Gay underwear play

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Do you know how they say that you can make yourself feel fabulous from the inside out? And, the horror of horrors, imagine if you get lucky with a gorgeous stranger and then have to strip down to those. We all know gay men have high expectations for underwear — and that nothing kills a good time faster than old, cheap, ugly or ill-fitting underwear. Luckily, there are a whole lot of gay underwear brands that will get the job done, leaving you feeling hot as hell and ready to take on the world.

Plus, we never want to pass up an opportunity to support a gay-owned or gay-friendly organization, which most of these brands are. Because what better way is there to express yourself, your values, and your diversity that through your queer clothingand more specifically your underwear…. We believe your underwear is more than just a covering. It is an extension of you. Your underwear should reflect your spirit, your inner colors, and the truest versions of yourself. They are a way to celebrate our unique personalities, an opportunity for body empowerment, self-love, and self-confidence at a time where we may be at our most vulnerable.

Because confidence is sexy — and it shows! So, chuck away those Target multipacks and prepare to invest in yourself with some new gay underwear that will make you feel and look hot as hell! Not one for the shrinking violets, definitely a brand for the hunks, Andrew Christian has made its name on the raciness of its kecks and its LA fanboys. The eye-catching des and body confidence required to wear these are what has made Andrew Christian one of the top gay underwear brands. Another stand-out feature of this brand is the anatomically correct front pouch that leaves plenty of room and support for your package.

Gay underwear play

We love the bright colors and elaborate des, which cheer you up no end when you put them on in the morning. For anyone interested in cute and affordable gay underwear but budget-conscious, there is always Jockmail. Deed with comfort and style in mind, Jockmail is far more affordable than the other premium gay underwear brands yet will still cradle your package while leaving your ass looking amazing.

Make a statement and showcase your booty, without breaking the bank. We might also be biased since we are wearing them now, but in these tough economic times, we are thankful for a brand that makes us feel like a million bucks — without costing it!

The branding and the de conjure up images of Berlin dark roomsrhythmic techno music, hunky men in their underwear. And as well as the dancing in clubs, their des also have a sporty aesthetic that appeals to the athletes among us. Bright reds, sophisticated black, cute candy shades, contrasting color blocks, splatter, and graffiti styles are all used to create these stand-out boxers, brief, and jockstrap options. The fabric is custom for PUMP! Possibly the most exquisite Italian underwear — few things are as sexy as a gorgeous man laid out with these iconic black briefs.

Gay underwear play

Gays are notoriously fickle and love a good trend, and yet classic Emporio Armani is still exceedingly popular in the hyper-competitive and fast-changing field that is gay male underwear. Emporio Armani has also released more contemporary des that honor their heritage, excellent quality, and attention to detail. Still, for our money, their classic black de worn by the likes of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are our go-to. Wear the famous pineapple and embrace the crazy, rude and fun des on offer from Toronto-based gay underwear deer JJ Malibu. If you are looking for colourful gay thongs, short shorts, work out tanks or that perfect harnesses for the next gay circuit partythis cheeky brand has something for you.

Their goal is to provide fierce fashion for gay men from all walks of life. Deed in BarcelonaAddicted fully represents the vivacity and party spirit of its home country of Spain with bright colors and daring cuts. Addicted underwear shapes are similar to the swimwear, and they also utilize bold colors and de to maximum effect. There are briefs, boxers, and jockstraps available in top quality fabric.

Gay underwear play

Most of the des have the Push-Up feature, which gives you extra support. Rather than feeling invasive, this actually makes the underwear way more comfortable. Fun, fresh, and comfortable enough to do all the dance moves! Inspired by the beautiful Australian continent and the men who inhabit it, each teamm8 underwear de is sporty, bright, and deed to be shown off. Soft to the touch, form-fitting, and fashion-forward, TEAMM8 underwear might not be cheap — but the best things in life never are.

Basically, ES Collection is the premier brand that offers slightly simpler des that still show off your style. It also means you have a more transparent supply chain, making these more ethical companies to buy from, which is a little bonus. Focuses on bold de, quality fabric, and suggestive de that emphasizes the male physique, Helsinki Athletica is quickly becoming a mainstay for muscle boys from circuit events to the beaches of Torremolinos and Nice.

You know from the name that this brand is ballsy. They started out in and, over the years, have developed a vast range of des, from your standard jocks and briefs shapes to cute AF onesies, a Leg Harnessand BDSM inspired looks. What do we love about Cocksox aside from the name, obviously!

The Everyday briefs, boxers, and trunks are comfy and fun, with bright colors and trendy patterns used our faves are obviously the animal print s with the yellow waistband — reminding us of a particularly hot safari in Cape Town…. Even the simpler des are jazzed up with thoughtful little touches like metallic waistbands. Sheer and mesh fabrics spice up the Sexy range, with thongs and slingshots that leave little to the imagination — but lots to enjoy! The color schemes are streamlined, with mainly white, black, and grey featuring.

We love the thick waistband as it feels a lot more supportive and a lot less like the elastic is digging into you. A gay underwear brand dedicated to the male way of life — which, to be honest, we are as well. So its a match made in heaven! Based in ThessalonikiGreece, Modus Vivendi has a reputation for high-quality fabrics, exclusive hand-de, and luxurious packaging, so you can expect nothing but the best. Since they have been creating unique collections that respect diversity, and each offers its own distinctive character. Spectacular patterns and bold colors are always a given as are elegance, authenticity, and edgy des.

Developed by a former beach bum, this incredible underwear range started as swimwear and then expanded. What has made it so popular in the gay community? It could be the saucy advertising — google Aussiebum Shearing the Rams for an example. They also have a fun swimwear collection to inspire your next tropical holiday! And now, after twelve years, have launched their own label, SKU Paris. SKU is used for the classification of a commodity in the trade and logistics dialect, a kind of special identification code.

Deed in Paris and manufactured in Portugalthe most key factors of the product are reflected in the de: consistency, functionality, and aesthetic. Briefs, jockstraps, boxers, and more, all with an athletic style, are part of the range. And typically available in the French flag colors of white, red, and navy blue — though their range is ever-expanding. The brand is based in Southern California and offers a sexy range of underwear, swimwear, sportswear, leisurewear, and accessories.

Each piece is crafted to enhance the male form and offer individuality while redefining what sexy can look like at the same time. The entire idea of the brand concentrates on the famous California lifestyle, which is essentially directed towards men. De and quality are paramount, and this shows through their entire stylish collection. Sincethis brand has been competitive in the global underwear market and continues to grow and maintain popularity with gay men.

Their form-fitting underwear does not only sit well and securely but ensures you make a statement with their high-profile HOM des. HOM is the ideal underwear for every form of guy, regardless of age or heritage, and their extensive range does well to cater to everyone. For everyday wear or special occasions, to spicy things up with your partner or surprise a new lover — there is always HOM. A classic among underwear for men, Diesel fuses trendy Italian fashion with sexy, casual cuts.

Diesel has traditionally been a trend-setter in denim apparel since its establishment in by the Italian fashion entrepreneur Renzo Rosso. Diesel underwear for men appeals to a wide variety of tastes with its vivid colors and modern graphic prints and helps you display your uniqueness. Marcuse concentrates on the importance of looking stylish and yet feeling comfortable in a quality product.

Their unique Calecon boxers are also a standout and appeal to both visual and tactile senses. Underwear deed to exceed your expectations and enhance your wearing experience, Marcuse is one of the best under-the-radar gay underwear brands.

Based in Sydney. Another affordable gay underwear brand for providing style for guys who like to stand out from the crowd. Perfect for everyday wear or to give you a sexy look in the bedroom or clubs, ORLVS as a massive choice of styles from jockstraps to briefs, boxers, and more — meaning you can find the look and feel just for you. Time to throw away all your outerwear and enjoy showing off your body in items from one of these great gay underwear brands. Because what better way is there to express yourself, your values, and your diversity that through your queer clothingand more specifically your underwear… We believe your underwear is more than just a covering.

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Gay underwear play

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