Konosuba kazuma x megumi

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Konosuba kazuma x megumi

Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Once a NEET always a NEET by Tobi Yaza reviews Kazuma has given up on life once more and has resorted back to being the person he once was before dying, meeting Aqua, becoming an adventurer, and honestly a lot of hardships that got him where he is today.

Konosuba kazuma x megumi

Takes place within the Isekai Quartet universe, something that I wish that was added in the as a story option withinwhich I hope changes soon, so enjoy. Many have heard his tale from the Chronicles of Eris or the Royal Archives.

Konosuba kazuma x megumi

Now, however, I have a chance to share Kazuma's own words, complied from his own notes, found after his death last spring. While some would expect his autobiography to be self aggrandizing, I have found quite the opposite. Chris s Kazuma's party after the cabbage quest, thanks to a game of rock-paper-scissors. How will having a sensible girl affect the story? Surprisingly, a lot. Also includes: Kazumin, none of the Devil King Generals dying, references, ghost girls, snow sprites and demon maids.

God's Blessing on Our Poor Hero ine! Many, many corners. Now Kazuma and Co. Crimson Nights by calvinhobbesliker reviews What if Kazuma had shown a bit more self-control during that first night in Megumin's room? KonoSuba: My Life as a Vampire! Wait, is becoming a vampire even an ability? Who cares. Post Devil King AU. Betrayed, and now gone by Blockious reviews Kazuma has been accused of being a terrorist, and everyone easily turns away and leaves him to fend for himself.

He manages to escape from the authorities, and runs away from Axel. The prosecutor informs everyone of the event, and kazuma's party freaks over the missing leader.

Konosuba kazuma x megumi

Where is he? Is he okay? What now? God's Blessing on this Worthless Demon King! God's blessing on this wonderful couple! Megumin and Kazuma go on dates chapter by chapter. Blessing this Wonderful World with more Competent Teammates! If you wonder that, then this is not your story! Instead we'll see how Kazuma fares with his teammates slightly better at being useful.

I know. Sounds crazy, But let's just see if this more 'Competent' heroes can manage to save this Wonderful World! From Heathen to Hero by Tobi Yaza reviews Believing that this world and his life anything but a blessing, Kazuma decides to really die this time around to get the afterlife treatment he deserved, but unfortunately for him he now has to start at step 1 all over again in Hell, with the only other person to keep him company being Aqua.

On hiatus. En esta historia veran un Kazuma donde se toma las cosas en calma, siendo el mismo pero pensador. Un Kazuma menos cobarde y mas de accion. En esta historia se resolvera algo Kazuma se quedara con todas. It was only when a certain betrayal broke his heart that he became like that. What if the person responsible for that found her way into the other world? Will she be able start a new life, or will her past actions come back to haunt her?

Konosuba kazuma x megumi

The woman overseeing his reincarnation is a kind and fair goddess, not a condescending prick. So, Kazuma chooses an ability that would help him in this new world, rather than spitefully dragging her along for the ride. Here's hoping he can defeat the Demon Lord with some crazy powers! Guardian, a young boy whose name is unknown, died and went to the alternate world without any cheat item.

And now, he was in a world full of swords and magic.

Konosuba kazuma x megumi

What will he ever do? Why, lots of new and stupid things, of course! Rated T for light swearing and fluff between Kazuma and his party members. The right path by saphire reviews Kazumas party leaves him so that they can head for the front lines. Hes completely depressed, until he comes up with a new way to live his life. Mereka ter reinkarnasi dengan kekuatan yang sama yaitu Mangekyou Sharingan dan sebuah Devil Arms yang di berikan oleh dewi Aqua bedasarkan permintaan mereka dan mereka membawa satu tugas yaitu membunuh Demon King.

After one-too-many bar tab induced debts, Kazuma and his party have decided that Aqua should stop drinking. And order to do that, they'll use the only language she knows. Warning: Contain some LN spoiler. Kazuma blessing this beautiful world! The work contains erotic scenes 18 and a description of other tin. We hold a short story contest every month, so make sure to stay updated! Terms of Service.

Konosuba kazuma x megumi Konosuba kazuma x megumi

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