Leah remini ass slap

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Leah Remini is an actress, producer, author, and comedian. Download Audio. This is an unofficial transcript meant for reference. Accuracy is not guaranteed. Hey what's up doing this Wednesday the ice House in Pasadena until it every other week it's usually with a bunch of local guys and bows the comedy, unity here, in LOS Angeles, then next comedy dates: are the seventeenth and eighteenth of February at levity, live and Oxnard.

Unfortunately, for you that shit sold out there, next one is the car theatre, the MGM in LAS Vegas, its March third, with Tony cliff there s a brawl April, seventh yeah, that's it right, room here here April, seven them enemy and in Buffalo Chaise PA performance, art centre, performing arts, inner tickets go on sale February.

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Leah remini ass slap

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Leah remini ass slap

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Leah remini ass slap

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Queens with my friend cabin james- and I you know, always seem very nice and- and I didn't really get to know our- and I really spent more time talking today on this podcast than ever before. Today she talked about her leaving the church and she's like Old church, just leaving Scientology and also she talked about the experience of doing her, show on any which, sir, A highlights. All issues that she and other people have faced and families are faced and its Harper. Now I don't want talk any more about it. I want you to listen, conversation and hopefully enjoy it and on.

I think it's gonna Can I give you some unique insight into how the Mai and works under these. Logan experience, my country, ok, room had abandoned all crazy talk, and I I was good. It was yet if we could talk first war is good. You tunneling alongside our great haven't, you do too, and citizens can Queen spent a long time. And I found out about you know the whole Scientology. I knew you were into it back then, but it was one. Those things where I heard about it yet and I met my goose, pretty fuckin normal for a time tell it right!

Well, I am a large able, once tuna said the same thing like pretty normal nice guy Kelly Precedence, pre normal, generous normal. Yes, you know it's. I guess you get deeper, get to know them well and it might get a little weird. Yes, yes, because that's the thing is scientologist, good people.

They really are at stake. They really, as I did believed that we're doing amazing things for the world. So they go two. It thinking I'm helping myself from helping other right, but Then, as you like you sad as you get more and more and by the way you don't really get close to scientologist. When your like you, we are not so in your nonsense. Morality is correct, like every thing that I did, and they do is for the purpose of. So to get you in tourism, Does it does a purpose in that like?

I would never tell When I was in a non scientologist my real problems, it would be kind of bad for the church to ever appear human, oh to a non scientologists setting a bad example like it would actually be considered like a transgression. If I told you Joe, oh yeah, my Friday, when my mother writing what my husband, nor I would never tell you those types of things, because it would be bad pr for the church wow so that something that your taught correct now you you can't. I grew up in it how old were you when you nine?

Punishment believed in not taught like what did I talk to you know where you're talking to that kind of guy, where I like my My dad says at the head of the table and then we don't talk back at all or you know so That is kind of what I knew and then we were baptisers. Catholics was my mother, wasn't really religious, my mother's jewish?

Is you know so she? But she didn't he any kind of religion growing up? My father, of course, was catholic, so we got baptisers Catholics and the only Tommy want to churches with our grandma warrant to visit her, and you know in the city and my dad on holidays, so that Any kind of all. I remember Pre Scientology and my mother meeting my step dad he was in Scientology.

He got her in as loss but right away right away. So that was what part of the deal correct we and by the way you like, we went from like don't talk to your slogan to to. We see you as spiritual beings. We want you to talk to us. We want you to communicate like you're, just your you're, not children, your Minos, spirits in a little body, and so immediately that kind of indoctrination begins that you're, not child and so egoist children.

You have kids, you know that always want to be grown up so that that really starts two's work. This kind of idea that you're in a leaders that your your ego becomes kind of stroke does. It like your very powerful and you returned and you came back and you found yourself back picture mother, because your new should get into Scientology in your very strongly, and your very strong call to my sister, you picture mother.

Leah remini ass slap

You have had your mother, but as a reason to find your way back to Scientology now ass. Remember you, you wanna, be more, important than you are kids are always try to exercise their power. You know so that speaks to something. Did you like it because it made you when you are young, a major feel like ok. Now I can express myself better that I'll feel suppressed.

Leah remini ass slap

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