Pokemon misty angry

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Misty is one of Ash's original travelling companions, and she holds a special place in the hearts of many longtime series' fans. It's not hard to see why, either, as her de is adorable, she's fiery and she's a skilled gym leader even if she's only really doing it when she has to because of her sisters.

Ash also owes a lot to her from the very first episode onwards, as she fishes him out of a lake and then has to give up her bike so that he can escape an angry flock of Spearow. Misty originally only follows Ash due to wanting a new bike, but eventually she gives up on this reason and is only with him because of their friendship.

Despite all of this, though, Misty is still a realistically flawed character, and has moments that may make some fans dislike her. Having a fear of bugs is completely realistic, and it can be fun to watch a character panic a handful of times when they get startled.

Pokemon misty angry

However, it then can start to get repetitive if the character isn't able to make any meaningful development towards getting over this fear, and this is sadly how it's handled with Misty. Even after over two decades of the series, Misty's still just as afraid of bugs as she's always been with no of development. The only exception to this is with Bug-types that she finds cute, such as Butterfree.

It's understandable that Misty has a fiery temper and it doesn't take much to set her off, as she grew up with several older sisters who don't seem to treat her with the same respect she typically shows them. She doesn't put up with any mistreatment from anyone, even her close friends, and while this isn't inherently a flaw, she can take this too far.

Misty will fly off the handle even at little things, screaming at Ash for telling a joke at the wrong time, or for getting them lost. While her frustration is often understandable, it never adds anything productive and only serves to conflict the group. Misty is frequently seen berating her Psyduck for being 'useless' and talking down to anyone else who asks about it. It's stated that she still has to care somewhat for it as she never gives it away, but with how she does act most of the time, perhaps it'd be better for Psyduck if she would've.

Most Gym Leaders are in their profession because they absolutely love what they do. However, this isn't the reason why Misty decides to go back to the Cerulean Gym to fulfill her duties of Gym Leader when she'd rather stay with Ash. She only does so because her elder sisters decide to go travel the world, and she feels a familial obligation to make sure that the Gym remains up and operational. This particular point has less to do with Misty ruining her own likability.

Instead, it has more to do with the fact that as the series goes on, those that still get consistent screentime and development will naturally be more popular and well-liked. Ever since the end of the gang's Johto journey, Misty hasn't been seen outside of the occasional guest appearance. Aside from those in the fanbase that have been around since the beginning and adored Misty from the start, it's hard for her to compete with newer female companions. Misty's general fear of bugs is understandable, and it'd be excusable if the only thing she does around Ash's Caterpie is act frightened.

However, Misty uses her fear of bugs as an excuse to treat Ash's Caterpie pretty horribly. She often calls it ugly and disgusting whenever it's out around her, turning Caterpie's involvement into a full-blown argument with Ash. Misty originally denies that she has any feelings for Ash, but then she's seen getting jealous over someone else kissing him, showing that she may not have been entirely honest.

Pokemon misty angry

She even goes as far as to deny this jealousy, but admits it to herself later on in the same film - but she's never shown directly telling Ash. There's even an official song titled "Misty's Song" where she sings about having feelings for Ash but being afraid to tell him for fear of having her heart broken. Despite all of this, the only time she even remotely hints about having feelings is when she drops out-of-the-blue that her and Ash will be married someday, which comes off as odd. Her feelings are sweet, but they weigh negatively on her when one considers all of the wasted potential that comes with them.

Misty's habit of allowing her temper to get the best of her at times isn't just something she expresses emotionally. She also lets this trait manifests physically, as she's seen slapping Ash on more than one occasion. Shows from the late nineties and into the early two-thousands often have a tendency to use female le slapping male le in a humorous sense, but Misty doesn't even have this going for her. Sadly, the scenes where she hurts Ash come off as very serious and don't reflect well on her character.

Misty is dragged into being one of Ash's travelling companions quite involuntarily. That is to say, he steals her bike to get away from an angry flock of Spearow and it's burnt to a crisp, so she follows him around under the condition that he has to get her a new one.

Pokemon misty angry

While the two end up close friends by the end of their adventures together, early on, it feels as if this point gets irritating and repetitive. Misty takes any chance she can get to remind Ash of how he destroyed her bike and how she's still waiting for him to make good on his promise. Despite this, she's hardly ever seen training and hasn't competed in much to prove herself other than a handful of tournaments. Sure, she fills in as the Cerulean City gym leader, but it's not a position she wants to fill permanently.

Pokemon misty angry

To add onto this, early gyms aren't a good representation of a gym leader's true talent and skill, as the trainers they fight are typically still rather inexperienced. Hannah has always had a passion for writing, having done creative writing as a personal passion sinceand is thrilled to be a content writer for CBR.

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Pokemon misty angry

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