Plant sex story

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sat 8th of August Report. Introduction: She finds an unusual plant. Chapter One: The Discovery Keily liked to explore the corridors and rooms of the large old castle where she had lived for the past two years. The property was a huge building donated to the city by an eccentric millionaire several years ago, and part of the castle was adapted to be used as the state college.

The teenager was enjoying the first days of her vacation, wandering around the eastern wing. The corridors were dusty and most of the doors were locked. She knew that most of the rooms were used at one time or another and there were interesting objects left behind.

Keily had a big collection of antiquities in her room and she wanted to find a new one that day.

Plant sex story

She entered a room that was filled with luxurious furniture. Heavy curtains covered the windows and part of the walls. The young woman saw a small door on the left wall that was partially blocked by a cabinet. She used all her strength to push it away, and then opened the door. In the other side, Keily encountered a stairway that led downwards about two floors and she could barely distinguish a dim light at the bottom. Keily was a little afraid to go inside but the curiosity was much stronger than her fears and she started to walk down carefully until she reached the last steps.

She ended up in a large room, almost empty, and it had just one small window that let the sunlight travel down to a square meter in the center of the room. The beam of light illuminated an object that projected up from the floor resembling some sort of cactus.

Opposite to the window was a huge mirror that covered the wall completely. Keily found a light switch and turned it on, hoping there was at least one working light bulb. To her surprise, there was. As the teen walked closer, she realized that the object was indeed a plant, but it was not a cactus. It had a green colored trunk coming from the ground.

The big trunk had a rosy shaft straight up, about twelve inches long and two inches wide, ending with a wider head that resembled a … penis? Keily was not an innocent girl and she was amazed by her discovery. She leaned forward to look more closely at the phallus; the surface was leathery and slightly oiled.

Plant sex story

She touched it with one finger and …it was warm! It must be the sunlight, she rationalized. When she retrieved her finger, the spot where she had touched the cylinder had turned bright red. She smelled her finger and it emanated a sweet scent. She leaned even closer to the plant to sniff deeply. The smell was intoxicatingly delicious. Then, she saw a drop of an oily fluid that was slowly sliding down from the tip of the tube.

This startled her for a moment but the scent filling her nose was so good, that she felt an unexplainable urge to examine the fluid; to taste it. Only a little bit. She took a drop of the oil on her finger and hesitantly put it on the tip of her tongue. Remembering that most of the way back to her room was not illuminated, she decided to call it off for the day. She moved her finger close to her nose from time to time, so she could smell the sweet scent that refused to fade away.

Keily felt too excited and unable to sleep. Since she was one of the older resident girls, she had a room of her own and it gave her the privacy she needed right at that moment. She moved one hand under her panties and with her other hand grabbed one of her small breasts. The teen started to massage her clit and squeeze her nipple until both were fully erect and sensitive. Her breathing became heavy and she started to moan quietly while her hands rubbed increasingly faster over her tender parts. Even then, she still moved her finger close to her nose to smell the exquisite odor of the plant.

She pinched her engorged nipple as she inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. Her hand was working frantically in her tight cavity. It took her only a few minutes to reach her peak and explode in a long orgasm that brought the relaxation she needed. She quickly fell asleep afterwards. When she opened the door at the top of the stairs, the breeze flowing out of the room was impregnated with the delicious scent.

She took a deep breath, filling her lungs, and ran downstairs to meet her new toy. When Keily got close to the plant, she observed that the oil that covered the tube was thicker. There were several streams of fluid sliding from the top, down the shaft and reaching the big trunk below, which was also coated. She leaned forward, just one inch away from the tube and inhaled deeply, saturating her lungs with its scent.

As the tip of her tongue touched the oily surface, a torrent of delightful sensations shot out from her tongue into her brain and she blacked out for a few seconds. When Keily came back to her senses, she was grabbing the tube with both hands and had the top of the rosy stick inside her mouth. She was sucking hard on the head of the pole as she squeezed its body below. She began to feel increasingly horny until she was at the point that she felt about to explode.

Her panties were damp with vaginal juices, which started to dribble down her inner thighs. Keily started to feel dizzy and, with her last shred of will, she lifted her head away from the phallus just in time to prevent falling forward. Keily was breathing heavily and her head was spinning.

Even the slight touch of her thin t-shirt on her incredibly erect nipples sent waves of pleasure through her body. She stood beside the plant looking down, staring at it, submerged in a trance. The plant seemed to look back at her, with its phallus straight up and the little black hole in the center of its bulbous head. The plant was inviting her to mount it, to fill her vacant, overheated pussy with its warm and leathery pole. She hesitated for a moment but the urge to ease the fire in her pussy was too intense.

She fell down a few inches, forcing the wider top section of the tube to spread her pussy lips and penetrate her vaginal cavity. She screamed in ecstasy, trying to maintain her vertical position, with nothing to hold on to except for the phallus itself. It took her a few minutes to overcome the initial bliss, and then she kept moving down, letting the long shaft slide deeper inside of her lubricated pussy, little by little, until it was completely engulfed.

It felt so incredibly good. After a moment of enjoying being stretched so widely, she started to move up and down, making half squats. The pleasure increased and she began to pant louder and louder. She knew her climax was close and she began to bounce faster. Up and down. The head of the plant was slamming against her cervix and this was a new feeling for her. She had never felt so full in her life. She had never been penetrated so deeply before. Keily knew the oncoming orgasm was going to be huge.

It was close now. Her brain lost contact with reality, transporting the girl to a different world. In the back of her mind she felt some pain, but it was soon overridden by more pleasure, almost unbearable pleasure. She wanted to stay like this forever… she blacked out again. When Keily regained consciousness, she was on her knees over the carpeted floor.

Plant sex story

The large green trunk of the plant was placed between her legs, but the rosy tube was nowhere to be found. It took her a moment to comprehend that the long shaft was buried inside of her! She could feel the warm tube expanding her insides. Keily became frightened for a moment. How was this possible? She wanted to move away but she was impaled so deeply that it was impossible.

The rod was buried up to her belly.

Plant sex story

Surprisingly, the sensation was not unpleasant at all. She saw her own reflection on the mirror in front of her. She could see the wide shaft coming out of the big bulb and immediately disappearing between her pussy lips. She remembered the size of the long pole, now embedded inside of her, and this excited and scared her at the same time. She was amazed that twelve inches of plant cock could fit inside of her slim body.

She moved her hands from her pelvis to her abdomen, pressing her fingers over her soft skin, trying to determine how deep to cock was.

Plant sex story

But then, unexpectedly, the big trunk below her started to vibrate and the shaft along with it. Keily gasped as she clearly felt the vibration moving up her pussy to her cervix and then up to her womb. Her eyes opened wide at the new sensation and in a matter of seconds she was moaning again and pushing herself up and down, or at least trying.

Soon after, she felt the hint of another orgasm growing inside of her. It was getting closer. Keily was now craving it, as she knew now what it meant to have a real orgasm. She was almost there… just seconds away… suddenly the shaft stopped vibrating. Everything stood still for an instant; and then, she heard a spurting sound within her body and she felt something hot flooding her womb. The heat expanded all around her belly, moving down her uterus until it reached her vagina.

Keily looked down with her last bit of consciousness and watched how a white fluid leaked out of her pussy. Her mind went blank as the overwhelming new sensation drove her over the edge and another mind-blowing climax discharged within her with full force. Her slim body shook as wildly as the shaft that impaled her allowed it. Finally, it was too much for her weakening resistance and she fell unconscious. Keily woke up a while later, laying on the floor beside the strange plant. It took her a moment to remember what had happened to her.

She looked at the long, erect phallus that minutes earlier had been inside of her.

Plant sex story

There was a thick layer of a white sticky fluid spread all around the floor.

Plant sex story

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