Izumi corruption of champions

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Want your event posted here? Max message length: Open file Corruption of Champions is a text-based flash game overhauled with new dungeons, new mechanics, new characters, and a lot of lolis. The mod is open to content submissions, anons can and are writing new content to be implemented all the time.

Downlo Latest Version 1. Remember to save to file to prevent save loss. Keep using a lot of lolipops and your char will become a. Open file 1. This is the deated regrouping board. Will take anons time to regroup here. Getting more than a little sick of having to figure out where everyone's at.

What happened? More info is in meta thread. Another day, another new home. Might change it up more, add some different options in there or something. There was an idea to have Emily remark on the pc's body or touch their fluffy tail in the case they had one, but i got a bit tired. Really, there's a whole host of things you could do to Emily's corpse, but most of it would just be more-or-less vanilla sex with an unresponsive partner. That's also why I didn't do anything for the venom fangs version. If you come up with something you want, I could try writing it, but I can't make any promises on the quality.

At least until one of the major powers decides to fire an anti-sat missile at it. I have a much higher tolerance for such things when as text only. Though the least unappealing guro option I've come across so far is cutting out Goblin wombs and using them as onaholes, and that's not to my taste at all. Maybe there's something involving Alices with the "murder her outright" option, but I'm doing a mostly good guy run right now. Beautiful Sword now has a special that makes it stronger as you defeat unique corrupted foes.

Does it have to be equipped when you defeat them, and who qualifies?

Izumi corruption of champions

Only corrupt dungeon bosses, or corrupt dungeon bosses and one time only corrupt enemies in those dungeons? Nothing to do with dungeons or dungeon bosses, generally any ificant non-generic demon or highly-corrupt individual counts. The most recent thing in his pastebin is some gibberish about Dwarf Fortress. But if he can manage to add rape, maybe even kidnapping, with proper NPC reactions to adventure mode, it could work out great.

I want to impregnate elves with my big goblin cock. I don't think any of then have ever seem a dick before the PC's. A BO sperged? Fran could have seen the player's if they did a thighjob. Someday, assuming I don't die and quit slacking off. Scrapped the start to their part three a lot yesterday, but I hope i'll have something started by next week at least.

The perfect is the enemy of the good. Julay admins did. And does the writing even turn out good? I can't identity with being a dicked herm kitsune so if I were to write such a scene I would be phoning it in with a softie the entire time and just praying someone else finds it erotic.

Izumi corruption of champions

I want Izumi to whack me off with her sweaty thong. You know that moment where you awaken a new fetish and it's such a stark and piercing experience that you get that almost delirious knotting sensation in your stomach? I've been rewriting the same 4 sentences for the past 2 days basically. Might take a small break for a few days. But I do know the thought of using pantsu that is extra sweaty hadn't crossed my mind and reading anon's post gave me a big ol stiffy almost instantly. Wouldn't it be possible to craft up something that keeps her horns under constant pressure and said object also being hard to remove by being fixated on her neck or something?

Not gonna write that anywhere in the near future, just throwing my random toilet thoughts. Either way, it requires that someone wants to write it. I didn't mean to do this to you. Been there plenty of times. Just don't self-edit and post it raw and see what others think.

And love her tenderly. This should probably be reverted to what the author intended. Izumi is literally too good for his game, no wonder he basically ignored her. If I was the degenerate author of a bunch of OC donut steel characters in a porn game, I probably wouldn't be too fond of the creations of other authors that are just copy pasting their waifu into the game. Most of the characters are cliches, references or otherwise. She's also reasonable and doesn't have a horse cock. Not that I dislike Yuugi Izumi, she's pretty great.

What is it with people consistently giving 2hufag the absolute worst advice possible? The takeaway should be to to be self-critical and curate your own work, but not get bogged down by it at the end of the day.

Izumi corruption of champions

Scrapping things is part of the natural progress of creating something, are you stupid? That sounds like a good idea. Please do. Trying something different might be a better idea than just constant reboots. He wrote the start of part three, didn't like it, and started over on that and only that. It sounds like he might be at least a little overly overly hung up on the perfection of an individual part. It's not a bad thing to want to get something just right and struggle when you can't think of something.

That doesn't mean you have to just say fuck it, post something you're unhappy with, and get whatever useless feedback you can on that. Sometimes it's good to take a step back and not force it, but don't put out work you're personally unhappy with just because someone told you to do so. Everyone has a different way of doing things, there is no one true way that works for everyone.

At least discuss what exactly you are writing, even without post what you wrote. Something about throwing a thought out into the world helps it stick with me and feels like I've taken a small step forward. If I go back later and rework it, that is fine. I am improving on something that already exists rather than erasing work to start again. Your perspective on an action can change a lot in the long run. It is easier for me to stay motivated if I feel like I am taking small steps forward constantly, even if some of them get improved later on.

Kelt is little more than 'arrogant centaur douche' which is a trope that's probably been done to death over thousands of years but he got a good reception. I guess it doesn't help that Izumi and Yuugi basically look identical, but the same was done for Helia from MGE and nobody complained much - about her appearance, at least.

Izumi corruption of champions

It's been the same old song for months or even years now. Kelt has some good scenes and ideas to him, but suffered the same curse as most characters written by some oversensitive retard who puts way too much stock into his fetish, furry, cuck, or otherwise. If you ever touched the EraGames, millionaire.

Same problem. Same reason people hated it.

Izumi corruption of champions

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