Humiliated husband tumblr

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Tease your husband with sex and sexual ideas. Comment on how good other men look to you. Tell your husband you like big dicks. Tell your husband his dick is not big enough nor good enough for you. Tell your husband all your lovers are much better at sex than he is. Tell your husband he is a wimp. Tell your husband he is a fag. Leaving your wedding ring home. Make your husband watch as you prepare to go out on a date with another man.

Preparing for your date take a lot of care when you get ready to go out. Do yourself up really good, a long bubble bath, shave your legs, paint your nails, wear perfume and jewelry, do your hair, everything, the whole nine yards. Shave your pussy.

Make your husband bathe you, shave your legs and pussy, pick out clothes, jewelry and perfume to get you ready for your to go out. You can get temporary ones keep changing them. Wear ankle bracelets. Wear ultra sexy, revealing slutty clothing, especially high heels. If you do, wear the skimpiest, sexiest thongs. Flirt heavily with other men at all times no matter where you are, especially in front of your husband.

Find, meet and go out with other cheating wives. Form a local cheating wives club. Make your husband give you lots of cash when you go out. Make your husband go out and get a hotel room for you and your lover to use and bring you the key. Make your husband go with you and watch from across the bar or club as you meet, flirt and pick up men. If above is done locally always pick the same club or bar she becomes a well know slut among the regular men patrons and hubby is know to enjoy being humiliated so the whole place s in. Make your husband drive you and your lover around while you and him make out, suck and fuck in the back seat.

Make your husband drive you and your lover to the motel. All of you go up to the front desk so your husband can rent the room. You talk in-front of the desk clerk making it clear your husband renting the room for you and lover. Make your husband go out and find lots of men for you and you pick and choose which ones you like. Suck off men in the parking lot or alley.

Let men feel you up in public. Make your husband watch. Deny your husband the privilege of watching. Fuck another man in your bed. Fuck another man while your husband is at work and call him at work during sex. Fuck another man while your husband is in the next room. Fuck another man, film it and make your husband watch it later. Place your husband in a chastity device. Tie up or otherwise restrain your husband and make him watch while you fuck other men. Consider gagging him too. While your fucking your lover and your husband is restrained, call your husband nasty, demeaning names.

While your husband watches, always verbally express how good it feels. Tell your husband all the details of your fucking. Deny your husband the details of your fucking, but let him know your fucking other men. Tell family or friends you fuck other men and how your husband likes it. Fuck black men. Fuck older men Fuck younger men Fuck rich men Fuck bikers, truckers and cops.

Get pregnant by another man Go to XXX adult video booths and suck dicks through glory holes. Make your husband suck your lovers dick and balls. Make your husband lick your lovers asshole. Make your husband take your lovers dick up the ass Make your husband get totally naked to clean the house for you. Invite your girlfriends over to watch him clean, have your hubby be the servant all your friends who are there. Ask your friends if they would like to install his punishment by letting any of the other women slap his balls.

Generate conversations with your friends in front of your husband about how great it is to have a sissy husband, have your friends tell him how jealous they are of you that they married a man not a sissy servant like him. With a permanent marker write words like slut, fag, wimp all over his body it will last for days. Great if he will be naked in front of others. Offer your husband to other women who may have a lots of frustrations towards men. Let them take out their frustrations of men on your husband by spanking, humiliating or ball busting him.

Put your slave husband in chastity and allow a male or females friend to be the key holder. You and your lover escort your husband to the clinic for a vasectomy and you both wait while it is done. After go home throw away your Birth control pills have bareback sex with lover in front of your husband so he can watch. Letting your lover cum inside you. Make your husband work more overtime while you go out.

Make your husband pick out and pay for gifts for your lovers. Make your husband ask your lovers to fuck you. Ridicule, insult, and name call your husband in front of him and your lovers. Have your lovers humiliate your husband. If your husband misbehaves have your lovers with his hand slap your husband face or cock whip your husband face with his hard cock.

Teach any of your married friends how fun it is to have sex with another lover besides their husband and how to humiliate a their husbands. Show the other wife how to do it by humiliating your husband in-front of them so she can watch and learn. Teach your friend by letting her practice by humiliating your husband. Go out looking for men with your daughters. Piss on your husband right before you leave for a date. Deny your husband sex for long periods of time. Deny your husband all sex, even masturbation. Allow your husband only masturbation.

Fuck your husband in his ass with strap-on even better do all this in front of others. Walk around your house naked but deny your husband sex.

Humiliated husband tumblr

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