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The girls had just re-negotiated their contract with Shake It Up Chicago and had gotten themselves the use of a private limousine. Mostly due to Rockys good negotiating skills and CeCe's unwillingness to take no for an answer. The limo was set to take them to the airport, about 45 minutes away. Rocky did have to admit It was better than she had hoped for. The spacious leather interior was outfitted with a flatscreen TV and mini bar. They situated themselves comfortably and the drove off. After several minutes of watching TV Rocky noticed something was up with Cece.

She kept fidgeting and lightly running her hands over her body. Her faced was flushed and she seemed barely able to contain herself. Rocky had a hard time not laughing. I guess I now what last minute "stuff" Cece was doing. She was getting worse. She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily doing everything in her power not to touch herself. Rocky found it amusing that Cece thought she wouldn't notice.

Rocky pretended to be texting someone but kept checking Cece out from the corner of her eye. Rocky had always found her attractive and right now she looked so kissable. Cece's breath was a little ragged and looked like she was about to cry. Unfortunately Cece's present condition wasn't helping Rocky out.

She was getting turned on. She felt her core dampen as she looked at her gorgeous red headed friend. Hell she was more than a friend. She scooted over directly next to Cece. Cece was caught off guard by this but didn't break away. She opened her mouth and Rocky slid her tongue in.

Rocky hand started stroking Cece's thigh. Cece moaned her pleasure. Then Rocky pulled back. The girls stared at each other. Cece smiled. Rocky slammed Cece into the door of the limo as they passionately kissed. She ran her hands over her freinds perfect body. Her hands reached them hem of Cece's shirt and quickly removed Cece's top. Rocky admirde Cece's flawless creamy skin, her perfectly toned body, and her perfectly formed pierced tits.

She kissed down Cece's neck, gently sucked on her ear lobe, her chin, then down onto her collarbone, and finally to her amazing breasts. She took Cece's rock hard nipples into her mouth. She gently pulled and twisted Cece's peircing's with her tongue and teeth, sucking the tender flesh. As she nipped and sucked one she pinched and twisted the other with her hand. All Cece could do was moan. She slid up her skirt and kissed Cece's core through her soaked pantys.

She pulled down Cece's pantys and looked at her perfect pussy and red landing strip. Rocky gently kissed Cece's thighs closer and closer to her core, gently blowing warm air on Ceces core making her moan louder. Who couldn't stand it any longer.

But Rocky hesitated. It was rare to see Rocky in such a state. Why not tease her a bit. Rocky gently kissed it and pulled back, "No Rocky more, more! Rocky could see Cece was on the verge of tears and decided enough was enough. She lapped at Cece's core and she moaned in ecstasy Rocky began to slap her pussy and Cece bucked her hips when Rocky slid two fingers into her.

Cece was twisting and pulling her nipples as Rocky fingered her and licked her clit. Cece pushed Rocky face into her core arching her back in pleasure. Rocky slapped her ass. Rocky then started eating her from behind and fingering her ass, as Cece's pressed her nipples onto the ice cold glass of the window sending goosebumps over her entire body. She couldn't take any more and she orgasmed hard ,onto the leather seats.

She collapsed as waves of pleasure went through her body. Alright thanks for reading : please review and tell me what you think, good or bad. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Rocky x Cece. Lesbian smut. Take a look at the rating and you can guess whats coming.

Once again if you dont like this kind of story just pass it by. Heavy graphic sexual content. Alright :. Alright hello guys. I don't own shake it up cause if I did it would pretty much just be smut. What the hell was taking so long? Cece hurried down the front step, next to Rocky. Cece you were supposed to be ready a hour ago! Rocky can be so uptight sometimes. The driver finished stowing away their luggage and the girls got into the back of the limo. Rocky look at this thing it's awesome! Are you gonna make it? She'd never heard Rocky talking like this before.

She smiled weakly. Rocky kissed lower onto her stomach and pierced navel and down lower still. Rocky slapped her ass "Oh fuck, yeah Rocky slap my ass! She lay there for a minute catching her breath. The airport was in one mile. Chapter 1 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Dirty fanfiction lesbian

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