Goku y bulma fanfic

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What if losing the one person he cared about as made Vegeta the cold Prince that he is? What if this person was Bulma? This is supposed to be the section for my fics, but I just had to do this. No where near finished. Somehow, the proud Prince of Saiyans is stranded on Gaia, wearing a ki dampening collar and enslaved by a certain blue haired "Mistress.

Bulma works in a department store and Vegeta has been sent to her by the Lord of Hell to complete a certain task. Her former lover comes back into her life with a mission from his master, who in turn holds the life of someone dear to her in the balance.

Goku y bulma fanfic

Toshiba takes an interesting perspective on the term "Showgirl. Just what are these Red Dragonballs? Who is this old enemy?

Goku y bulma fanfic

Read and unravel the incredible universe that Lisalu has created. Bulma goes to Vegitasei to take over the Science Division, and while there she gets frustrated by a Prince and seduced by a 'mysterious' man. The continuation to the very first Bulma-becomes-Vegeta's-slave-on-Vegitasei fic. The original was a one shot lemon written by EOC and Nova and can be found at the Lemony Additions in the links section. It begins with the Saiyans having conquered Chikyuu, and it just gets better from there. Try and guess the episode. Vejiitasei is sharply divided by beliefs and politics. Bulma is a slave of Freeza, who has arrived on Vejiitasei to attempt a treaty with the King.

Our beloved Prince falls head over heels for the blue haired human and has to choose between all he has ever believed to be true or her. The title translated means 'Tears of the Dragon. Earth is purged and Bulma, Goku and Gohan are sent to Vegitasei. Shadows By Tinni PG Cursed by a witch and left to live a lonely, invisible life, Vegeta is about to have some company.

Unbreakable By Princess Panchii R Follows a 'what if Earth was destroyed and Bulma's the only survivor' pattern, only Bulma doesn't turn out to be a slave. This one involves a new threat before the androids as well as some Mirai Trunks. Will he sacrifice everything to keep it? In this get together, Bulma and Vegeta accidentally end up in the world of the X-Men movie universe. The story is set on Vegita-sei and Bulma has just become fair game What's One Day?

While Vegeta is firmly set on achieving his destined position as the Saiyajin King, he finds a little surprise. She takes him to Paradise. King Vegeta decided that there must be a great force strong enough to hold off the sayian boy so they sent an older sayian to do the job. Meanwhile, a strange little sayian girl hint, she has blue hair was training when someone interrupts.

If you want to know what happens next In Chikyuu he finds what he needs through the help of Dr. An ancient evil is awoken and it is up to the legendary saiyan to defeat it. Vegeta will have to defeat his inner demons to do it and he will also have to deal with his very real feelings for Bulma as her life hangs in jeapordy. Involves some other DBZ warriors. About two years beyond the original events in 'The Rising.

The Briefs are killed as Frieza finishes his take over of the universe, leaving Bulma to be raised as a Princess on another planet. She knows nothing about her true past on Earth, however her family is entering into a dangerous alliance with the Saiyans to try to bring Frieza's hold on the universe to an end. The sequal to 'Beyond this Day'. Through her and the resistance, he seeks to regain the honour he lost with the death of his planet. But things soon turn nasty and Bulma finds an unlikely hero Major alternate universe - Bulma is a Saiyan and grows up in a bordello.

Something unexpected changes their perception of each other and Yamucha actually isn't a cheating jerk. Nocturne By Sango R In the dead of night, the spectre of Vegeta's horrific past rises to torment his unsettled present with taunts of an ominous future.

A one-shot interlude between Unexpected and the upcoming Unbreakable Vegeta Nibunnoichi By Sango PG An unfortunate event causes Vegeta to turn into a cute, red-haired, female version of himself when splashed with cold water. Hot water restores his true form Toss in a SSJ panda, a piglet, and a ki-mallet-wielding fiancee Vegeta, Nappa and Radditz all come to Chikyuu at the same time and a certain beauty captures the Prince's attention. When something bad happens to Bulma's parents and she falls ill will Vegeta save her from this nightmare or will he leave???

He's raised by his father, who is actually a caring father. An AU where instead of the humans on earth being weak and fragile, they are strong and fighters, like the Saiyans and instead of the Freeza having the Saiyans work for him, the humans did, that is until he destroyed their world and took along three survivors. She has often watched the prince of Vegetasei from afar, but one day she descends to Vegetasei and finally meets her prince.

But contact between the people of the moon and Vegetasei is forbidden! Can their love possibly triumph over these odds? This is sort of a parody of Sailor Moon and the stuff that occurred in the Silver Millennium. Bulma and Vegita have a one night stand, but will that be it? They both must sacrifice something big if they ever plan on ruling one happy planet together.

He takes her with him back to Vegetasei, and things soon become complicated Or will his fiery attitude keep her away? What if Vegeta had a mate long before he had met Bulma?

Goku y bulma fanfic

What if that mate had died at the hands of Freeza? What if his mate mysteriously re-enters his life. How will Bulma compete against the former Sayain Princess? Can Vegeta finally put Kakkarot in his place. Will the Silver Sun Medallion make all there dreams come true or is it a curse. As the battle of the century takes place the battle of the hearts do as well. She is only supposed to 'work' for him, but will she fall for the proud Duke? Living for a few years in relative peace, it comes to an abrupt end when she meets the Saiyan no Ouji, whom gets engaged to someone close to her, bringing her quiet life into chaos.

What if it was Bulma, Princess of the entire Saiyan race who threatened the earth? What if a certain flame haired male caught her attention? What if he kept her from this mission? How far will he go, or rather try to go, to get another? Beautiful By Mariah Ashley PG Bulma is a foster, who's parents real parents died in a plane crash when she was four years old.

She is looked down upon because of her blue hair and the figure she has yet to develope. Vegeta, is a jock who has disliked and criticized Bulma since her childhood. He is throughly disgusted at Bulma's un-attractiveness, and tells her so Find out what happens when a certain loud mouthed blue haired female catches his attention In this fic, Bulma is a ruthless killer and Vegeta is a bit more 'humane'.

What happens when she doesn't return that one night? Will this arrangement blossom into something more intimate? Or will a foe from Vegeta's past get in the way? Unspoken By LavenderGoddessV NC After five years of living as a slave to Brolli, Bulma experiences her first chance at possible freedom when she makes an unholy alliance with Vegeta-sei's newly crowned king.

Will these two emotionally scarred beings find peace with one another, or will a rising civil war cost them everything?

Goku y bulma fanfic

During the beginning of the Cell saga. The rest can explain itself. Alone together, will Vegeta allow Bulma to see his true self? Will Frieza's return mean the end of their idyllic solitude, or a chance to finally set right all the evil that Frieza has done?

Will the Saiyan Empire be reborn? After their kiss, Bulma and Vegeta give into desire and get more than they bargained for. A canon and realistic get-together. This tale starts from a week after Namek is destroyed, and will continue to encompass the whole three years. What happens when Bulma and Vegeta make a trade off to get what they need most? Some issues must be confronted before Vegeta enters the Room of Spirit and Time the second time. After the Buu saga, Bulma and Vegeta still have some issues to be resolved, but something out side interrupts them. Bulma takes part in the world's oldest profession.

It's Vegeta's 18th birthday, and a prank played on him, mocking a certain tradition, backfires. For Vegita and Bulma, words are not needed to heal the pain. Bulma doesn't know what she's getting herself into by coming to visit him. This leaves her partner-less for an important affair that concerns the future of Capsule Corp.

Unknown to her, Dr. Briefs may ask a certain Saiyajin Prince for a favour. Vegita decides to have a little fun at an inappropriate time He just can't take no for an answer. Catching sight of Vegita once, but strangely she's unable to take her eyes off him! Vegita's absence from Trunks life angers Bulma to the core.

Anger that masks her complete need for him. Almost like magic to her wishes, Vegita comes home What does the Devil want with Bulma? Taking place in the Mirai timeline, Bulma hasn't really accepted Vegeta's death. Who Wants to Live Forever? It concerns the events surrounding a tragic event in the Brief's family. By trying to avoid their feelings, a certain "arrangement" is made. The sequal to "Both," taking place after the Cell Game. Too complicated to describe, you have to read it to understand, but this thriller has blood, gore, suspense and sex.

What more could you want? It's based on Funimation's translation. Gohan and Krillin are off at Guru's, and Vegeta is out searching for Gohan, pissed that his last dragonball was taken. Guess who he finds instead? Bulma must make a decision; "Can you live in limbo after tasting heaven? A contemplative Vegeta after Buu's defeat.

Was his family worth his sacrifice? Could be seen as taking place after Chapter 9 of 'The Probe Saga. How Bulma went though her life, her thoughts, and feelings. Starting from when she met Goku and ending when she has Trunks. Vegeta catches Bulma unawares and it shocks her somewhat, but it also unleashes feelings that Bulma didn't know she had - hell, what's a girl to do?

Taking place about a year after Buu's demise, Bulma is celebrating a birthday and remembering a few things from the past.

Goku y bulma fanfic

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