Heather thomas pink bikini poster

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I watched just to see her in the tiniest bikini's I've ever seen. My favorite episode is "Spring Break". She had a nice long scene in a orange and white bikini. She rubbed oil on her body. I remember that scene being so hot when I first saw it and now I've seen it again and it's just as good.

What a body and she wasn't afraid to show it off. Thank You Heather! Heather Thomas was definately icing on the cake. I remember that at about the same time Heather Locklear was starting to make a name for herself on Dynasty.

Heather thomas pink bikini poster

She even made a guest appearance on The Fall Guy. It was no contest then and it is no contest now. Heather Thomas was definately more attractive.

Heather thomas pink bikini poster

I even have an old poster of her somewhere. Probably the same one you have, pink bikini, pink hot tub? I remember the day I bought it inthere was also one of her in a white bikini in front of a city landscape at night.

What a hotty! That sounds like the same poster. I remember she had a thumb through the waist band on one side. Now I have to go out in the garage to find it. That's the one! I was just watching "Sixteen Candles" on TV the other day and I noticed Sam's little brother Mike had the same poster hanging on the back of his bedroom door, so I decided to dig mine out and hang it on the back of my door.

Kinda silly for a 30 year old man I guess. But what the hell, it's an antique now.

Heather thomas pink bikini poster

It was a good decade. By the way, I also found my poster I always loved the show just to see her in her bikini's that she wore! I am quite surprised that she did not do more TV shows and movies! I always loved it when Scott Aimes lured Heather Thomas to his house down to his room with the lights off and then you see the camera flash and you see her topless! It was great! If she would have continued to work she could have been right where Heather Locklear is now but she more than likely thought about marriage and family or just became burnt out on trying out for roles in movies or TV.

It is a shame that they have not done a reunion you know of the cast and all. The problem with reunions is that they never get the story right on what has happened after so many years. I can name an example of a reunion that they did and I felt they screwed it up really badly and that was The Dukes Of Hazzard. I remembered after Enos show went off the air after one season he returned to Hazzard County to be a deputy again until the show was canceled.

In the reunion they made it as if he never returned to Hazzard County and remained in Los Angelas, California. The other thing that they screwed up on was that Daisy Duke became a Botinist I believe that is what it was called.

They should have had her going to college during the TV show and not have her move on with her life. I am sorry if I am ranting but I am just speaking my opinion though. It will be really hard to find someone to play a Jodie Foster as good as Heather Thomas did though. I know there is a lot of women out there but more than likely they would have Jessica Alba color her hair blonde to play the character Jodie Foster.

Well I am going to end this now. She has done a pretty good job so far. I'm 55 and still have her poster hanging in my garage. I was working security at the Queen Mary in when they shot an episode there called, "Death Boat. The wardrobe lady wiped down the front of Heather's blouse with two paper towels and then tossed them on the deck. I retrieved them and still have them today! Thanks for the correction. I try to be a stickler for accuracy. By the way, that's "renwest-1" but close enough.

DAMN you all. I have the same poster in the garage. Now I have to go find it. I went off to school in '81, so I can't even say mid's. I've been searching internet trying to find any episodes of the fall guy just because of heather thomas jodie I was 8 years old when I saw the the series in my country and I remember that episode of the old man, but there's another even hotter!!! I love her! She was also one of the first actresses to bring back short skirts!!! Here's also part of a Fall Guy episode where shoe wore the same dress in blue The episode you are talking about is Terror U.

It's probably my favorite episode of the series. Heather is actually wearing pink and white striped shorts during the entire episode. The scene takes places as she is trying to hitchhike to get a ride to catch the bad guys. That scene is so hot because of the way she sticks her butt out in front of the camera. Oh man, I wish they would release the whole series with the original music. I have them all on VHS thankfully. Everyone had her poster.

Heather thomas pink bikini poster

It's a shame now a days no one under 30 knows who she is. I never figured out why she never became a bigger star. She was on the cusp of stardom. Up. Heather Thomas posted 16 years ago by al 25 replies jump to latest Who else watched the show just to drool over her?? Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. I still prefer Heather Thomas!

Heather thomas pink bikini poster

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