Male nipple rings

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Nipple piercings are among the most popular body piercings in the world. They are also intimate piercings, even though they are not on genitalia. There are many women with nipple piercings but this type of piercing is very popular with men, too. Some people see this piercing as women-only and wonder why guys should pierce their nipples. The truth is that this piercing is not gender-specific. If you are a guy who wants a nipple piercing, there is no reason not to get one or two! Placement: The placement is done at the base of the nipple.

It is critical not to pierce the areola, as this can lead to complications though not necessarily. Healing Time: 4 to 6 months to heal Male nipple piercings heal faster and easier than female nipples because they are not subject to the same types of monthly hormonal cycles. Best Jewelry Material: To be safe, choose jewellery made from the following materials for your nipples:. While some people wonder why should guys pierce their nipples, the truth is that there is nothing non-masculine about this piercing. In many ways, there is nothing non-masculine about almost any piercing, but it is surprising that this question pops up so often about nipple piercings.

Nipple piercings are actually very popular among men. Some people even claim that they are more popular with men than women. Nipple piercings are stunning and incredibly attractive.

Male nipple rings

They look great on women but some people argue that they look even better on men. There is one thing to keep in mind: men certainly have more opportunities to showcase their nipple piercings because they can go shirtless in public.

This is why nipple piercings are so popular among guys. This is definitely a great piercing for a man. Nipples are sensitive. There is no better way to do this than a nipple piercing. This is great for those who like some nipple play.

Piercings are not restricted to certain groups and subcultures anymore. Nipple piercings are no different. At the same time, nipple piercings can still be a of belonging to a specific group or a specific fashion style. There are many guys who like jewelry but there is often some shortage of good jewelry for men. This is why body piercings and body jewelry are so good: they allow men to have great jewelry pieces.

This is why nipple piercings are so good: they allow you to wear some stunning jewelry that looks great on guys. Surgical Steel Straight Barbell. This Surgical Steel Straight Barbell is a beautiful piece suitable for a variety of piercings. These barbells are made of high-quality L Surgical Steel, making them medical-grade, body-friendly, and completely safe.

These barbells are ideal for a variety of piercings, including the nipple, tongue, and male genital piercings. Surgical Steel Screwball Ring. Surgical Steel Screwball Rings are elegant jewellery pieces that can be used for a variety of piercings.

With regular daily checks, these sturdy rings with especially screwed balls will almost never fall out. This is an excellent choice for all of your male nipple piercing jewellery requirements! These rings are made of high-quality L Surgical Steel so they are body-friendly, sturdy and reliable.

Big Ballin Circular Barbell. Big Ballin Circular Barbell is a special jewelry piece with custom-sized, large balls. Choose the ball size you want for a very special, unique look. Apart from nipple piercing, these barbells can be used for many different piercing types. This barbell is made of medical-grade L Surgical Steel and internally threaded for your comfort and safety.

Surgical Steel Curved Barbell. Stainless Steel Curved Barbells can be used for a variety of piercings. They are an excellent choice for nipple and eye piercings, navel piercings, and a variety of genital piercings. Surgical Steel Segment Ring. I am a man and have the same problem I want my nipples pierced wife feels the same to her its a real turn off. What can I do. To me it really turns me on.

Male nipple rings

I am a 43 yr old male; both nipples have been pierced for the last 11 years. I have CBRs in most of the time. First time was 20 years ago. Then I deployed and they healed over. Then I got back, had them pierced again, deployed again couple years later. Pierced again when I got back and have no plans to let them heal now. Do most guys do this for sexual reasons?

Just wondering. I am considering getting my nipples pierced at My wife was a bit suss to start but now fully supports my new found freedom. A bit nervous but I think I will. Only 3yrs ago, I spent 3 months stretching them to put 5mm double flared tunnels in each quite daunting at first but gently does it so my 2.

I will gladly supply pics and more info should people show interest in the subject. After watching some of the crap videos online I might even make one myself. Too all who think they might like it, think seriously about it, they can also be very private ladies. My wife is against it and said its makes her feel funny and wont have anything to do with them if I have them done. I just wish she would accept them. My wife actually was the one that got me into nipple play.

I was at first turned off by the idea, but now I really want to get them pierced. Anyone have any input? They look great and feel awesome. Why I waited 10 years to get it done is beyond me. Do I need the nipples pierced? I love having my nipple played with will the piercings help? What can I do to Make my wife change her mind over not wonting me to have my nipples pierced I know if I had them done it would make me feel great and they are fantastic. I cant understand what all the fuss is about.

Male nipple rings

Gee, id love to hear more from you more mature men out there who got it done. Since my last post my wife is now very supportive for me to get my nipples pierced. Wish I could blink and they were done. I am 58 and never gave it a thought before. It was my wife who suggested i get it done as she finds them to be very attractive on men.

I am reading all I can find on it now. Aftercare et all. Welcome any advice or tips from guys or gals my age. I am a 58 yr old male and I got both my nipples pierced 1 year ago and love them. Should have done it years ago. My wife and I both had them done together. Now our nipples are hard and sensitive all the time.

I had both nipples pierced roughly about 2 years ago. I had to remove them in March of this year for surgery. Got mine done just after turning a couple of years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Male nipple rings

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Male nipple rings

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