Diaper poopy tumblr

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The other brothers all laughed and asked him to repeat himself. While they horsed around in the pool eating barbecue and flirting with sorority girls Micheal was forced to waddle around in a soggy diaper until he could find a brother to change him. Yes they had their week of humiliation while the brothers diapered them and paraded them around in public. They all suffered through the week of meals in high chairs and nightly group bubble baths. They all clutched their ased plush and cuddled with their freshman peers, some crying, some laughing, some simply accepting of their fate.

They were close to each other having shared the experience and trusting of their older frat brothers to love and support and discipline them. While most were able to keep a dry diaper at night for the week of hazing some were not. Some took an extra week or two until it was only Michael and Jeff crammed into a crib and crinkling as they walked. His freshman year was almost over and he was still wetting nearly every night and day.

He would get through it though. After all, he had to stay dry eventually, right? Super wet morning! All the stars are gone First, wear diapers, and go whenever you feel like you can pee. Wearing a diaper feels like constantly standing in front of a urinal so you'll constantly be reminded of your bladder and over time itll be easy to wet in all positions, even walking.

Try out rapid desperation where you over hydrate yourself and pee at the slightest urge. Once you're peeing every ten minutes, youre gonna try to hold for an hour and a half. All while still drinking water every 15 minutes or so.

Diaper poopy tumblr

At about 45 minutes you should feel very desperate. Goood luck making it.

Diaper poopy tumblr

If you do this 2 days in a row your sphincter gets way too overworked and stops being able to hold much back. There are some health concerns about over hydrating You should have protection on your bed cause you're sphincter will be out of commission until you stop doing holds. I did rapid desperation like 4 days in a row and since then i get sudden intense urges to go along with body spasms if I hold too long.

As well as bedwetting so make sure you have privacy to do laundry and have diapers in your bedroom. You can also do cpr-like compressions on your full bladder which basically annoys your bladder and causes it to tense up. In order for the bladder to expand - it has to relax, but pressing on it will cause you to get really desperate without a lot of pee in there. And you'll probably leak while doing it.

Pro tip: if you do the cpr thing on your bladder while also doing it on the base of your penis, you'll leak uncontrollably even without desperation because you're moving the external sphincter while manually contracting the bladder. I dont know where this would be for girls, probably right at the pee hole Apparently peeing just in case is bad for the bladder so I'll also just go to the bathroom or wet my diaper even when i dont even feel anything.

It probably atrophies the bladder. So yeah thats all ive done and its worked amazingly, I love actually needing my diapers and having that fear of having accidents! I haven't had any luck yet with stress incontinence though - that's peeing when scared, laughing, running, and sneezing. I used to have it all I was a guy that every girl wanted to be with and that any guy would want to be. That is until I started to wet the bed, an issue I never had until now. It started 3 weeks ago, and I went from having protection on my bed to wearing rubber underwear.

Now I stand here after another wet night being told that I would be wearing a diaper going forward to bed.

Diaper poopy tumblr

My self-esteem was taking a major hit and I noticed at school I was even having some close calls and almost wet myself a couple times. I found that when I did go use the bathroom my underwear was usually damp somehow this whole situation was regressing me further.

Now, as the months went on my bedwetting only seem to get worse and the diapers I wore were getting thicker. It finally reached the point where I had to wear some protection to school. As now I started to have little accidents and found it almost impossible to keep my underwear completely dry. Then the day came that I never wanted to happen I was found out. As before a game one of my teammates decided to play a joke and pull down my shorts. This revealed my thick cloth training pants with babyish des on them.

I was kicked off the team, for my so-called medical issue.

Diaper poopy tumblr

At home I had transitioned to being completely diapered. For now I was allowed to wear training pants to school but now they were triple thick and quite obvious to everyone else. At home I was left to just waddle around in a diaper and often checked like a baby would be. The only thing I was allowed to do anymore was to poop in the toilet, I only wondered how much longer that would last. When spring break occurred I spent that entire week wearing diapers only getting short breaks to use the bathroom when needed.

Diaper poopy tumblr

Then I was told when I returned to school I will go back not in training pant, but in the diaper as well. Now I go to class wearing a diaper my control completely gone and now I started to also mess myself. My day is a jocker over cuz I was now a bedwetter and diaper user. Even now as I approach my 18th birthday and about to graduate high school the diapers have no end in sight. One last photo. I annihilated this diaper in my sleep. I woke up while I was going and then it just kept coming! Posts Archive.

Diaper poopy tumblr

Anyone wanna good nite cuddle Craving tykables again!! How i became incontinent! Well ive never had great control. But i'll share how i got to have real accidents day and night. From Jock To Bedwetter I used to have it all I was a guy that every girl wanted to be with and that any guy would want to be. Think they will ask if I need a change during the interview? Time to enjoy your little side! Shop now Little Sailor diapers and Kiddo Sweatshirt at ww.

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Diaper poopy tumblr

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