Naruto gets cheated on by hinata fanfiction

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First thing I want ever to read it this and that is if you're a dead hard Hinata fan and you think she can never do anything wrong? Don't read this story because I don't want hear your flames about she weren't do this or it's not it's not like her at all. Second thing I want everyone to know is that I'm going be updated my stories faster now that my life is back to a normal pace of things and no longer a chaos storm of craziness.

Naruto had slowly started to open his eyes only pain was only thing he had felt when he first opened up his eyes. The sunlight only caused his eyes to hurt even more because he couldn't handle blight things right now and when his eyes started to stop hurting he looked around to try see what time it was. He could tell right away that he wasn't in his own place just by what his eyes were showing him.

When he had tried to move his hands and he slowly moved it around only it landed on something that felt soft to the touch it wasn't just one soft thing. He could feel two of these soft and rounded things. He had tried his best to figure out just what he was touching only his mind couldn't figure it out. He then started to look over with his eyes to see just what he was touching only he was shocked by what he had seen with his own two eyes. The soft things turned out to be Tsume's breasts which he had found to be large and very nice rounded.

He kept on staring at the full naked woman that was in the same bed as him only he didn't understand what had happened at all. This can't be good at all, how did this even happen. That was when he realized how this had happened because he had got very drunk after walking in on his girlfriend having sex with another person who wasn't him. His girlfriend Hinata was having sex with none other than Shino who was dating Hana, Tsume's daughter.

He couldn't believe she of all people would backstab him like how she did because she told him she loved him with all her heart. He would have fought anyone to keep her safe and for what to be cheated on or to be used then thrown away like that? He had loved her and she had done something that evil and twisted to him, he just wanted the pain to go away to just simply go away. That was why he went out drinking last night to make the pain go away, he seen Kakashi drink all the time to forget things. He also had known Tsunade did the same thing for the same reason so why couldn't he just do it?

Naruto gets cheated on by hinata fanfiction

He had all the rights to get drunk and to say hell with the whole world because he didn't care anymore at all, he just wanted the pain of what she did to him to just go away and never come back. She looked fake hurt with her hands over her very large soft breasts. That caused him to have a hard time not staring at her breasts they just seem to cause his eyes to stare harder at.

She was truly great and wild at the same time but he had no idea a woman could be like that in bed. She was so damn wild in bed which had blown his mind and just how sexy she was underneath him in bed. You aren't leaving this bed in till you do tell me what had happened to you. She wasn't going to let him up without him telling her what had happened to make him act this crazy way.

It was better to drink then to kill him right there and then which only makes this village hate me more. No one gets away with cheating on her little girl because no one ever has the right to even do that no matter who they are. His eyes had stared at her perfect rear the whole time she had walked in front of him. He kept staring at her prefect rounded butt while she looked back at him with a smirk showing on her face. She walked back over to him and moved him so he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

She moved to sit down on his lap and could feel his hard tool again her still sore pussy. She just gave him a long kiss while her tongue wrapped around his and his hand moved to her breasts once more playing with them lightly. Did having sex with this older woman last night really help him with the pain he was feeling at the time? He did still feel hurt by what had happened to him and part of him felt good about last night, he may not know if she even cared about him yet he was still in arms of someone.

Someone that had made him feel good, someone that was there for him. She was someone that was willing help him with her body and her words something Hinata never had done before, he grabbed her hands and just held them. I mean I don'' want this to be a onetime thing that we had. He can tell his words made her happy by the way her eyes looked, she kissed him hard and fast on the lips.

He moved his hands down slowly to her rear to grab it hard feeling his fingers against her smooth soft skin. I mean you just lost your girlfriend and I'm much older than you? Aren't I far too old to even be with you like that? She felt his hands moved to her face while his soft blue eyes just staring inside her eyes.

While his eyes stared deeply into her black eyes his lips moved closer and closer to her lips in till they bushed against each other, he kissed her deep only for her to slowly give in. I just never thought I would have a chance to end up in bed like this with yon or even be with close to you.

He figured that he had no chance in hell of being with her for many reasons which caused him to never go for it. I can see the pain in your eyes and I can see the pain that the little bitch had caused you by betraying you like that.

Naruto gets cheated on by hinata fanfiction

She know fully what it felt like to lose the person you loved with all your heart, in her case her husband ran off when Kiba was just six years old. This was the first time in ten years that she had sex with a man yet she moved her head to his neck and let herself close her eyes.

Naruto gets cheated on by hinata fanfiction

She didn't know why Hinata would cheat on him but she was glad she did. She had no idea what she had just lost by cheating on him. She smiled while he just held her in his arms without a care left in the world. She nibbled at his ear lope before she husky whispered into his ears. You showed me last night how wild you can be, you are my alpha don't you dare forget that.

Being an alpha was something that was big in the Inuzuka clan because the women would only let someone be their alpha if they had proved themselves to them. They then are willing to do anything and everything for their alpha if they did prove themselves and that is a bond no one could ever break apart. She smirked and did as she was told to do which once she got down on her knees she took the tool inside her wet hot mouth. She started to stroke him slowly with her hands at first then faster while staring straight up at him.

He wanted to forget all about the woman that had betrayed me and he wanted to feel good not the pain that he was feeling, he looked down at her. He had become her alpha and he was going make sure this time around he wasn't going to end up heartbroken. He wanted her to take away all the pain that he was feeling like she had done last night, he wanted it all to go away and never to see that betrayer again. She moved her mouth an inch away from his harden tool letting her hot breath hit against him, she slowly moved her tongue out and licked it before moving down the shaft.

Her hand rotating soft around his harden dick then started to move her hand up and down.

Naruto gets cheated on by hinata fanfiction

She noticed pre-cum started to leak out of his dick, it started to tempt her, she moved her tongue back to the head in order to lick it all up. She tasted the saltiness and at the sometime enjoying the taste of his cum. She could tell he was enjoying her work by the moans leaving his mouth. She kept maintaining her rhythm only for him to feel even more pleasure. She looked to see his eyes closed while he was enjoying everything she was doing to him. The pleasure she was giving him with both her hands and mouth at the same time.

When she had stopped he opened his eyes right away to stare down at her, she let out a smirk a feral smirk for him to see. She let the smirk show for a few second before she took his tool once more inside her wet hot mouth, he felt her take half of him right away. He then felt her take all of him down to the base of his member only to let out a long moan while his hands went to the back of her head. His hands went through her wild blown hair then started to move her head down in order go faster. That was when she had picked up the pace and her rhythm speed not wanting to disappoint her new alpha.

She moved a free hand to her wet pussy to start rubbing herself hard and fast. She could feel just how wet she was while putting two of her fingers inside her wet hole. Her warm hands felt just how wet she was and she just started to jam her fingers in and out her own hole while she sucked on her alpha's tool. She could feel him cumming and when he finally did release in her mouth she took every drop inside her mouth before swallowing it all. You have any idea how much Hinata will be hurt? Tsume could see the pain that hit Naruto's face when he heard that name only she got to her feet and walked over to daughter before she pulled the woman onto the bed and closed the door once Hana was on the bed.

Does it have something to do with the two of you almost having sex? I mean I can smell that you already did it.

Naruto gets cheated on by hinata fanfiction

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