Naruto x fu

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Naruto x fu

If I did things would have and would still be going differently than it is. Well enjoy the chapter. When this chapter was originally posted it was able to come out quicker with help from Namikaze09 who wrote the action scenes and also the lemon scenes which were then checked over and corrected by me.

And I have actually made some changes to a lot of grammar and sentences in this chapter so tell me what you think. Naruto spoke without turning around "Tsunami go back to the village with Lee and Shino for now and wait there.

The fox bowed "As you wish Naruto-sama" little fox then sped off to the village with Lee and Shino right behind him with Tsunami being carried by Lee. Naruto then turned back to the others and looked at who they were going to have to deal with. After much thought he came up with his plan "Fu, Yugito you two take care of the Hyuuga and Yamanaka, Temari you can get take on Umino, and me and Kiyomi will take care of Hatake and Yamato" when he finished with his instructions they all nodded and rushed to their opponents.

After all the crap you put him through. You took away our Naruto-kun" She yelled only to freeze up when she felt Yugito's demonic chakra flare and the image of a two tailed demon cat appeared behind Yugito. Fu yelled out letting her chakra flare while Yugito started doing the same. The sound of ribs cracking caused Hinata's eyes to widen in pain and cough up a glob of blood. Yugito then kicked her in the left side of her head and sent her skidding across the desert with Yugito going after her. Ino paled when she saw what Yugito did to Hinata "M-monsters.

You people are monsters! And unlike all of you in that village we love him for who he is. Ino then charged at Fu with her fist cocked back and punches Fu directly in the face, but is surprised as Fu just stands there not even fazed.

Naruto x fu

Her fist felt like a sledgehammer. Fu having a smirk on her face as she walks over to the coughing Ino; grabbing the girl by her blonde hair, lifting her by the roots, making her girl yell out in pain. Fu then appears beside her as Ino clutched her broken nose in pain. A slut? A bitch? A whore? A tramp? Oh I know what to call her! She's a cum chugging, cock sucker. Now I know why everyone calls her the snake whore. Iruka saw red as he starts to perform hand seals "I'll kill you! Katon: Karyuendan! When it opens Iruka notices the fan was deed red with a blue moon on it.

Futon: Dai Kamaitachi! Naruto-kun made this for me because I was precious to him. It's called Kaze Megami. Not only does it augment elemental chakra like my wind based chakra but it doubles the power of my wind jutsu meaning your little fire balls won't even get close to me.

Naruto x fu

Futon: Kuro Ryu Tatsumaki! During the process it turns into a roaring dragon while coiling around Temari's form. Temari then stopped and an evil grin appeared on her face. She then swung her fan in his direction and the black dragon headed towards Iruka. It then opened its mouth and engulfs him into its wind based body and it started to rip the man to shreds. Iruka cried out in pain as he was slashed by invisible blades on every part of his body. If looks could kill then Kakashi would be dead by now.

The man cringed at the glare Naruto was giving him. It reminded him of Minato when he was pissed only worse. I should've killed that arrogant fool a long time ago. You deal with that knockoff of the Shodaime.

Naruto x fu

For a demon like me this'll be easy. Kiyomi was standing behind him and suddenly wrapped a tail around his entire body "K-Kyuubi? Naruto chuckled as he saw what Kiyomi did and Kakashi looked at him in fear. What the hell are you thinking freeing the demon that killed my sensei!? And how dare you refer to my father as your sensei. As far as I'm concerned you and the village are trash. I've been waiting to beat your weak and pathetic ass for a long time; you are nothing but a failure. Like father like Son. Do you want to know why? Because they were better than you and once I'm done beating your sorry ass to the ground I'm gonna rip that accursed eye out of your skull and crush it in my hand.

And after that, I'm going back to Konoha and I'm gonna kill Sasuke. Kakashi's hand ignited with lightning covering his right hand. Kakashi then thrusts his hand forward at Naruto's chest, the blonde then grabbed his lightning covered fist, making the man's eyes widen. Kiyomi scowled as her body was wrapped in wood and Yamato was panting as he used his mokuton abilities to ensnare her. He said as Kiyomi's scowl became a grin.

Stupid monkey" She asked and then flexed her muscles and the wrapped wood started to strain from her strength. Yamato's eyes widen in horror and before he knew it, Kiyomi broke free of the jutsu and pieces of wood went flying into different directions "H-how? Yugito was unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks on Hinata who could barely avoid them even with her Byakugan activated, most of her jyuken moves were swatted aside or avoided by the blonde girl, she tried to strike her in the head but Yugito pulled a left and right hook on the side of her jaw and then kicked Hinata in the chest and sent her flying backwards.

Hinata struggled to get up and when she did she saw a large blue fire ball head right towards her, turning the sand into glass and leaving a trail. She manages to dodge it but the heat from it burned her clothes and singed her skin and hair. Yugito then wrapped her hand around Hinata's face and slammed her into the ground; she then dragged Hinata across the dirt and then threw the girl. Fu held a beaten, bloody, and bruised Ino by the throat and when she saw the flying body of the female Hyuuga head straight at her, she smirked and dropped Ino.

Hinata crashed into her and the two were sent tumbling across the sand and both girls laid unconscious when they stopped. They looked to see Temari knock a torn up Iruka in the head with Kaze Megami and said leaf Nin was knocked out. She then dragged the unconscious man by the collar and approached the two "So where do I dump this trash?

Naruto x fu

The wind mistress tossed Iruka next to the Kunoichi and grinned with her fan resting on her shoulders "I feel better don't you? Fu and Yugito nodded back and watch as Naruto dealt with Kakashi. Kiyomi then appeared with the beaten form of Yamato who was also knocked out. She then chuckled evilly when she saw Naruto knocking Kakashi around like he was a Gennin. How ironic" She said as she saw Kakashi barely dodge a Futon Rasengan and the ground shakes from the impact of the jutsu. Fu, Yugito, and Temari blushed when she said that and then a grin appeared on Yugito's face "He'll probably want to 'relieve' himself with us once this is over, angry sex is said to be the best and with Naruto-kun's stamina…" She stated as she shivered as does Fu and Temari.

Don't forget about his 'tool'. We'll be lucky if he doesn't split us in half with it. Kakashi was panting like crazy with cuts and bruises on his being, Naruto stood 5 feet away from his with a blank expression. Don't make me laugh, I mean the least the old hag could've done was send Gai-san. At least he'd make me work up a sweat due to the fact that he could or can kick your ass using taijutsu only. He says making Kakashi glare a Naruto. How did you get this strong? You were never this strong back in Konoha" He says only for Naruto to laugh at the man. I've always been this strong!

I just held back to keep idiots like you from demanding things from me. I have more talent in my pinky then your Uchiha does in his entire body. Now then" Naruto pulled out a tri pronged kunai and a look of horror appeared on Kakashi's face. Naruto threw the kunai and it landed near Kakashi's feet, and before Kakashi could blink, he saw a flash of red and then his body jerked back as Naruto plunged a Rasengan into his gut and sent the man flying backwards. Kakashi then hit the ground with a small crater surrounding him and as he struggled to get up and he could only watch as Naruto approached him.

Kakashi struggled to stand on his feet and before he could try anything, a shadow clone was behind him and it put Kakashi in a strangle hold. Kakashi's eyes widened in horror as he struggled to get out of the clones grip but it was too strong "N-no Naruto you can't!

This eye is the only memory I have of Obito! You can't take this from me! You and the village took everything from me and now I'm gonna take what you cherish the most, your best friend's eye. Oh and tell that prick Sasuke that he's next" He says and with a yank of his arm, he pulls it backwards and ripped the Sharingan eye out of his head.

Kakashi's screams of agony and pain could be heard across the desert as Naruto ripped out the eye that gave him a thousand jutsu. The clone knocked out Kakashi whose empty eye socket bled; Naruto stared at the bloody Sharingan eye that was in his hand.

Naruto x fu

Fu, Yugito, Temari, and Kiyomi saw Naruto and his clone with an unconscious Kakashi walking towards them. Naruto sees them and grins as the clone walks pass them and tosses the man into the ground and disperses. Kiyomi sees his bloody hand and blinks. Now the fool now longer knows a thousand jutsu" He said smirking. The three grinned and Naruto looked at the unconscious forms of the leaf Nin.

Wanna help me with that tenshi's? Tsunade was sipping on some sake wondering if the team she sent out managed to get Naruto. That was when a two tailed fox appeared with a scroll in its mouth and then it drops the scroll and disappeared, when she then opened the scroll she jumped back when she saw the beaten and bloody unconscious forms of Kakashi, Ino, Hinata, Iruka, Shizune and Yamato on her desk.

A note was next to them and she opened it and read it. This is my last fucking warning; don't send anymore of your ninja after me or next time they'll come back in pieces. Enjoy the rest your life you old bat. Just so that you know Kakashi no longer has his 'special' eye courtesy to the blonde fox, Kakashi has a message for Sasuke, and Lee and Shino say they quit. Tsunade's eyes widened in horror as she saw Kakashi's empty eye socket and slumped back into her seat "The council and the others are not going to like this at all" she then sighed and called some of her emergency medics to her office and sat back down with one thought on her mind 'I need more sake.

Naruto and his group were on the road and heading for their next stop in Kirigakure to talk to the Mizukage and see if they could get more supplies while they were there. Only problem was that they had been walking for hours and all the girls besides Kiyomi had gotten to exhausted hours ago and were now being carried by Fox summons and Shino and Lee were in the back, while Naruto was at the front of the group still pissed. Kiyomi however was tired of waiting for her reward for winning the race back in Suna "Naruto-kun, when am I getting the surprise I was promised?

He stopped, looked at how the sun was setting and sighed "Ok, we'll camp here for the night" he started to set up when he was stopped by Kiyomi. I would also like bathrooms to be connected to their respective rooms" She continued while the main fox took notes. Never call me Kyuubi-sama again, call me Kiyomi-sama instead" they all bowed before they took off in different directions to get wood as they already had their building tools.

Naruto x fu

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