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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Fun Fact. Tommy turner. So here they are on a day out to the beach! Turner former fatherMrs. At first, Tammy seemed to be a perfect older sister when Timmy wished her to life. But Timmy soon found out that her wish didn't went to what she have wanted since her male friends began to neglect her for Tammy to the point they broke many promise to hang out with her.

Instead of spending time with Timmy, she chose to think of ways to be responsible. Because of her pretty face, "hot body", intelligence, leader of cheerleaders in college she attends, mostly everyone view her to be "prettier" than Timmy, much to the brunette buck-teethed girl's dismay. In the end when Tammy was wished no longer as sister, Cosmo and Wanda didn't know how to get rid of her so Tammy is currently Timmy's distant cousin, residing outside Dimmsdale.

Background Timmy was late for school as she missed the bus, so was Sanjay. But Timmy's backup friend's older step-brother took Sanjay to school. Then Timmy saw AJ's artificial, cyborg older brother beat up Francis, who in turn bullied Timmy because she didn't have older siblings. So, she went back home and wished for perfect older sister. Tammy immediately won the hearts of everyone around her, including Timmy's parents, male friends, Francis, Cosmo and Toot. Except Timmy's female friends Molly and Sally who seem to view her as "typical selfish, backstabbing hussy-faced cheerleader" and comforted Timmy when she felt neglected and ignored.

When noticing Timmy's depressed behavior, Tammy made it worse by asking her parents Timmy should be sent on a trip to Africa like she was to be shaped in responsible adult. Timmy realizes she had no choice but to wish away Tammy or spend on a rest of her childhood in Africa, so she chooses the former and asked her fairies to be an only child again. However, her wish wasn't granted because Toot has crush on Tammy and magic cannot interfere with love. To break that, Timmy arranged a date of Tammy and Vick, which she would lure Toot to see them dating.

Toot love Timmy again as she was able to wish herself as only child again. Although Tammy is currently stated as Timmy's distant cousin, she resides outside Dimmsdale. It is revealed however by Vick that he rejected her because she looked and behaved like "typical selfish, backstabbing hussy-faced queen bee".

Although, her male friends went back to her, Timmy was distant from them for a while. The two of you became quick friends once you were seated near each other. He introduced you to the other guys and soon enough you had a whole group of new friends. He even became a wing man of sorts and tried to set you up with a few guys from school. But everything changed one fateful day.

Except today you had had an accident with a bunch of paint in art class and were sent to clean yourself up in the school showers. You start to question yourself; what have you done lately that would make him suspicious of you.

Was one of the other planning a prank? Was he? He takes turns acting like a playground bully who pulls your pigtails and a really soft, sweet boy. He wants to make the occasion stand out so he opts for the stereotypical romantic dinner date since the two of you had done just about everything else in town together as friends. You drop your face into your hands and refuse to look at anyone all the while Tommy is attempting to make you feel better and failing miserably.

You have no reason to be embarrassed believe me! That is a serious offense. You guys make a good team. If you wanted to date someone else you could have but you chose him; obviously that meant something, right? He particularly enjoys it when you sit on his lap to make sure the other guy takes the hint; he always gets this smug look on his face. Butters Stotch Mr. This is how my friends roommate described the very dreamy looking maintenance guy he saw earlier today.

There are moments in this film that have incredible visual power, the ability to dig deep within the subconscious and bury themselves there. David Wojnarowicz, best known as an influential artist and poet associated with the likes of Keith Harring and Andy Warhol, was famous for his antisocial and sacrilegious themes that ran throughout his work and this is certainly no exception.

The framing device of a disembodied puppet narrating from a mutilated and probably dead ventriloquist shows that free will in an uneven and naturally competitive ecosystem is based on antiquated ideas and flights of subconscious fantasy.

Now, take someone with no morals and dangerous, violent antisocial tendencies like my ex and show them this film and they could very easily and probably would read it as a film that justifies antisociality as the only rational and fulfilling form of existence. The film is really about the cause of nihilism, not about nihilism itself, and the imagery wherein is tactfully constructed as to purport the concept of translucent endgames. All I know is from a filmmaking perspective, this was deeply uncomfortable to watch but absolutely one-of-a-kind. As always, proceed with caution XD.

Chris played the roles of the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. Hannibal is a recurring character, but was impossible to miss his sexiness oozing off screen. No idea what kind of supernatural being he is, but I definitely plan to watch Legacies now to find out. There are the Turners and the Hadlocks. Their families have been fighting for a Looong time. They both get sent to a school in a town that neither of their families go to, and become friends, but then they realize who the other is and have a mini crisis about whether or not they should be friends.

Eventually they decide that the feud between their families is stupid and they stay friends. I think one of my favorite underrated moments is when Foolish told Quackity that Slime has been kidnapped and Quackity went dead-serious and was ready to fuck up whoever had taken his friend Tommy defender arc. Quackity who then proceeds to openly care so very much I'm paraphrasing but this is how I remember it going down It was on Quackity's alt stream during the cookie outpost stuff it's so funny because this was awhile after cc! Quackity was all like comparing c!

Tommy to Timmy Turner derogatory meanwhile his character is out here being one of Tommy's big brothers choosing to believe that cc! Quackity had a change of heart about c! Photo by Bob Gruen. Ursula Andress robert redford Jane Fonda shirley bassey connie francis tommy Chong tina turner lee majors ringo starr tom jones Ann Margret faye dunaway actress singer hollywood vintage hollywood. Trending Blogs.

Fairly oddparents tommy

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