Joe the king spanking

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I once saw on the Internet a spanking scene with a man spanking his wife standing next to a buckboard in town while all in town stood there and watched. He lifted her skirts and spanked her bloomers, when that was done, his hands went into the waistband of her bloomers and the film stopped there. I guess it was a tease snippet. Had anyone ever seen that before? There was another with a young girl putting a boy over her knee while sitting on a log. His pants were down along with his underwear. She spanks him with her hand and then makes a remark that there was no good wood around to use on him.

He was trespassing by the way. She flips him off her lap and calls him by name, and that was it. Never saw that one again either. Westerns were great fodder for spankings on screen.

Joe the king spanking

I saw one in Alias Smith and Jones where one of the saloon girls Candy spanked a boy for muddying one of her dresses. I fantasised about being spanked by her for years after seeing that. My earliest spanking fantasies- as early as age 10 or 11 involved living with Rock Stars, traveling with them on tour, whichever band was one that week, usually the Beatles, who "had custody" of me. I was spanked regularly, usually for poor grades or undone chores, but it never did any good because good behavior would mean fewer spankings.

I was always spanked in my bedroom, never the living room or kitchen, and there was always a post spanking goal setting discussion on how I would improve. Perhaps I might be his muse or he mine and he or I would paint or write poems of our stormy relationship.

Then we never see each other again, I look for him, but there is always another more interesting partner on the horizon. There may also be a third person in the mix to hold the tension. That person would keep the relationship in an unpredictable state of turmoil.

Perhaps this third, a disciplinarian who sets deadlines for our art and punishes us.

Joe the king spanking

I don't know which western was being referred to earlier, but I remember John Wayne giving Maureen O'Hara a spanking at the end of the movie, McLintock. You can find it on YouTube. One of my favourites but I can't work out how to write it is of a meek hen-pecked husband, a bank manager say, who is kidnapped by a gang of bank robbers. One of the gang is his exact double, and takes his place both at the bank, to oversee the robbery, and in bed. Naturally his wife gets the surprise of her life when her husband siuddenly switches from a mild-mannered man to a dominant who will take no nonsense from her.

The surprise is very unpleasant at first, but soon becomes very exciting. A good spanking scene that's really very cruel was the beginning of the movie Joe The King. This was directly by Frank Whaley and the scene was actually put in there because it actually happened to him.

Joe I believe is 9 years old and is taken to the front of the class by his mean teacher played by Camryn Manheim. The class is discussing jobs that parents hold, and Joe's dad Val Kilmer is the janitor at the school. He's also an alcoholic. Joe is embarrassed to say and begins telling tales about jobs. Finally one of the girls says his father cleans toilets. Joe then bops her on the head.

He's taken to the front of the class, his pants and undies whisked down together and over her knee. They show the shock on the kids faces, but that was the end of any spanking scenes after that. It's a really horrible scene prior to the spanking because Ms Manheim plays her part well. Favorite fantasies. Sparky sent my memory into action here, but I'm lost for the movie. It gives the best position for both spanking and vision. Anybody familiar with any stories that may have elements of this theme? Check out Watcher's A Computer Glitch- you will not be disappointed. And fantasies about Nazi prison guards whipping prisoners in cncentration camps - or slave-owners whipping their slaves in the American South before the Civil War - even make me almost nauseous.

I so agree with you on this point, galt. There needs to be an emotional attachment between the spanker and spankee.

Joe the king spanking

I favor an element of justice, also. They show the shock on the kids faces That is horrible, B, some kids might never recover from an experience like that. I know I shared this catholic school story before, and your movie scene brought in back to me. I remember it like it was yesterday.

When I was in 5th grade, in a Catholic school in South Philly, we were a huge class more that 60 students. One day, Sister was in the middle of diagramming a sentence. One of the students, Chuckie, irritated Sister. He always seemed to be in trouble, but I never noticed exactly what he did to anger her, it must have been subtle, although, he was not very bright.

He never did homework and usually failed tests. Apparently, Sister had telephoned his home either the evening before or earlier that morning to complain of his behavior. Of course the class did not realize this until Chuckie's Mom knocked on the classroom door that day in the middle of the lesson and burst inside. On the board ledge sat a long rubber-tipped pointer.

Joe the king spanking

It's primary purpose was to focus our attention on the information on the board. Sister occasionally used it to spank students, usually out in the hall or in the book room. It probably was made of maple- dense and unbreakable and about an inch thick. His Mom surveyed the room, and made a beeline right to Chuckie, grabbed Chuckie's left arm just above his elbow, pulled him out of his desk and began a shrill lecture on obedience and respect.

Each word of her diatribe was punctuated with a wild stroke of that pointer on Chuckie's bottom. He would wriggle and twist to break loose run a few steps before she blocked his escape in that maze of rows that was our classroom, the entire time he begged forgiveness, promised to be good, pleaded for her to stop as she marched him up and down each aisle ceremoniously striking him again and again on his dress pants bottom or the backs of his legs and thighs.

He howled and pleaded and apologized, to no avail. She paused and ordered him to apologize to Sister, now he was sobbing heavily and out of breath, Chuckie delivered his heartfelt sorrow for his poor behavior. Mom then grabbed him by the arm and swept him out the door.

Joe the king spanking

Sister, smiling grimly, did not miss a beat. She immediately returned to her grammar lesson. True story! What amazed me the most? Chuckie was back in class after lunch, still boisterous, not showing the least bit of humiliation after being beaten by his mother in front of our whole class.

Joe the king spanking

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