Futa vs herm

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Futa vs herm

Search forums. Install the app. How do I turn a normal human into futa? Thread starter noob hvcker Start date Jun 16, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jun 16, 1 0 Hello there, I need to know how to turn a normal human into a futa. So far I choose human, pick random stuff and then choose hung it says I will grow a dick later on but I wait lots of days and nothing happends? Crablord Well-Known Member. Jan 18, 1, It says it will increase the size of a penis that you gain, meaning you have to go find a tf that can do that for you.

Mister Gregar Well-Known Member.

Futa vs herm

Dec 8, Hung doesn't make you grow a dick, it just makes any dicks you have grow faster. If you want a penis, you'll have to use an item such as throbb to grow one, or have one by default by starting male. The smutosaur wiki can be used to find things that give you cocks, or other parts. Doodlecat Well-Known Member. Dec 13, 22 Argentina. On Tarkus, while walking around outside the ship, you can find a Horsecock. You'll need one for Penny Inoue to make HER a futa I don't remember exactly if it replaces your sex it does for an already existant penis I thinkbut if you are female it's worth checking it save before using it, of course.

The advantages are that the item is free you just find itand has zero drawbacks like extra TFs, or change to stats. Later you can get the Dong deer and change his shape if you want a specific one. Xeivous Well-Known Member. Sep 21, 2, 1, And by later Doodlecat means like 4 titles away for the dong deer.

Also there is a dick growth item on New Texas you can buy, but it's rather expensive. Emerald Well-Known Member. Jun 8, 1, 2, Get the horsecock in Tarkus if you want a dick for free, and get the Dong Deer to change it if you don't like horse dick. Use condensol to make it smaller too if you like. It comes with crazy high cum production though. Ethereal Dragon Well-Known Member.

Aug 28, 2, Kui-tan and Gryvan or however you spell it.

Futa vs herm

Lancer Well-Known Member. Nov 1, 1, Ethereal Dragon said:.

Futa vs herm

Click to expand Aug 26, 2, Doodlecat said:. NotYouNorI said:. Also I think you can only have 1 or 2 of them in your possession at a time. Didn't knew that. Reactions: ShySquare. Not cramped enough with stuff, if you ask me. Ormael Well-Known Member. Aug 27, 6, 1, Hmm wouldn't Trobb also help PC grow cock or it merely help grow it bigger? Ormael said:. Uggh ok it was I noticed it now. But I think I not see anyone yet meantioning using Hallowen event. One of TF there allowed to become herm I think Dorkulon Well-Known Member.

Sep 10, 88 No tits, though. Might require some save scumming. Third easiest is to start male, go to New Texas' BBQ pit and buy Amazona from the vending machine there; credits. Fourth easiest is to buy the futa flavor of Amazona from the vending machine - credits, though. Works with all starting genders, but sometimes fails to grow tits if you start as a flat-chested female.

Futa vs herm

Last edited: Jun 17, Dorkulon said:. You mean "Penny"? Arhon Well-Known Member. Jun 22, Just throbb the dick in! You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Futa vs herm Futa vs herm

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