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Author Cambrian. She had failed. She had failed her husband, not as his wife, but as his Queen and Maid, two things she took more pride in at times than the first. In his capacity as Lucifer and as her King, Sirzechs had only ever commanded one thing of her.

Oh sure, she served him in many different ways, but he never ordered her around even though he definitely could have. No, in the end, Sirzechs usually asked or cajoled or begged for her to do things. That was it. All Grayfia had been tasked to do was keep an eye on Rias after she went off to study with humans. She was the Queen of one of the Satans as well as his Maid, and more than that, she was a mother to Millicas as well.

Ultimately, Grayfia had quite a lot on her plate at all times and in the end, she could only truly afford to check on Rias every two weeks or so. Well, now she supposed she knew. Yes, fuck me Master, fuck me! Rias Gremory was on her hands and knees being plowed from behind by a well-built young man with brown hair and a pretty nice ass. And judging by the noises she was making and the way she was shaking, Rias was climaxing right then and there. Eager to distract herself from that, Grayfia slid her gaze to the other elephant in the room.

Right beside Rias and this… Issei, Sona Sitri was laid out on her back, legs spread wide and white hot cum dripping out of her freshly fucked cunt. More than that though, the slight chested naked young heiress was completely out of it, her face red and her eyes heavily lidded as she moaned and touched herself rather casually. Luckily for the silver haired woman, Sona had eyes only for the two lovebirds next to her, her head turned as she watched Rias vocally enjoy her fucking. There was something more though, something Grayfia was missing beyond just a random boy deflowering the Gremory and Sitri heiresses.

How was that possible? But if Rias was calling this Issei boy Master, who exactly was in charge here? The young man was clearly a reincarnated devil, but looking at him more closely, Grayfia saw a deeper, stranger strength that caused even her to balk, her eyes widening slightly. How had a power player managed to escape notice for this long? How had he managed to not only sneak under their noses, but also put two of the rising stars of this newest generation of devils under his thumb without their knowledge?

The beautiful devil narrowed her silver eyes as her resolve hardened, her hands closing into fists. Grayfia took a step forward towards the happily fucking couple, intent on breaking them apart and salvaging as much of this mess as she could. However, before she could take the second step, someone latched onto her wrist with a large clawed hand. The dragon girl grinned savagely through gritted teeth, tightening her grip as best as she could as she and the Strongest Queen had their little battle of wills. I am Ddraig the Great Welsh! There was a moment where all she felt was an all-encompassing terror.

She had been there on that day during the Great War, when the two ever-battling dragons had attacked the leaders of all Three Factions and ultimately ended up sealed for it. One might have thought that such an ignominious defeat would result in their reputations being ruined, but that day had nearly been a massacre. Only the combined strength of all sides of the Great War had managed to put Ddraig and Albion down before everything was lost. Grayfia knew that alone, she stood no chance against the Red Dragon Emperor.

Except, once the terror had passed over her, Grayfia realized several things at once. First, she currently was managing to hold her own against Ddraig, if barely. Grayfia processed this all in but a moment, putting two and two together and realizing where her true enemy lay.

If she could disable him, she could disable Ddraig. More than that, he was the cause of her failure, the one who had undoubtedly seduced both Rias and Sona if they were calling him Master. As such, Grayfia did not intend to hold anything back as she lanced forward with all the considerable speed at her disposal, aiming to put an end to this threat to her and her charge as swiftly as possible.

Unfortunately, she had not expected Rias to react by placing herself in front of her lover. Perhaps she should have seen it coming, but the move completely blindsided Grayfia and while under normal circumstances she might have been able to sneak around Rias given enough time to react, here she did not have that. Unfortunately, this left her in an incredibly poor position in regards to the enemy at her back.

The last thing Grayfia saw before passing out were three faces looking down at her, Rias and Sona both clutching at the dangerous young man standing between them with a predatory glint in his eye as he gazed at her. He was concerned of course, the fact that a powerful being with a title like Strongest Queen could just appear while he was having sex was very disturbing.

Both girls seemed distraught at the idea of their families finding out about him. Doubly so for Rias, who was apparently engaged. THAT had caused Issei to grow a little protective of his first notable conquest and in the end, it had been the major reason that he had decided on their current plan of action.

The Light was the great equalizer in this case, providing them with a way to bind the powerful female devil and keep her from escaping. Now here he stood, standing over the bed where the unconscious woman lay with light-infused ropes around her wrists and ankles, burning her flesh near constantly. Beside him, Ddraig paced back and forth impatiently, licking her lips as her tail whipped behind her. A little amused by the dragon girl, Issei looked at her and cocked an eyebrow.

My last few hosts were distinctly lacking. I am almost hoping that she tries to break free, if only so I can put her back down again. Grayfia woke up with a groan before straining briefly against her bindings. Only, when she did so the light infusing said bindings shown brighter, causing her to cry out in anger and agony until she eventually settled back down and glared balefully at him. Issei smiled easily back, feeling surprisingly calm even with a more mature, powerful woman like Grayfia clearly unhappy with him. Even with your underhanded use of the Light, I can break free of these bindings if I wish.

She really wants you to try so she can have her round two. Eventually, the silver haired devil let a small smile cross her face and laid back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. You have gotten the better of me, for now. But if you think my disappearance will go unnoticed for long, you have another thing coming young man.

Keep me here for much longer and the Lucifer himself will come looking for his lost maid. Rias told me all about that. It showed almost no skin beyond her arms and her face, yet right in the center of it there was a large window in the blue jacket she wore that showed off her large breasts. Of course, this was fine normally, because they were usually properly covered by the white apron that lay beneath the blue jacket. Issei gripped that white part with both of his hands and pulled, roughly tearing it apart and revealing her massive mammaries, clad only in a lacey white bra.

The woman fell back on her normal attitude, mustering up every bit of stoicism she had and becoming outwardly expressionless as Issei casually flipped the cups of her bra up off her tits, letting her huge boobs bounce free from their confines. However, it was in this vacuum of emotionless that Grayfia realized something startling. She was aroused. It was understandable that she had not noticed before now.

The silver haired woman was not used to feeling arousal. In point of fact, she was a little frigid. Even Sirzechs did not truly get her engine going most of the time; she merely loved him dearly as a friend and as her King. They had conceived Millicas but their sex life was more than a little lack luster regardless. But the fact that she was aroused now startled Grayfia something fierce. There was no danger of her dying, but the silver haired devil was beginning to realize that the threat Issei posed was far more sinister than death.

I am no fool young man. And what do you get if I somehow lose? You submit to my rule and you obey me and only me above all others. If I win… you will betray your Master to be with me. Though what he does with them is not exactly desirable as Grayfia watches Issei unzip his pants and withdraw his throbbing hard cock from the confines of his boxers. More than that, the scent of his musk and his arousal reaches her nose in the next moment and assaults her senses. All you have to do is resist me until I go soft. So long as you manage to tire me out before begging me of your own volition for my cock, I will consider you the winner of our little bet.

A contest of strength of will and stamina. What do you say? She understands what Issei is really saying after all. And yet, her only other option was to stay passive and allow him to do as he liked with her while she refused to respond. The problem with that was, the more time went on, the less Grayfia was sure that would be an option. She was already feeling the effects of whatever Issei had done to Rias and Sona. She knew she could resist him for some time if he left her alone, but if he continued to molest her body, or even worse, fucked that big hard dick into her holes, she had no doubt she would eventually break, possibly before she was missed and someone came for her.

In the end, the wager was her best chance to get free because it gave Issei a single session to potentially bend her to his will, rather than multiple sessions interspersed with recovery breaks. Grayfia was a master cocksucker, if a bit rusty. Before Sirzechs had been disheartened and turned off by the fact that nothing he could do would arouse her, the Satan had been happiest when his dutiful maid had knelt down on her knees and sucked his cock after a long day of work.

Now she was putting all of that skill into blowing Issei and the young man was definitely feeling it judging by the way his cock throbbing and pulsated in her mouth. When he let out a curse and pulled her head back so he could push his length even deeper, right down her throat, Grayfia let it happen and if she could have smiled, she would have.

While his molestation of her tits was arousing in a way Sirzechs had never managed in their long marriage, Grayfia could practically taste victory at this point, her confidence rising as she brought Issei closer and closer to his impending release, now with her throat on top of her lips and tongue.

If the young man had thought her skilled before, now he was barely even managing to grope her tits, simply gripping them instead for support as he leaned over her, pistoning in and out of her face hole. If Grayfia could have smirked around the massive pulsating girth, she would have.

Even now as he turned the blowjob into a throat fuck, she was in control. And after a moment longer, with her tongue lashing against the underside of his shaft and her throat clenching down along his length, Issei let out a holler and began to cum. At first, Grayfia remained smug as she began to easily swallow down his load. Grayfia forgot to take into the large size of his cock as well as his heavy nut sack, which for a brief time rested on her forehead. Eventually, his release overwhelmed her ability to swallow and Grayfia began to choke and gag on the copious amount of white hot cum trying to make its way down her throat.

She never did fall completely unconscious, but by the time the young man was done cumming in her nice tight throat, Grayfia was more than a little out of it, her face covered in a white glaze and her vision swimming. Still, you might regret taking all of my seed in your gullet. The disheveled maid glared balefully at the young man, but given her current sticky situation in more ways than one! Her legs were covered by long black stockings that went all the way up to her thighs, but once he was past that, Issei found creamy, bare skin, followed by a pair of panties.

Running his fingers over her covered mound, the young man was a bit surprised to find that while clearly flustered and flushed with some arousal, Grayfia was barely wet and nowhere near as far along as any of his other honies had been by this point. This is going to be fun. The young man licked his lips and grinned as he found her to be wetter inside than outside. She was still getting there, but it was clear to Issei that his efforts were working. As such, even with him threatening to penetrate her right there, Grayfia stared at him with an emotionless gaze, the corners of her mouth turning up ever so slightly as she condescended to him.

How many more times can you go without losing this contest of stamina I wonder.

Grayfia lemon fanfiction

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