Fairy tail midnight x lucy

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Fun Fact. A few short scenes of different first times. Terry Silver is involved in shady shit so obviously he knows about dreamsharing.

Fairy tail midnight x lucy

He hires the Inception team to get into Daniel and Johnny's he. What does he want them to extract? Idk something that would help with the karate war or something. That part doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is that Daniel and Johnny's minds are definitely semi-militarized simply because of all the trauma. Eames forges Daniel for Johnny and Daniel for Johnny. You know how Mal haunts and destroys every dream Cobb works in? That's Kreese and Silver for Johnny and Daniel respectively.

The extraction team just trying to do their jobs except whoops there's the guys that hired them in the dreams? Except wait they're projections. Except wait these are very unhinged projections rip. These two were so stubborn when it came to admitting their feelings to one another. The tension was starting to get on everyone else's nerves even Richard mr love himself. Sorano was the one who had snapped at them, yelling to just freaking admit that they liked each other.

Midnight waited for Cobra to say something,but he grew impatient,and just pulled Cobra in for a kiss. Cobra is warm thanks to his dragon slayer magic,and Midnight loves cuddling with him in their shared tent. Cobra tries not to listen to Midnight's soul,to respect his privacy,but sometimes the nightmares become too loud and he has to wake Midnight up,this usually le to soft words and kisses.

As mentioned Cobra is very shy when people call him Erik,but he blushes so hard when Macbeth calls him by his real name. Heyheyhey I hope you like this!! I was just reminded of that one brave guild card of them and just, yea. In his opinion there wasn't much to look forward to — sure, it was nice that they could go out into the open like this without having to fear punishment but a photo shoot? He wasn't sure if he needed this.

Fairy tail midnight x lucy

With his legs no longer hanging over the arm rest, he actually sat more or less properly now. Legs were spread but his clothes wouldn't wrinkle as much anymore.

Fairy tail midnight x lucy

Had he risked trouble with the make-up artists and dressers before? They had invited them, so they should be grateful that they were here. By now there were more things in life that he could be grateful for, or that he ly hadn't realized he was grateful for, but this photo shoot wasn't one of those things.

Fairy tail midnight x lucy

It was almost as though Macbeth coming out of the fitting room changed his mind just a little All in playful nature of course. Macbeth actually liked this kind of attention even if, most of the time, he really just wanted to be left alone and in peace. People were so exhausting. Erik snapped out of his frozen posture quickly, but he didn't like that it had happened in the first place.

Macbeth stood before him, looking down at him with a snobby smirk on his painted lips and it did a weird thing to Erik's stomach. None of them was used to this kind of scenario. When there was no snarky comment about his reaction, Erik shifted his posture once more. Something made him want to look even more casual in the suit he was wearing, cool and composed.

And Erik felt a little hot and happy at the same time, and definitely less annoyed about having to do this. I hope its to your liking!! When they were still in the Oracion Seis they would always train together magic and hand to hand combat -- they still do. They watch movies and play video games, but Macbeth usually falls asleep part way through.

Racer drives! But when its just them Midnight drives and Cobra curses the day someone invented cars. Generally they use something chill like babe. They also rotate through stupid and embarassing nicknames to mess with eachother. Cobra worries because he knows that Midnight is actually soft behind his psychopathic exterior. Midnight actually remembers what it is though.

What embarrassment? Honestly, they probably saw each other naked before they even got together in the baths at the guild hall. When they got together they were both confident and cocky and thought they were the shit, and if they were embarassed they refused to admit it. Both of them. After, Macbeth. Midnight just uses his reflector magic to move the rain away from them.

Fairy tail midnight x lucy

Umbrellas ruin their aesthetic. I imagine that he thinks of sexually explicit things and makes sure Cobra can hear him. Cobra because Midnight doesn't care about the presence of blankets Cobra makes coffee and usually leaves some for Midnight, but Angel comes and drinks it before Midnight wakes up anyway. Before their imprisonment, neither? Erik hates sad films and books. They both love horror films.

Midnight practically takes notes to use for his Nightmare spell. It's Cobra, but it's only after they are free from their seven-year imprisonment and he already knows that Midnight loves him because he can hear it. But, The Oracion Seis have been guessing since before they went to jail, but they had no proof.

Jellal is blindsided and very confused. Sawyer and Sorano support it, but are merciless in their teasing. Jellal isn't against it, but he thinks that crime sorciere should focus on penentance or something. Midnight, but definitely only after the imprisonment. Probably Cobra because Midnight falls asleep if it takes more time than making a bowl of cereal. Generally neither, they each have their own wardrobes and don't really share.

Cobra makes Midnight laugh the most. He also mocks Jellal and teases the rest of the Oracion Seis, which Midnight finds amusing. When he lost to Fairy Tail, he was worried. When he found out Brain just wanted to use them as pawns it got worse. Cobra has to bail Midnight out of jail, but only because Cobra heard the knights coming and managed to escape. They were both in on the crime. Stardust by Gemini Syndrome or Breathe with me by Nomy. I think most love songs are too light for this couple.

They have a lot of trauma and a lot of grit between them and the song should reflect that. Neither of them want children. Mostly they go about their day to day lives. But Cobra is constantly straining his ears for a of Midnight though. And Midnight gets slowly crankier and crankier the longer they are apart. They both do, but Macbeth is worse. Cobra does. Probably whatever else Midnight abandoned when he went for his nap. Finders keepers. Midnight: Oh sorry, I fell asleep while I was waiting on you to make me a sandwich. It's not perfect everyday, it's not easy to be all under the same roof but we manage.

It's like being in the same house made everything a little more difficult, even though we already shared the same space before. It's weird. It's really weird. But at the end of the day we are all together and I think that's what matters. It has ups and downs. Everything is always on the move so I guess it's a good thing that I like the speed. Probably the easy way I used to find a silent place. Now there's voices everywhere and most of the time I can't sleep properly because there's always someone bothering me, even in my room.

But hey I'm not really complaining, at least it means we are all together and I think-I think it's better that way.

Fairy tail midnight x lucy

We don't do well alone. We love each other like a family does and this is why I'm staying. But damn I don't regret it. Don't tell them this of course. But I think What makes everything easier for me it's Jellal. Of course it's Jellal, who else uh? I love that idiot. To accept that these people care about me. I mean really care. That I have someone that I love who loves me back by my side. It's still hard to believe some days. But they are always here to remind me that everything is fine and that they are here.

Mostly Erik. I'm not sure I would be here if it weren't for him.

Fairy tail midnight x lucy

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