Jessica simpson photo shoots

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Times sure have changed for Jessica Simpson, a pop star who didn't quite achieve the same level of chart success as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, but created her own successful empire years later.

Jessica simpson photo shoots

In terms of her looks, Her style also evolved through the years and there were definitely times when Jessica Simpson looked nothing like herself. However, if there is one thing that has stayed consistent about the singer and entrepreneur, it's definitely her upbeat personality. The couple married in and documented their life at home through the hit MTV series. Sadly, Simpson and Lachey's marriage lasted untilwhen their divorce was finalized.

Jessica simpson photo shoots

While the Teen Vogue cover below perfectly represents Simpson during that period of her life, she has since found new roles: as a mother of two children with former NFL player Eric Johnson and as the founder of her own billion-dollar fashion empire. But along the way, Simpson appeared in several magazine covers and photo shoots where she didn't look quite like herself. Perhaps it's the lighting or the angle of her face in the shot, but Simpson looks almost unrecognizable in this magazine cover.

She paid homage to Italian actress Virna Lisi's cover by covering half her face with shaving cream. The floral print of her dress overpowers the shot, but Simpson could also be mistaken for a Real Housewives cast member here.

Before the hit songs, reality show, and fashion empire, she was simply an adorable year-old with big dreams and a big smile.

Jessica simpson photo shoots

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Jessica simpson photo shoots Jessica simpson photo shoots

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