Hairy women in bikini

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Your is not active. We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. In case you didn't know how shaving legs and armpits for women became a norm, you can blame the relentless advertising campaigns.

At the beginning of the 20th century, women, and of course society in general, couldn't care less about the natural hair growing on their bodies. However, after sleeveless dresses came into fashion, advertisers began targeting women's hairy armpits, encouraging women to remove them. Then followed leg hair. By the s, after what seemed to be merely a fad created by annoying advertisers, shaving your hairy legs and armpits became a social norm lasting for decades.

Hairy women in bikini

However, these days people have begun to question the long-lasting beauty standard and its effects on women's body image. While some of us merely participate in discussions, other women dare to quit shaving and turn to social media to show that natural body hair is nothing but a normal part of their bodies. Ina woman named Laura Jackson, who was sick and tired of society telling her how her body should look, created 'Januhairy', a campaign that encourages women to ditch razor blades for a month and share their progress pics on social media. The idea picked up and each year begins to fill up with women rocking their naturally hairy bodies.

Scroll below for the list of hairy women that have shared their natural beauty in the name of Januhairy! More info: Instagram. This post may include affiliate links.

Hairy women in bikini

I was thrilled to remove my hair and have baby soft, hairless skin. I was excited to finally be "beautiful". Until this little fantasy turned into a nightmare. Wherein I found myself disgusting. And if I couldn't wax it off, I shaved it all. If I was too lazy to do it, I just wouldn't go out. Because I couldn't look like that when I was going out, could I? I associated myself with something untidy, unpleasant, and loving myself turned into this tedious task because I couldn't.

Until I was spotless. I had to be spotless every day. I couldn't miss a patch. I couldn't feel like a "cactus". I couldn't have them calling me a cactus. Because that's how it should be, right? Because that's what they said, that's what they like. I now know I could. I could grow, and be just the way I am and be loved for it.

I want to grow. And I want you to see. That I'm done.

Hairy women in bikini

I'm wild and goddamn free. My body literally had to deal with more bacteria on it JUST from shaving. This is a PSA to choose to do what makes you happiest with your body. Thanks for reading my lil journey. I feel like they add a beautiful splash of colour and texture to my outfit when I wear tank tops, and they are so soft! I love showing off my body hair on my youtube show 'Stump Kitchen' because it portrays body diversity and more possibilities for what a woman's body can look like!

This may sound really dumb, but it was a big deal for me. I stopped shaving my legs and armpits about a year ago as a practice of self-love. When I got pregnant, I decided to work to overcome this insecurity. It has taken months to get used to it.

Women didn't even start shaving until the early 20th century and that was just because shaving product companies wanted to profit off of women.

Hairy women in bikini

It makes me feel so powerful knowing that just some hair can cause an uproar, make people uncomfortable or angry. That they cannot stand hair on a woman. So why is it okay for men but not women? I feel beautiful, sexy, comfortable, glowing, a goddess with or without it. If people really want to demand we go hairless, fine, but men have to do it too. No reason to have that sort of double standard. Do it or don't do it. And we talked about how important it is to de sexualize breasts. Tomorrow we will have a q and a.

Why is the natural body a fetish? It's natural. It's not unclean or unhygenic or gross. It's normal but for some reason society has decided that hair on women is abnormal and disgusting and shameful. It is none of those things! If you want to shave then go for it! If you don't want to shave then that's fine too! It's your body and you are in control of how you look after and maintain your body. Your aesthetic is yours to choose and it's yours to change as and when you please".

I love people who are unapologetic about their stretch marks, I hope I can get there some day too! You are riddled with ingrown hairs that rub along the edges of your underpants which turn into painful sores. You end up walking like a cowboy with jock itch until the hairs finally grow back.

Any men who complain about this—do me a favor, shave your crotch area then wait a few days. You are beautiful, be kind to yourself. Have you continued to grow out your body hair over the summer? If so, what sort of reactions have you had? Lots of love as always, your Januhairy gals Laura and Ruby".

If a woman has armpit hair, she's apparently "disgusting", "unkept" or has "bad hygiene", but if a man has armpit hair, no one says anything because "he's a man" That's the only reasoning we need? If you leave a comment about your opinion, please also leave your reasoning. Yes, apparently if a woman doesn't shave her armpits it's dirty and unhygienic but if a man doesn't, then no one says anything. Every man criticising women for not shaving their armpits better have cleanly shaved armpits themselves before judging anyone else.

My take away from these kinds of comments is always: I do not care what other people think about my body because I am the only person who has to live in it. Every decision I make is my own. This is particularly important as we enter the Christmas season i. I see you. Mine are straight- I'd actually rather have it curly, it seems "neater" somehow My hair is so damn thick it's made of fucking steel XD and the crappy part of being pale- you will always see stubble.

Hairy women in bikini

Regardless of others telling me it bothers them and that I should shave. I take them off only when I want. Yes it's clean, feminine, masculine and adult. If you don't accept that, go fuck yourself, it will certainly do you some good. Don't tell someone to shave, it's none of your business. Personally I think those pants look great on her the way she is.

Shaving off our body hair infantilises us and tells us our main value is for the male gaze. I know why I shave. I shave because of norms, because this world hates women. I shave because I sometimes aren't feeling mentally stable enough to deal with the world seeing me as abnormal. I conform to the norms when I'm not strong enough to fight them. And it's okay. It's okay if you're not there yet, it's okay if you have to prioritize your mental sanity over smashing the norms.

Ask yourself this: If the norm was to not shave - would you still shave? Or: If you were at a deserted island, all by yourself - would you still shave "just for you"? It is important to realize WHY you do what you do. There is nothing wrong with shaving. There is nothing wrong with letting it grow and just be.

Hairy women in bikini

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