Girls in very short shorts

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Hot pants, mini shorts or daisy dukes? Whatever you call them, it can be a great way to Show Some Leg without having to worry about a Panty Shot. This trope became popular in Real Life around the midsand even more so during The '70s with the introduction of hot pants, and even though it has never been at the height of fashion, it's never really gone away, either.

Though it's mostly a female trope, we're seeing more and more male characters slipping in, after major aversion or even inversion from most of The '90s through most of The New '10s.

Girls in very short shorts

If you don't want to be too revealing, just add tights. Not to be confused with " she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts ". Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. We wear short shorts! Bullet: What!? B-Butt Floss!? Ragna: What?

It's a descriptive term! Besides, we can see your entire ass! I mean, if you got it, flaunt it, but you can't deny the description. Nair depilatory famously used the song see Music below as part of an ad campaign that ran from the late s well into the s.

Also pokes fun at the The '70s. Stubbies are a brand of men's shorts popular in Australia and New Zealand in the s, and was a common part of schoolboys' uniforms. The guy in this uber-Australian ad for BlueBet. Both Shiro and Anri from Adekan occasionally do this.

As in, daisy duke shorts on a dude. Anri usually wears long pants, but the legs of them appear to be detachable which make them kind of creepy chaps-shorts. Alois Trancy from the second season of the Black Butler anime frequently wears these, to the point that his "Booty Shorts" have pretty much reached memetic status.

Revy from Black Lagoon.

Girls in very short shorts

Permanently unbuttoned. Mizuho Asano from Bleach is commonly seen in hot pink short-shorts. Goes really well with her tied-up white T-shirt. Kallen from Code Geass. Faye Valentine's trademark yellow outfit in Cowboy Bebop probably counts. To indicate how short they are, Scarlet's ones narrowly miss mid-thigh and he's the shortest of the five Battle Lovers. Deadline Summoner has Mamoru Onodera's Werewolf who favours this, alongside a leather jacket, skimpy top, and a collar, with plenty of spikes to go around. Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School : Like in installmentsAoi Asahina wears shorts as opposed to almost every female character in the franchise.

Girls in very short shorts

The only other girl who wears shorts is Ruruka Andou. However, unlike Andou, Asahina actually wears a uniform Yes, she combines a suit with shorts, tights and sneakers. Initially, anyway. She later falls into the Short Tank category not long after the beginning of the series. Dragon Ball : Several outfits of Bulma have this. The first time is when, dealing with Oolong in Aru Village, Bulma is seen with a pair of brown short shorts. In the Red Ribbon arc, Bulma wore a red shirt that leaves her shoulders exposed and orange shorts.

At the begin of Dragon Ball Z she wears white shorts. Launch wears yellow shorts in the first appearance. Videl wears tight spandex shorts. Lucy and Lisanna from Fairy Tail both like this type of clothing. It almost seems like they take turns in wearing them - Lisanna usually wears shorts when Lucy is wearing a skirt, and Lucy usually wears shorts in the arcs that Lisanna doesn't take part in.

Envy of Fullmetal Alchemist. Hard to place as a male or female example. Part of Haruhi Suzumiya 's Unlimited Wardrobe. She wears cuffed jean shorts when the story wants to remind you she's the Tomboy to Mikuru's Girly Girl. Killua wears them a lot, too. Lyrical Nanoha : Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS introduced this trope to the franchise with Subaru and her Barrier Jacket, which consists of a tank top, coat, cape, and jean shorts combo. Fuka's wears daisy dukes as part of her casual outfit in ViVid Strike!

Being deed after a female model, it doesn't do much for his already diminishing masculinity. He switches to white full-length pants for the OAV sequel, however. In Monster Musumesince Papi 's talons makes her unable to wear pants, she usually sports shorts.

When Takeo of My Love Story!! Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion wears these when at home. Hajime of New Game! By the series Standards, Hana-chan from Ojamajo Doremi wears these. With cute little hearts on each side. Ururu in Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo tends to wear short shorts, as opposed to dresses like her friends.

Jewelry Bonney is fond of wearing short shorts too.

Girls in very short shorts

Osomatsu-san : Karamatsu is a Rare Male Example ; one of his outfits is a tank top with a pair of short jean shorts that really emphasize his legs. And in later generations, yellow shorts of the same length. Hell, if she's not wearing either outfit in any episode, chances are her regular outfit in said episode will incorporate this, too, as seen in "Luvdisc Is a Many Splendored Thing", in which she pairs a yellow top with darker blue shorts. Some of the Cures have worn this from time to time in the Pretty Cure franchise. For example: Both Nozomi and Rin, from Yes!

Love Momozono's casualwear in Fresh Pretty Cure! Kirara Amanogawa wears this on her days off in Go! Princess Pretty Cure. Sakura Kyouko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica wears cut-off jean shorts as part of her civilian outfit. Flum Apricot, the protagonist of the Yuri Dark Fantasy Light Novel series Roll Over and Diewears short shorts as part of her default outfit after becoming an adventurer.

She wears these shirts because they are easier for her to move and fight in. Of Corsets Sexy also comes into play. Sailor Moon : Usagi Tsukino wears this with several of her outfits. Rei Hino has also worn this from time to time. Also the Amazoness Quartet's final disguise in Super S. The Starlights probably count as well. Ai Astin from Sunday Without God wears short shorts as part of her regular gravekeeper outfit.

Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Girls in very short shorts

Mew Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew. Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul wears them in the first manga. In the sequel, :reshe wears pants instead to show her more mature nature. Yeon from Tower of God. Paired with bare shoulders. She's wearing pantyhose underneath. In Vividred Operationnot only are the girls commonly seen wearing bloomers, but short shorts are part of the school uniform.

Comic Books. During a period of time in Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics where the main characters were forced to go to school, Bunnie Rabbot wore some of these. DC Comics ' Dolphin Ninjette from Empowered habitually wears a pair apparently held together at the sides by shuriken and with her nom de guerre printed across the seat. Red Robin villain the Wanderer pairs incredibly short shorts with the rest of her revealing outfit.

She kills via skin contact and appears to have an impressive healing factor so her outfit at least makes some semblance of sense. Robins Dick Grayson and Jason Todd in the classic costume are a pair of rare male examples. In modern flashbacks Dick and Jason are given pants or tights as well. By the time she reaches the final showdown, her tights have been reduced to an extremely abbreviated pair of shorts.

Girls in very short shorts

Ramona Flowers, love interest of Scott Pilgrimfrequently wears short shorts, often with brightly colored tights underneath. Superboy supporting character Roxy Leech often wears short denim shorts. Supergirl : The '70s ' Supergirl costume included red hot pants. Wonder Woman : Wonder Woman : During the decades long transitional period between wearing flowing culottes and wearing swimsuit style briefs Wonder Woman's running shorts spent quite a while being quite short near the end of the period in which she was clearly wearing shorts.

Bobby Strong, one of the Holliday Girls, wears high waisted hot pants. Young Avengers has Miss America Chavez, who almost always wears tiny shorts as part of her various Civvie Spandex ensembles. One difference between Zodiac Starforce and most Magical Girl series is that the girls wear shorts instead of skirts.

Girls in very short shorts

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