Konan lemon fanfic

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But I will promise that I'll do all the chapters I have planned out, unless I dieā€¦ I was writing this before canon showed Sasuke over powering Itachi. And just to let you know, there is some is some grammatical errors, but most of them are suppose to be that way. Anyways, let the fun begin! By the way, Konan is thirty in this fic. Because I'm not sure of her real age anyways and I figure she's younger than Minato would be as Jiraiya was wondering around the elemental nations when he found them. So she could be even younger I'm taking down the chapter thing for now until I'm one hundred percent sure what chapters I'm going to due next.

Konan lemon fanfic

Plus I'm still editing it at the moment. I Do Not Own Naruto. Which fucking sucks It was impossible to tell what she wore underneath the cloak as she wore it tightly around her, but with the red clouds on it she was definitely a member of Akatsuki and it was her job to capture the vessel of Kyuubi no Kitsune, Uzumaki Naruto.

She was slightly pissed at that fact. It's not even my job! Madara ased it to him and then he forces me to do it while he does something else here! And since he's here, everyone will be rushing over to him once he starts releasing its chakra, making capturing him absolutely impossible!

Unless they plan on me to seduce him Or is it Sure we can use them at any time, but isn't that what a jinchuuriki is for? I mean it doesn't make any sense. And lately it seems that we aren't pursing the goal of world peace anymore, but that of world domination I no longer wish for violence, but that's not going to happen as long as the human race exists. She looked up and noticed a boy with spiky blonde hair, an orange and black jumpsuit and three whisker like marks on his faces. Her eyes widen as she realized how it was, but she managed to recover quickly.

Normally when someone ran into him, they would start cussing him out for being a nuisance and other things like that, so this was a first. He shrugged, not wanting to jinx it. Just be more careful. Konan continued following him to a bridge before she jumped underneath it to listen to what happened.

Not a few minutes later, a Haruno Sakura showed up. She knew the name as she was deemed a threat after killing Sasori with Chiyo's help. The next was the Root Anbu boy that was sent to keep tabs on Naruto and see if he could still be molded into a weapon.

Konan lemon fanfic

She mentally scoffed at that. Its cause people like him that the world is the way it is. Best to assassinate him before I leave. Anyways, I have a meeting to be at in twenty minutes anyways, so see you tomorrow. She heard Sakura sigh.

Mine as well relieve Shizune so she can get some sleep. Sakura chuckled at her teammate. I need to train anyways. She jumped onto the bridge still hidden by here stealth jutsu and followed Naruto as he went into the tree lines. A few minutes later, she wondered why he was going in so deep. He can't tell I'm here can he?! She examined the closely. This isn't a normal kunai cut. It's not as smooth and has three points instead of one. What is he working on? She looked at the kunai closely and noticed they were three pronged.

She wondered why it was since it had no tactical advantage as she continued to examine it. Naruto threw one near her directions as he threw the others at the other trees before doing some light stretches. Having a closer look at it, she noticed there were many kanji and complicate seals that she doubted anyone other than her deceased sensei, Jiraiya could identify.

Okay, maybe these kunai deal with a teleportation jutsu that he's making. I've heard of a jutsu like this that uses Oh shit! Konan's jaw dropped and she nearly dropped her genjutsus as she saw this.

Konan lemon fanfic

She jumped back out of the clearing to keep him from running into her as she observed him flashing kunai to kunai. She had half a mind to run off, tell Pein this information then quitting for giving her this mission as she wasn't suicidal. As she was about to turn around and do so, the flashes of light stopped and Naruto stopped in the middle of the clearing and put up his kunai in his pouch before muttering to himself as he walked up to the tree she was in.

Konan had to send chakra to her ears, and even then she stressed to hear it. If you've just waited until I had mastered this and given me the key earlier We've could have taken them together But you had to Why dammit?! If you've had stayed here with us, you would have gotten your chance eventually Suddenly she heard an all too familiar voice and quickly turned around to see Pein walking into the clearing.

If so, please come with us.

Konan lemon fanfic

You told me to capture him. But I knew you wouldn't be able to take him on your own, so I've been following you from a good distance. He could see every muscle was tense and ready to leap into action and smirked. If he wants to fight me, I'll be more than glad.

Well, she was pretty sure Naruto was seeing his body posture, the tensing of his muscles and the anger and killing intent rolling off him in waves. She had to admit she was impressed. Only few could emit the amount he was, but unfortunately one of the ones in that could out do him, was in front of him.

Pein looked on passively as Naruto formed ten clones before his eyes bled crimson as Kyuubi's chakra swirled around him forming his one tail form. A few seconds later it turned into two and then three not to long after that. The Akatsuki 'leader' continued looking on passively as he believed Naruto to not even be a threat as he began turning into his four tail state.

He was slightly impressed at the amount he was putting out as it was near that of Jiraiya's, but he was sure he could handle it as Jiraiya was killed by his hands. He watched as Naruto continued pulling on Kyuubi's chakra and a fifth tail started to emerge. He narrowed his eyes seeing this. He had to stop it before it got any higher as it now was even beyond his level. The Akatsuki leader bit his thumb and was about to go through the Kuchiyose hand seals to summon his other bodies when the clones hands slipped into his weapon pouches.

Konan lemon fanfic

Konan's eyes widen in realization as they pulled out the kunai from earlier and threw them quickly towards Pein. He stopped his hand seals and dodged most of them, and caught the last two with ease, just to show off to the jinchuuriki that he was still the superior. His life was forfeited when he did this. All but two clones became flashes of light and surround Pein before using chakra bindings to hold him down. His eyes widen as he started to struggle to break free of them. Even if he was the stronger, it was going to take a bit to break these as Naruto's capacity did exceed his.

The other two clones jumped next to Naruto as he held his arm out and formed a Rasengan and the both erratically moved their hands around it. Konan's eyes widen as she was about to jump down and help him when she was suddenly surrounded by team seven as they had arrived on the scene sensing Naruto's out put. She looked around at them trying to figure out how to get pasted them when the young jinchuuriki's chakra spiked even more as a six tail appeared as a giant spinning ball of chakra that looked like a giant shuriken was swirling above him as Pein continued struggling against the bindings as it started to rain, hoping it would give him an chance to free him.

Just before the two clones poofed out of existence, one threw a kunai in front of Pein. In a flash of reddish gold light, Naruto appeared in front of him with the attack in hand.

Konan lemon fanfic

All team seven's eyes widen as they jumped out of the way to avoid the blast that was about to occur as Konan looked at the horror on Pein's face sensing the amount of raw power radiated from the ball. She doubted that anything less than Kyuubi, maybe Hachimata, itself could survive an attack of this magnitude and did the only thing she could do. She shushined away as Naruto slammed the ball into the screaming leader of Akatsuki. The eruption that ensued after level over half of the forest, leaving a hundred meter wide crater and it looked to be at least twenty deep.

From her vantage point on the walls of Konoha, Konan blinked in surprise from the amount of damage, not noticing the Anbu surrounding her noticing her cloak. And yet, in the middle of the crater, an aura of red chakra was still very visible showing Naruto had indeed survived his own attack. Konan jumped through the Anbu and towards the center of the crater as the chakra died down. Once see arrived, she noticed Naruto was on the ground, unconscious, probably from over exhaustion as the only thing left of Pein was one Rinnegan eye and a puddle of blood and severed flesh that was unrecognizable.

Kakashi was the first to step between her and Naruto, ready to fight while Shizune was looking at her as if she knew her. He's dead. My husband was the only reason I ed Akatsuki. She looked at it solemnly as she still loved him, but that him was gone a long time ago. She threw the ring into the bloody mess before turned to the slightly surprised group of Konoha shinobi. Tsunade was the first to recover as she glared dangerously at the women in front of her.

Konan lemon fanfic

I was never a nukenin, much less a kunoichi. I was only trained in the arts of being one. Then another idea hit her. Tsunade's eyes widen hearing the name of the girl that traveled with Jiraiya along with the two boys that he had taken under his wing. The blue hair woman smiled lightly remembering the timid nurse in front of her. It's been awhile hasn't it? Luckily, Konan was prepared; otherwise her spine would have been snapped in two from the force of it.

Shaking her head, she slowly peeled Konan off of her as she smiled lightly at her. Now she didn't know what to think. She guessed she could let her in on a trial bias, to see it wasn't a trap to capture Naruto. Not that she could capture him on her own, but still it was a precaution she had to take for Naruto. Shaking her head, she turned around and checked on Naruto and noticed he was fine. Turning back around, she gazed at Konan before sighing. But if I see that it this is a plot to capture Naruto, I will not hesitate to end your life.

But only under one condition. And even if she went back, Madara would probably kill her due to her failing and letting his figure head getting killed. She sighed a bit before shaking her head. The one we use the most is in a man made cave on Mt. Fuji in between Hi no Kuni and Kaminari no Kuni. Tsunade was the first to recover as she looked at Konan shocked.

Konan lemon fanfic

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