Mega man feet

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Of the robot master stages, Crystal Man's stage is arguably the most difficult, but it's pretty enough to almost make up for it. From the start, head toward the right and encounter a new sort of enemy. Red in color, this foe races toward you and bounces an orb. You want to aim for the orb to kill the enemy. Taking out the base will just leave you vulnerable. A charged shot to the orb itself works wonders, however.

Continue advancing and drop through the opening that you reach at the far right wall. Charge your arm cannon as you fall, and be ready for some orange enemies that will roll down some steps ascending to your left. Take them out quickly and hopefully you can avoid taking damage in the process. Then drop down the next shaft. Deal with more of the red enemies as you head right here, and soon you'll come to the stage's most challenging area.

Mega man feet

Here, large overhead cylinders drop a stream of crystals. You have to leap between the crystals, which sometimes come closer together than others. There are patterns, but they're tricky to adjust to, making each leap dangerous. The time to make your jump is when a crystal comes approximately even with Mega Man's feet. That way, even if you've predicted the larger break between crystals incorrectly, you should safely make the leap before the next one arrives.

There are quite a few such tubes to scrape past, but you should be able to reach the far side of the area and climb a ladder to an overhead chamber where you're greeted by Fliptop. Grab the loot he tosses you or avoid it and head quickly back down the ladder before climbing it again if what you're presented isn't to your liking and ascend the next ladder. In this new area, you'll find yet another new type of enemy.

He produces a crystal out of the oxygen in front of him, which blocks shots. As he fires, though, you can hit him with a charged shot before the crystal flies off-screen. That's the only time the enemy is vulnerable. Advance to the right, killing several such enemies that are positioned along ledges that rest between more of the dangerous crystal tubes, near beds of spikes. That's a lot to take in all at once, but it's really not that difficult if you take out each enemy so you can focus on the leaps.

Just remember your timing and you'll do fine. Ascend the ladder at the far side of that area and reach an overhead chamber with an enemy, spikes, and a glowing platform.

Mega man feet

Take out the enemy with a charged shot and hop onto the platform. It will carry you to the upper left, where you can jump to a ladder and climb it to the next area. Here, some enemies will come down some stairs. Take them out with a barrage of bullets and advance to the right.

Watch for more enemies as you go, including a foe who should be familiar to you if you played Mega Man 4. He jets across the screen along a horizontal plane, and he'll do a lot of damage if he rams into you. Let him come at you and then let him turn and head in the opposite direction so you can drop down and shoot him in the back. There will be two more such enemies, but let them come at you slowly so you're only dealing with one at a time. After you get past them, you can drop down into another room, where two enemies that look like clouds with green propeller helmets will zip toward you.

Take them out quickly with charged shots, then drop down along the right side of the area to snag an E-Tank resting on a ledge. Now fall down the shaft and hang toward the center to fall past more of those same enemies and into a chamber below, where you can head to the right to find more enemies.

Use the Rush Coil to reach a higher ledge here and shoot a mechanical rat that is guarding an M-Tank.

Mega man feet

Then keep going to the right from there and you'll find more basic foes. Past the last of the rats, you can drop through an opening to reach a narrow passage with an opening that drops toward an unseen screen below you. Stay to the middle as you fall, as the chamber that awaits you is lined with lethal spikes along the side. As you drop toward the bottom of that screen, though, hold left against the wall just after you pass the spikes and you'll be able to grab the letter V as you drop. It's easy to miss if you're not expecting it.

Now you'll fall onto a safe ledge. You can drop from it to lower ground and take out two enemies that look like construction cones.

Mega man feet

Then you should continue right, ascending some steps and taking out a few more of those foes before dropping down another shaft. Hold to the right wall here, and look left and fire quickly as you land to avoid taking damage from an enemy that will rush you. Then defeat its fellow and drop through another opening. Here, you're in a room with another of the giant pink robots that likes to dash or jump toward you. Hopefully, you can slide under him, or just stay on the ledge to the upper left and hit him from that vantage point with charged shots to take him out of commission.

Then, finally, you can pass through the gate to challenge the boss. Crystal Man Your foe here can present a bit of a challenge, since he likes to jump around a lot and that makes him difficult to hit with the arm cannon. However, you have other methods at your disposal, hopefully. The easiest way to take out Crystal Man is with Gyro Man's weapon. It's not immediately obvious, but you can direct its movement once you fire it. Send it flying toward your foe and if he jumps to avoid it, press Up on the d-pad to launch the whirling blade toward the heavens.

If you time it right, it will hit your foe from beneath and deal quite a bit of damage. While Crystal Man leaps around, he also likes to fire spread shots that shoot out diagonally in four directions, but they're easy to avoid even though they come along frequently. They also don't seem to do an especially large amount of damage. As long as you're paying attention to your foe's location and keeping your distance, he's not going to ever get in a position to do you any real harm.

It's a relatively easy battle, especially compared to the stage that got you there, plus you should also have an E-Tank if you need to use it. This site is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, or any other such party. Mega Man 5 is the property of its copyright holder s.

Mega man feet

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