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Chris played by Tyler James Williamsis the ambitious, normal, responsible, intelligent, and kind-hearted, but unlucky, unpopular, untalented, nonathletic, underachieving, hapless, awkward, nerdy, vulnerable and mischievous eldest child and protagonist of the series. He wishes he was more like his younger brother, Drew.

Regardless of whether Chris possesses any positive traits, he's certainly never treated as if he does being disliked by the opposite raceunlike his siblings. He tries hard to fit in with his peers but often finds himself a victim of circumstance. Chris is bullied and beat up at school with little protection obtained from teachers or faculty memberstortured by his sister, humiliated by his brother, victimized by the racist teaching staff, rejected by girls most of whom prefer Drewslandered by his neighbors, ignored by his schoolmates, robbed by neighborhood thugs, is underpaid at work, and receives tough love from his mother and distressing treatment from his father.

As the eldest child, he is often put in charge of his younger siblings, but they usually disobey him and he usually has to take the blame for them. Next to all this, Chris is always the butt of the last jokes on each show. People just seem to hate him for inexplicable reasons.

His luck does improve as the series progresses. One of his talents is playing Asteroids and the other is calling basketball games. As he gets older, Chris becomes interested in stand-up comedy and begins telling jokes in school. At the end of the series — after being told that he has to repeat the tenth grade for constantly being late for school — he drops out and gets his GEDthough his narrator dropped out due to bullying.

He later grows up to be a rich and famous comedian. Julius played by Terry Crewsbased on Chris Rock's father, is Rochelle's cheap, frugal, worrisome, levelheaded, and devoted husband and the father of Chris, Tonya, and Drew. He is known for his extreme cheapness and taking the easy way out when it comes to purchasing essential items for his family such as by using food-stamps and buying store-brands. Julius' cheapness is also exhibited by how he uses duct tape to fix anything and everything broken in the house. He has even been shown to memorize the price of nearly every object in his family's possession, shouting it out loud when such an item has been wasted or ruined.

One of his most famous character attributes is bargaining his way out of having to pay full price for an item.

Is tequan richmond gay

He coddles Tonya and is more likely than his wife to give her what she wants, and will react with a lecture every time one of his children considers quitting or asks him about receiving money. Said lectures having been known to last for hours on end and encourage his kids to avoid bringing up such subjects around him.

Is tequan richmond gay

Julius is also shown to be a workaholic, accepting any job offer he receives. It is implied that Julius can understand Chinese but cannot speak it due to the fact that when he communicates with Mr. Fong, who speaks in Chinese towards him he is able to respond back. Whenever Chris has a problem, he goes to Julius, who gives him advice in a confusing manner.

Is tequan richmond gay

Once, Chris remarked that even though he didn't understand what his father said, it made him feel better anyway. He dies in Rochelle played by Tichina Arnold is Julius' very humorously cheeky wife and is the strict mother of Chris, Tonya, and Drew. She is a narcissistic woman who frequently becomes apprehensive over things that often have nothing to do with the current subject matter such as her kids having babies or selling drugs. She is noted for the saucy comebacks that she uses to put a stop to any complaints that her children might have. She uses the comebacks to ensure that they do not end up performing a crime or great misdeed of some sort; she also fears that they may wind up as street criminals or teenage parents.

The narrator describes her as a "Ghetto Snob", likely because of her cautious behavior towards the way her family is perceived in public. She shares loving moments with her children. She also has a passion for chocolate Turtleswhich often calm herand experiences symptoms of withdrawal whenever she must sacrifice them for whatever reason.

She is also noted for getting a job, and then quitting whenever she has a problem with it. Rochelle's famous catchphrase that refers to this running gag is: "I don't need this, my man has two jobs! She is very judgmental towards Julius when it comes to their marriage.

Is tequan richmond gay

This can be seen in the episodes where she starts to think that Julius will leave her for a white woman or finds something which le her to believe that Julius is having an affair. She sometimes disagrees to Julius' methods about being cheap, like when they celebrated Kwanzaa instead of Christmas. Julius believes that this method is an effective way to save money for more important things rather than materialistic items. There are times where Rochelle understands Julius's behavior, like in the episode where he got a second job in order to earn more money for the family.

However, Rochelle eventually developed second thoughts about the situation, for she believed that Julius was actually throwing money away. In the final season of the series, Rochelle works as a beautician at Nessa's Beauty Salon, where in seasons she would often get her hair done. She also gossips with her friend and owner of the salon, Vanessa Jackee Harry and the other workers. Another running gag about her is that she regularly threatens her children with impossible physical damages but never hits them. The only time she takes them into a room saying "we need to talk" is when she disciplines the children.

Drew played by Tequan Richmond is Chris's popular, lucky, talented, athletic, academic, and handsome younger brother. As opposed to the malicious rejection and harassment Chris receives from his peers, Drew is idolized above all of his classmates. His supreme charm earned him a multitude of girlfriends in the past. Secretly, Chris envies the limitless amount of luck and talent possessed by his younger brother, who appears slightly older than he does. Drew's height as opposed to that of Chris provides his elder brother with a of disadvantages. Incredibly, Drew looks up to Chris and envies all the responsibility and trust their parents give him.

Highly athletic, Drew loves hockey and idolizes Wayne Gretzky. He is also shown to be interested in magic and karate. Drew also has the talent of copying things he sees off of television, especially karate movies. He becomes more responsible and more hardworking as the series progresses. In one episode, the narrator even claims that this was his first phrase as a baby. This was first introduced in the Pilot episode. Tonya played by Imani Hakim is Chris and Drew's spoiled and obnoxious younger sister.

She is a smart-mouthed, and shrewd little girl who enjoys getting her brothers in trouble by whining to her parents about things they never actually did, and Julius and Rochelle always believe her. However, in the third and fourth seasons, she tends to hold a soft spot for Drew and Chris when Chris got thrown out of the house, she admitted she doesn't want him gone and she and Drew try to rethink Chris's and her mother's decisions by charging money to keep her mouth shut if they do something wrong particularly to Chrisand sometimes hangs around Drew.

Billy Ocean is her favorite entertainer though later on she adopts a fondness for Danny Gloverand telling by the way Tonya believes that he originally was responsible for the invention of the Moonwalk instead of Michael Jackson, she might not like to believe what she does not want to believe.

Is tequan richmond gay

Julius over-indulges Tonya and is usually the parent apt to give her what she wants, whereas Rochelle is normally not afraid to not provide Tonya with one of her desires if it is for something she is unwilling to give to her daughter, and worries that one mistake in raising her will be linked to her being pregnant one day, and she "ain't raisin' no babies". She is very attractive, and is usually given nice gifts from the neighborhood kids; for example, James one of her admirers bought her a car in one episode. He is one of the only kids at Corleone Junior High who doesn't hate Chris.

He himself is almost as unpopular as Chris. Chris always comes to Greg for advice, even though Greg is usually terrible at coming up with solutions. Despite being Chris' best and only friend, Greg is always quick to abandon Chris when bullies come in order to save himself and also has disagreements with him from time to time. On top of being a good student, Greg also has a series of odd quirks such as going to bed dressed as different superheroes and dressing as a car racer after learning Chris bought a carbut considers himself cool and nice.

He has a book about almost everything in his locker. He is an only child and is of Italian and Swedish descent. His mom married his dad because she lost a bet but ran off with his uncle Patrick Wuliger, who later had a gender change.

Is tequan richmond gay

He later transferred to Tattaglia and the two continue their friendship. Although his father was seen in one episode his mother is never actually seen. Greg's catch phrase is "You're so in there". He was absent from only two episodes in the entire series. In the series finale Caruso subjects Greg to bullying for the rest of his school life. His narration is lots the opposite of what other characters say. The Narrator also mentions his disdain for then-president George W.

Bush and for singer Bobby Brown as he frequently says sarcastic things about them. For instance in one episode the narrator talks how Greg has gone from bad to worse like "America under Bush". He also states things like "who do you have to break up with to end up with Bobby Brown? Hidden : Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file.

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Tequan Richmond. Julius fatherTonya sisterRochelle motherChris brother. Julius fatherRochelle motherDrew brotherChris brother. Vincent Martella.

Is tequan richmond gay

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