Erotic girdle stories

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It was in that I originally developed a life long affinity for silk. This was due in part to two people that my affinity was preserved for the rest of my life.

Erotic girdle stories

As a kid I got replacement blankies when I had to go to my grandmas for an overnight stay. My real blanket, a soft cotton blend, had a three inch lace trim around the perimeter. I fiddled with that when I was young for as long as I can remember.

Erotic girdle stories

Once I was a little older I was weaned away from it forever, so I thought. Hence, I was a happy, happy boy since I had a replacement blankie. Of course I grew up but my passion for slips never would. No I am not gay. I simply developed a passion for silk, especially silk slips. For the most part I thought those days were long gone. Times change and most people do too. I grew up and started dating girls. In high school, I was a premier football player. Besides that, I was a goal oriented person. Additionally, I was very upbeat and an amicable guy. I liked all sorts of people and I was well liked by them too.

Erotic girdle stories

My girlfriend, Lisa Parker and her twin brother James were my closest friends. Parker was always on display; she was one who wore her silk belongings. It was evident, but she was a class act too we always thought. When I stopped in, I got a Kings welcome. I always received hugs from her. Lisa never thought it was strange. It was Mrs. She was a unique woman.

I began to understand her over the course of a few years. In those years, we developed a very special relationship. The relationship was a unique one. Mary Parker was a woman who was liked by everyone she came in touch with. She was a lively, vivacious, warm, and loving human being. As exciting and as ahead of her time as she was, Mary Parker was conservative publicly.

As I mentioned, she lived somewhat of a double life. Mary delved into a subculture if you will of what was considered erotic pleasure. Without the internet, she sought out the subculture she was intrigued by. I learned later on in life, after marrying Lisa, her daughter, about the subculture she was involved with. Never in a million years would I have thought she participated in anything like that.

Let me tell you this. Mary Parker loved young men. She craved and desired the presence and sexual interaction with a young man. I happened to be her idea of an ideal young man. Once she was ready for me, I was her prey. Actually I became a willing prey for 7 wonderful erotic and sex filled years. Why and how was because she loved her silk undergarments and guess what, I did too. I still did years later.

How did she know I loved them? Because I accidentally let on that I loved them. I told her the deep secrets of my past. She fell in love with the fact that I did also. Back then it was still customary to wear longer dresses with silk slips underneath and they made a woman feel like a woman during that period of time.

Erotic girdle stories

Mary invited me over one day after football. It was supposed to be a tow-a-day. Lisa and James were out of town visiting campuses for two days with Mr. I was going the following week to do the same. It was Friday and I remember the day well. The heat index soared to degrees. The two-a-day for that day was called off.

I showered twice afterwards. I told my mom I was meeting friends after practice and we were going to hang out. The day was mine. The day was ours.

Erotic girdle stories

However, I surprised Mary because I arrived early. Even though she perspired, she still was an amazing looking woman. Mary could go through a war zone and still come out looking sexier then ever! Coming to the door she wore a pair of Capri type pants which fit her lithe slender figure and made an declaration that she was still young, full of life, and as agile as she was 15 years ago.

I agreed wholeheartedly! Her top was a sleeveless blouse. It was very lightweight button down top that looked too small, but very fine on her.

Erotic girdle stories

It was almost too small. Mary assumed ownership and wore it proudly. Mary looked fit and lively in it. I could see her bra through it. I remember telling Lisa it was fine. I always tried to tell her it was fine. Looking at Mary as she approached the door was like watching a princess entering a room.

She was beautiful, graceful, and classy. Her hair was free flowing too. It was light and sandy brown. It was silky. She was a gazelle; sleek and limber as she walked to the front door. Upon opening it, I saw the sweat pouring down from her temples and neck.

Her top was partially wet. I saw her bra inside her the cutoff sleeves. Her tits were awesome because they were bigger in size! They seemed perfect as they were pert for her mature stature. Considering she had an older daughter, in college, it was impossible. Regardless her figure and looks led me to believe she was about 30, so I left it at that. Finally she opened her door and greeted me.

I told her hi with my broad confident smile. Again, I checked her out in her cute suburban outfit.

Erotic girdle stories

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