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Friends with Kinky Benefits is my first dual Point of View, first person book, with the story of a growing kinky relationship between two friends, Amy and Dylan. So give it a go! Both these books are just free for today. Originally posted by whosbarb. Hi James, I love your posts, they always get me in a nice mindset! I saw that you talked about an Advent Edging Calendar but I can't find it anywhere on your blog. Up until now edging has only ever been a fantasy that gets me going apart from the occasional 3 hour edge session but I was thinking this might be the right occasion to try and see if a more long-term denial period was my thing!

Hi James! Need your advice. I'm seeing my fiance for the first time since the borders closed for Covid in 7 days, and I thought I'd edge for the remaining week so I'm all nice and wet and ready to be fucked when we see each other. I decided to edge once a day since I'm not used to edging yet every night before bed. I need your help figuring out the long ass flight. Plane bathrooms are gross, so I was wondering if you have tips on how to edge without touching for a beginner?? That sounds like a good plan, but a few tips. Even try some edging together on the phone, get him exploring it too.

Talking how you want his balls so full so his cum fills you up, well, yeah that works for most folks…. In terms of the flight, I agree, public bathrooms tend to be a bit gross, so this is why you exploring thigh masturbation syntribating is a great use of time this coming week. As well as that, maybe add some erotic audio to listen to and you can try for hidden nipple play - either folding your arms and playing with them underneath, or as simple as pretending you have an itch and scratching it every so often.

You can get the first in my Kink by the s series completely free to read on a phone or Kindle or any ereader here: Get the One-Bar Prison for free. It quickly became a mocked, telltale of valid, attention seeking girls. No woman makes that face when cumming no matter how hard she comes. Some women do go cross eyed but the whole ahego face? I think this is kind of the point.

Something taken from hentai, from drawn porn. But to those who do, it lets them know what you do in secret, a kinky little porn lover, who loves edging and being objectified. It just feels so good to just let go and edge. Listening to the sounds until there is no mind left. Just obedience and bliss. Feel free to me in becoming a mindless fucktoy! The vibrator has been been pressed to my pussy for nearly an hour - switching off each time I near an orgasm. Keeping me on the edge of tears. The edge of sanity. I whine through the gag.

My desperate eyes on him, looking for relief and searching for mercy in his face. That greedy, needy little trouble button. The ache and the need to rub. Your addiction to friction is relentless. Oh, did I say edge? My bad. But who controls that clit of yours? Be the reason someone masturbates today. Masturbation is a wonderful thing, no one ever felt bad while doing it, right? So be positive. Inspire the world to be a better place. Be the reason someone masturbates today! This is from November Honey daringtobemeagaindo you still want to know?

You can do it with a smile, a word, a walk. Haha what if we were under the same blanket and both masturbated. No looking, just hearing the other breathing and feeling the mattress shake. Yes and yes. Nerve damage from compression comes from direct injury to the nerve itself or from lack of blood flow to the nerve, killing off parts of it. This is why with something like clamps we limit it. The time range is about 20 minutes. Think of it like icing an injury; the 20 minute on, 20 minute off rule.

The tighter the clamps, the more important the rule. One way to gauge is just what kind of screaming occurs when you take them off. After the clamps come off, the nipples are extremely sensitive. No need for continous clamps anyways. Followed by dripping warm oil. Massaging it in. Topped off with dripping hot wax.

This nasty bit of Sadism has the added benefit of oil protecting the moisture barrier, wax sealing it in and the heat forcing rapid expansion of the blood vessels and full return of blood flow. Just like the new mom, the nipples often crack, and go through a toughening up period. Subs who are unfamiliar might consider Googling ready nipples for breast feeding or just nipples and breast feeding. The information on nipple care is invaluable. And a smart Sadist has been to the breast feeding aisle or Amazon and picked up a non-lanolin based nipple cream for aftercare.

Age, size, and experience all change the tissue over time. But in premenopausal women, hormones are in weekly flux. Hey D-types, make a calender of her cycle. Have her show you how. NOTE: when someone wears clamps under clothing, those are usually adjustable screw type ones that are just a subtle, continued presence, not blood restrictive. Think elastic waist band versus tournequet. Great info here. Practice getting to the edge. Good girl. She succeeded and my orgasm is now hers in November. The loser will forfeit all orgasms, full or ruined, to the winner for the duration from the voting game ending on The community will be able to cast their votes in the comments, with putting our names there.

The winner is free to experience glorious orgasms in all of December and rub it into the losers face. Multiple votes and spamming do not count. Have a look at my blog at edgingtanja to learn more about me and my orgasm denial. I risk quite a long denial as I last came in July and Ana came yesterday, but was also denied since July before that. I suffered through NoNovember for Ana already since she denied me hard. So this time, I plead to cast your vote to deny Ana for December to put her back into the denial she deserves.

Put the hottest pussy into denial and starve her of orgasm. Make her drip. Hello everyoneyou know who to vote for. I deserve the orgasm as this silly slut who challenged me deserves to stay denied again. Let make her suffer more for her small tits or whatever those things are called. Reblog, the deadline is in less than 3 hours. Get your final votes in and help dommeana out to win more votes.

Originally posted by planetariumkrp. The official count is not yet in. In the comments dommeana did a intermediate count a day or two back, and since then, things did not go well… for both of us. My preliminary estimate is that both dommeana and myself will suffer orgasm denial for the whole of December. I have quite a of blocked blogs creepy guys whose votes I might not see, so I wait for the official count by female-orgasm-denial.

Of course no orgasms til this is official. I thank the community for the participation in this game and that you enjoy the knowledge of two wet and unsatisfied women. Really very close otherwise, and it would definitely be worth doing it again without me adding unfair, and therefore hot, twists.

Perhaps we could get a few more involved next time and the rewards are broken down by where you end up in the rankings. The winner cumming as much as she wants, next getting one orgasm, the next as many ruins as she wants, the next just one ruin, then only edges, then no touch, then strict no touch for the final loser.

Thanks everyone who participated and especially edgingtanja and dommeana for asking me to get involved. I hope I made you regret it in the best possible way. Female Orgasm Denial. An Early Christmas Present for my followers. View post 19 December, View post 11 December, Talking how you want his balls so full so his cum fills you up, well, yeah that works for most folks… In terms of the flight, I agree, public bathrooms tend to be a bit gross, so this is why you exploring thigh masturbation syntribating is a great use of time this coming week.

And finally, how about some reading for that long flight? View post 10 December, I love edging and listening to audio files.

Intense orgasms tumblr

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