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Why study Rhiannon?

Mabinogi hot chocolate

More importantly, her act of storytelling helps her to prove her innocence in the face of false accusations. When strangers pass by, she tells them the story of what she has supposedly done and offers to carry them on her back to the court. But crucially, unlike so many of the female characters in mythology and folklore traditions, Rhiannon is never silenced. In a wonderful event organized by Cardiff City Council, I was able to speak to primary and secondary school students about education in America.

I told them about my work writing plays about the Welsh Mabinogiand shared that my love of theatre began at their age.

Mabinogi hot chocolate

They were very eager to know exactly how many shows I had written, how many shows I had been in, and if I knew the words to the whole Grease cast album one fifth year class is performing the show in a few weeks! Fingers crossed there might have been one or two future playwrights in the audience! I encouraged storytellers to acknowledge the human-induced change that these environments are facing. To engage with the landscapes of myth, storytellers must confront the good and the bad, the serene and the industrial.

The conference was a wonderful chance to meet academics and creatives using the humanities to encourage environmentalism in the UK and around the world. On hiking Pen y Fan in a blizzard, working as a Producing Fellow for Adverse Camber, and producing a professional workshop of my play Trailing Rhiannon. The sunglasses shaded us from sun on the way up the mountain — and deflected snow from the blizzard we encountered on the way down.

Instead, she becomes a reluctant storyteller, narrating a crime she did not commit. Follow Following. Emma Catherine Watkins. me up. Already have a WordPress.

Mabinogi hot chocolate

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Mabinogi hot chocolate Mabinogi hot chocolate

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