovering a mysterious pumpkin and its very phallic stem, the listener finds themselves mesmerized. Slipping it inside of your pussy, you feel the pumpkin begin to take over, fucking, claiming, using as the vines and tendrils of this corrupted space stimulate you together. After a powerful climax and some spurting, Fera stands over you: goddess of the primal hunt. Your lust and fertility is rewarded with more of the same.

For listeners with wet dripping pussies in need of fucking. Slightly dark and the more harsh counterpart to the Breeder Bitch Blessing. You attempt to hypnotize a gorgeous blonde scholar you meet who is studying a mind control manuscript in the Wet Bitch Bar. She takes it as good fun and turns the situation around, setting you on your knees and offering you the chance to crawl between her legs and do something useful. In the bar in the uncorrupted city of Tel'Adre, the bar matron during the day is an older Drider woman - a creature with a four-armed dark elven upper body, and a spider-like lower body.

Respectfully known as "Aunt" Nancy, she has been alone for some time. Her husband predeceased her by many years, and when she asks you to walk her home, you agree. You come in, and are bound in her web as the busty bartender uses every method at her disposal to give and derive pleasure. There are two versions of this audio. One for listeners with pussies, one for listeners with penises.

You decide to relax with a treatment at the spa in Tel'Adre. There is a beautiful and muscled lizard woman who comes into town very rarely. She offers a treatment where she uses her tail to relax the client. In this case that includes pegging, prostate massage, watching her get off, lots of dirty talk, some affection, the promise of future fun, and some instruction to orgasm amid 'hot stone massage' of her scaled body atop you and pinning you.

Huge breasts, cute red ponytail, brash manner. Helia is usually found only in the plains, but she actually fits in with the caring and usefully relaxing practitioners at the Spa. Based on Fenoxo's Corruption of Champions game, but the scenario and writing here are of my own de. Made with permission. A long sample of the content.

Corruption of champions ends

An elf comes to your camp and offers a present. You unwrap it only to find the bow is enchanted and the box contains a special guest with very specific intentions for you. Who is really the present here? An homage and a twist on the Corruption of Champions holiday event where an elf brings you a present and it twists in a sexy direction.

Length: 20 Minutes. A very simple file about trying to evade a tentacle beast's amorous advances by climbing a tree. As it turns out, your butt is not quite out of reach, and it is smarter than you thought. For listeners with penises. Continuing the Bee Girl handmaiden story, you manage to resist the compelling vibrations of her wings and choose to give her a taste of her own medicine. She's already incredibly horny, and as the bee girl does not have a cargo of eggs to implant, she has no way to access her normal sexual outlet.

She happily submits to your pinning and fucking her, but her uniquely sensitive vagina shortly has her riding a manic high of repeated orgasms, and leaves her flooded with your seed and almost unconscious from pleasure-fatigue afterward. This line of encounters will continue onward through the Bee transformation files into a few possible 'endings'. A pussy-having-listener version for those who would rather subjugate the bee handmaiden using their own personal 'honey', will be made available soon as a different Sweet Revenge file series. This audio is based on content from Fenoxo's game "Corruption of Champions".

A long sample can be found here. The giant bee-like women who dwell in the forests of Mareth serve a queen who is inherently purified and immune to the corruption which suffuses it. They make a honey which shares these qualities and is sought after. The bees use the aphrodisiac honey and their pleasure-granting venom to pacify people, usually, but today she has no cargo of eggs at all, she's just incredibly turned on and willing to offer a bottle of the transformative honey the bees create - which is safe and delicious in small quantities. The exchange? She'd like a little licking, some oral pleasure to get her off and dull the aching arousal she can only really get rid of when the Queen lo her back up and sends her out.

You'll lick at her pussy, taste her honey, enjoy her ministrations in return. They are also compelled by their queen to implant her offspring and their pleasure-giving honey medium into the bodies of the powerful entities who may cross their path. People like you. The bees use the aphrodisiac honey and their pleasure-granting venom to pacify people, and then after the sting proceed to insert their ovipositors into a willing hole and spurt out the Queen's young to be carried.

The result is mutually pleasurable and the bees become quite addicted to performing the action, very quickly.

Corruption of champions ends

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