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Could you write more nipple sucking with our boys please? It was when you moved the shower curtain that he turned around, surprised. His eyes caressed you from top to bottom and up again. You smiled back without saying anything and just got as close as to press yourself onto his wet body. You closed your eyes as the water hit your face with a chuckle. Taeil raised his hands and moved your hair away from your skin before kissing it, slowly.

You breathed in shakily under his touch and you whined softly as his lips shifted just like his fingers, down your neck and on your chest. The water was dripping off your hard nipples and Taeil made sure to catch that with his tongue, going round and round.

He looked up and his gaze told you everything he was about to do to you. The club was dark and noisy making your head feel like in a balloon. His mouth was doing the same to your breasts. You gasped as he bit down hard and tugged at his hair forcing his head to rise up to look at you. He smiled and moved his hands to your thighs and ass, pressing you harder on his lap, hitting your core with his hardness. He moved your dress down even more letting it stop around your hips.

Your breasts stroked his face in the movement. He made them bounce again in his hands and taking out his tongue, he circled your nipples softly then bit down, stretching it out. You moaned hoping that the music would conceal it. It was his favourite place, soft and cosy. He was snuggling up against your chest, hand lazily massaging your warm skin through the clothes, face burried between your breasts.

He chuckled suddenly and touched you with a single finger. Your nipple got hard in a second making him chuckle again. You whined opening your eyes. You closed your eyes again and threw your head back with a moan as his lips tasted your skin. He was sucking hard. As if his life was depending on it. Then he let your nipple out with a little plop looking at it proudly. It was red and abused. You tightened your legs around his torso but he opened them up roughly by grabbing your knees.

You whimpered when he twisted your breasts with his hands and gasped for air as he brought one up to your throat and pressed on it. His hips started to hump against your pulsating core, his teeth yet again around your nipple, his fingers blocking your airflow, making you vibrate with the desire to cum.

He knew you loved it so he did it rarely. He rested his back against the head of the bed and watched you sink down on him with a choked moan. His hands found their way around your ass and traveled up after a hard squeeze on your waist and up your soft bouncing breasts. You put your arms around his neck forcing him to push his face against your nipples. He bit down hard making you clench around him and licked the pain away with his wet and needy tongue.

You looked down at how your breasts were disappearing into his mouth and brought up the pace until you heard his breathing moans against your skin. His tongue was dancing on your nipple, flicking it, biting it down. Your toes were curling, your back arching, eager to move closer to him. He smiled and rose up on his knees, caressing your thighs around him, watching you pant underneath him and watching the bright bruises on your breasts. He palmed them with a needy growl and squeezed them and pinched your nipples with his fingers and then got them again into his mouth, devouring every inch on your skin.

This is what he intended to do elsewhere as well, his eyes said, and you felt already over the edge. You were begging him to stop. It was too much, it was a lot. Or you were begging him to not stop. His fingers were squeezing the base of your breasts while his mouth sucked on them hard, taking in as much as he could take. You watched his plump lips around you and felt breathless when his teeth showed and gingerly bit down until making you jolt. He whined as you let your hand fall to his pants, palming him for a moment before letting it slide against his bare skin.

He closed his eyes and breathed hard between your breasts. Mark pressed you even more against the wall, his hands on your ass, your legs around his waist, that sweet and wet red tongue doing wonders around your nipples. Your fingers were lost in his dark hair, tugging at it everytime he would bit down, making both moan and pant. He then let go of your raw skin and kissed your lips, twirling his tongue with yours, and walking away he tossed you on the bed behind him. You licked your lips as he started to unbuckle his belt.

He was teasing you. The tip of his wet tongue touched one of your nipple once before retreating. You whined as a protest and he smiled. He took his tongue out again and pressed little licks on it, slowly, playing. You watched the way it moved up and down, sending impulses down your whole body and between your legs. You welcomed him with a whine and closed your eyes, moving your hips to get more. His lips soon enough synchronized their movements with his hand and sucked hard until he could hear his name out of your throat.

Omg I will not vanish master list ahhh I'm so excited. Your brain is just so sexy how you come up with all this. Posts Requests and asks Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: Could you write more nipple sucking with our boys please? Taeyong It was his favourite place, soft and cosy. Yuta He was sucking hard. Jaehyun His tongue was dancing on your nipple, flicking it, biting it down. Jungwoo You were begging him to stop. Haechan He was teasing you. Anonymous asked: Omg I will not vanish master list ahhh I'm so excited. See this in the app Show more.

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