Crossdressers in thongs

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Remember Me? Mobile Site Advanced Search. Thread: How can you wear thongs? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. How can you wear thongs? It seems like a lotta girls here love wearing thongs, so I was wondering how do you do it and keep everything in place?

I've tried more than once and I just can keep my "junk" from falling out the second I let go of it - there's just not enough coverage no matter what style I try. Do you have a special trick? I'm fairly well-endowed so that could be the factor, but there seems to be more to this story than meets the eye.

Originally Posted by Alayna. If the thongs are small enough get two and wear them as ear muffs. Any more practical ideas? Julietta Julie. I have also been wondering the same thing! The closest I can get to the look of a thong is my little gaff that I can stretch decently John For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. No such luck Just my 2 cents worth Hugs, Brianne. Originally Posted by Julietta. LOL, say where is Ol' Muffles? I can't think of any sayings at the moment.

But since we use the Queen's English down here, I would assume that the same basic rules apply.

Crossdressers in thongs

It is now Seff Efrikan Inglisch. Love, Vicky. I'm average and wear thongs much of the time. They have be certain styles, and definitely stretch I've found VS ature Cotton V-string to work very well. Also, maybe get a size smaller than you usually would in panties. And stop getting aroused in them! Bad girl, NO! Originally Posted by JoannaDees. Hugs, Teddie. Joanna, how did you get hold of Erica's spoon?

Oh my, is there some secret society of spoon wielding women out there!? I can certainly understand why some people would stay away from them, what with the "spillage" and all. But some styles help with "proper tucking" more than others.

I agree with the VS cotton v-string recommendation. Actually, most VS thongs work, esp. I find boyshorts harder to wear than thongs, truthfully. I have over a dozen thongs in my undies drawer but they are never the first things I tend to take out. Sorry to all you thong enthusiasts.

Crossdressers in thongs

Tristen Cox. Too much info:. Practice makes perfect! Well, I dont have any gaffs - I just own regular womens thongs - mostly cotton I think. As others have stated, the tuck method is probably your best bet. U just have to do it a lot and get used to the feeling.

If u work and become comfortable at your tucking method and wear them without getting arroused, then you should get some pretty decent .

Crossdressers in thongs

Tucking is the key. However, a streachy one holds everything up and forward for wearing guy close too. Heep in mind, while tucked, I can't pick just any to wear. Some don't have enough coverage. Did you read my post "The Art of Tucking? Whew, I'm glad it isn't just me. I've been trying to come up with a comfortable way to make it look as natural as possible "down there" while wearing a thong. I can't tuck the boys back up in that little cavity the supposedly come from, it just hurts way too much for me.

Crossdressers in thongs

I'm still working on it, but I think I'm getting closer to a comfortable and good looking solution to my little issues, but I don't know if you can get rid of the camel toe effect Erica was talking about though. Still working on that one. Originally Posted by ericaleighton. Perhaps as you do this more often, the cavity will stretch a little over time. I know that time, frequency, and how long I stay tucked has improved how well it loogs and tucking becomes easier.

ToxicDisneyGoddess yahoo. Originally Posted by Felicity. Well, I can't wear a thong the way it is supposed to be worn anymore than the rest of you. But that doesn't matter to me. That's the fun part! I couldn't wear one for any length of time but love to try them on just for the fun of it! Thanks for the help, I think I'll try that sport thong idea. I've used the VS thongs but not the Pink line, hmmmmmm and a bunch of others. I've got no problems tucking - I've been doing it for years, so that's not the problem.

I suppose I can stay in at first, but as soon as I take a step If it doesn't work it's no biggie - having no butt and all. It looks like a couple of pieces of deli-sliced ham with a string in the middle! Anyone want another visual Crossdressers.

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Crossdressers in thongs

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