David laid nude

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David laid nude

Hello and thank you for registering. If you can't find the you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. Handsome guy and nice body but too perfect for my taste.

David laid nude

He's so perfect that he isn't attractive to me if that makes sense. Also, he fucked himself doing steroids so early. I liken these type of posts to going to a lavish antiques show. After an hour,you just get tired of seeing beautiful things you cant possibly afford. Yeah, he didn't do steroids he was just able to put on 50lbs of muscle with no fat and keep the same waist line naturally all by the age of Do you know how much testosterone and human growth hormone is surging through his body at that age? You just have to eat lots of food and lift heavy weights. Either way, he started to bore me.

Without at least some hint of man-on-man, I lose interest pretty quickly. Of course not, R A meathead is a meathead is a meathead. Forgive the fuck out of me for thinking of him in any more elevated manner. Cartoonish body - it looks great, but I don't know. There's some underlying psychological issue going on - this isn't normal. So you have R44,and where exactly has that gotten you? A gay community with zero sense of unity,young gay men and women who are ashamed to be themselves,conformist attitudes towards anyone different,just like your straight "friends",etc.

There was a time not so long ago when Grace was all we had,just like each other were all we had. You think your world is better? Maybe in some respects,but you'll never know what it was like to walk into a bar and it felt like a huge family,you'll never know what it was like to have a world that was full of laughter and art and dancing and singing, just for us ,BY us.

You'll never know what it was like to feel special and yes,different. You boring dude bros with your ignorance and self involvement and endless selfies. Wait a minute. I thought Jeff Seid was the epitome of perfection. Or Patrick Leblanc. Or that German guy who always poses with his muscle bro. I'm so confused!

His shoulders and upper chest are out of proportion to his torso and legs. He's hardly perfect, OP. And his chin is very narrow. I don't think I could ever be into someone who's so excessively into themselves. Have you people first stopped for a moment to find out if he is a homophobe or at least someone who doesn't want to be objectify by gay guys? You know, even though we may not know what their true sexual orientation may be bodybuilders tend to present a homophobic attitude.

Gay men are simply too nice of these men but many of then don't reciprocate such kind attention they receive from gay guys even though the whole bodybuilding industry only exists thanks to gay men. Who gives a shit? Nobody,and I do mean nobody,will ever love these boys as much as they love themselves. Yea his body looks great but he's super annoying with the constant showing off.

Put your shirt down prick, leave a little to the imagination. I "Ignored" one post, and suddenly all but 37 posts from this entire thread of 93 posts including the OP disappeared! Not sure if I'd ever be in love with his face though.

Yes, R He kind of frightens me. Looking at him makes me feel like having sex, perhaps, but with another guy, not him. Those tighty-whities in OP's original post, look like it could use a run through the washing machine with some bleach added. Then you should make a thread for Tom Selleck there, or Mark Harmon or whoever he is. None of these Instagram hos care whether or not anyone thinks they're sexy. They masturbate to pics of themselves on IG because no one will love them more than themselves. The fact that they literally have hundreds of thousands of drooling male and female fans constantly telling them how hot they are is validation enough.

He'll drop dead of a heart attack before he's Or some other vital organ will fail.

David laid nude

He's obviously roided out of his mind. Frankly, when you're so swollen you look like you're about to burst open, that's not sexy. His overb, followers think he's hot. There are major actors, athletes, and politicians with fewer followers. Do people think he gets off to himself? He looks narcissistic, but that idea may be a bit of an exaggeration. Ugly face, gross, distorted body. OP, you must be a freak yourself if you find that thing hot.

He is approaching 1 million followers for the sole reason people consider him Hot and Goals. He's certified hot by his popularity. The more ripped a bodybuilder the less sex drive.

David laid nude

Sex drive is affected by dehydration and lack of body fat. To me, the male body doesn't need to be any bigger, leaner or smoother than this. To me, THIS is perfection. Does he do anything besides lift weights? Oops, check that: does he do anything besides lift weights and take selfies? Indeed he was. And this is part of the process for conquering his demons. We should be applauding him for dealing with it in a healthy manner. In the bodybuilding world, which is the one he actually lives in, big legs are a gift from the gods.

The problem with trying to overcome bullying and low self-esteem through bodybuilding is that you only find self-worth based on your new appearance and the validation you receive from the outside. But if the newly achieved look goes away you have to deal with the real you. But I guess I'm fine with it as lon as the bodybuilder is not a homophobic douche in a field that is homoerotic to the core. I love that I can pretend to have deep thoughts about body building issues and what they mean to the gay universe all while perving out to photos of a manchild - second hand photos no less.

Because nothing says "dealing with it in a healthy manner" like chronicling one's narcissistic,body dysmorphia fueled pursuit of "perfection" by posting incessant photo's of oneself in an obsessive bid for validation, affirmation and acceptance from the very asshole types who would have bullied him in the first place.

David laid nude

You have to change the inside; not the outside in order to find like yourself. I think it is the wrong message being sent that if you change the outside then problem solved. It's fine if people want to work out and develop their bodies, but that's not the way to like yourself or deal with the world.

You know they pose for men and look for their approval and still some of then are so stupid not to realise what they do is the very definition of homoeroticism. Do you really think heterosexual men can obsess over the muscular bodies of other men like men do when it comes to bodybuilding? What is the excitement they get from looking at the contraction of muscles that makes them go crazy?

Are we going to deny the inherent eroticism of muscle contraction? The very spectacle is reminiscent of courtship. A group of males showing off their best secondary sex traits.

David laid nude

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