Pregnant sister tumblr

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Request: Wastons little sister is married to sherlock she has just found out she is pregnant, but gets kidnapped by moriaty while she is figuring out how to tell sherlock. Sherlock ends up rescuing her. Ends with fluffiness. Originally posted by sweatyfbiprofiler. It had been 2 hours since you had woken up, finding yourself in a deserted art gallery, tied and pinned to a pillar.

The first minute or two after waking had been filled with confusion, wondering how the hell you ended up here- the last thing you had remembered was leaving the flat to go pick some stuff up. After a while you found yourself accompanied by a familiar face- Moriarty. The first hour had been full of desperate but failed attempts to get out of your restraints, full of panic, looking for any of anything that look like it could detonate around you, but to no luck.

The lights had been turned off, leaving you in darkness. It was strange. The first time your mind reminded you of the little life in you struggled, you actually stopped for a moment. You had been feeling unwell for days prior, and just to rule it out, had taken a pregnancy test that morning after your husband and your brother had already ran off for a case- though to your surprise, it came back positive.

The shock and denial of it had made you tell yourself that it was probably a false positive- the test had been in its box for months, just something you had on hand to rule it out, and sometimes Sherlock used it to run tests, one time using one to positively identify a killer. You told yourself it was out of date, or you did it wrong or something.

However, as the afternoon rolled around, John had called you to check up on you, and during the call Sherlock had snatched the phone to talk to you. You guess that was the first that he had loved you from first sight.

Pregnant sister tumblr

How were you going to tell Sherlock? How were you going to tell your brother? But what if it was twins? Oh what about names? What kind of mother will you be? What kind of father will Sherlock be? You were proven right as Sherlock rounded the corner, turning the lights on, John not far behind, both of them rushing to your aid, untying you and helping you up. Did he hurt you?

Pregnant sister tumblr

He got me when I popped out for something. As soon as you were home, John got on getting you a hot drink to soothe your nerves as Sherlock got you bundled up on the recliner with a blanket. You smiled up at him tiredly. John came back, handing you the mug, which you let warm your hands as you waited for it to cool down enough to be drinkable. Why did he take me? It was a surprise. You thought for a moment, hesitating, your actions being noticed by both men, who were immediately suspicious.

Pregnant sister tumblr

What if he already had? He creased his eyebrows, clearly in thought as he tried to think of what you could possibly need to run out and get so suddenly, before he jumped up, heading to the bathroom. You stared back at him, grinning to him as the news settled in, a toothy grin being returned to you.

John nearly jumped out of his seat turning to you. Request: Would you consider writing an imagine for Dr. The reader is curious about these wizards popping in and out in the weirdest places. So they sneak into the sanctum and try to learn magic by observing the daily training. Strange catches them but realises that they have a lot of potential, so they become his pupil. Originally posted by lethal-desires. Well, you were trespassing to be fair, though you were only doing it out of curiosity, rather than malice.

You had no intention to steal or anything, simply to watch and learn. Keep reading. Request: hey can i request you do a teen! Originally posted by lowesteffortblog. Not for you, not that it mattered, it was yours now. May I request a Magneto with a daughter he never knew about imagine? She grew up as german and a non-mutant and she suspects that these will be red flags for her father. Later Eric witnesses her trying to learn his native language, trying to connect with him. But she is frustraded due to the lack of progress. They talk all of it out and he offers to help her learn?

Originally posted by twillight. However, as you had grown older, entering your teenage years, you became more aware of the outside world, and even more aware that your mother had been trying to keep you ignorant to things you were tied into. At one point Biden left the office for something and I called someone else in just to show them the mugs.

In short, I dreamt that Joe Biden was a fucking weeb anyway goodnight. Works of writing I have saved that I go to all the time when I need something to calm me down or bring a smile to my face. These are all favorites of mine! Originally posted by hiddlesisterhood.

Originally posted by clotpolesonly. Originally posted by thedavidtennantconfessions. Family Christmas: Tenth Doctor x Reader writerlyhabits. Silly Crush: Tenth Doctor x Reader green-blooded-hobgoblin-and-jim. Originally posted by voxambrosia.

Pregnant sister tumblr

Lovedust: Peter Parker x Reader tomboyneedshercoffee. Undefined Coma: Sirius Black x Reader with-love-anu. I started fucking hearing the clinking of the porcelain clear as day as if Brahms was in the fucking room with me, after turning off the alarm and it was fucking me up. Hopefully it calms back down again soon. Again, sorry. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. Little Holmes Sherlock X Wife! Reader Characters: Sherlock X Wife!

Reader, John Watson X Sister! Reader Universe: Sherlock Warnings: Kidnapping, pregnancy Request: Wastons little sister is married to sherlock she has just found out she is pregnant, but gets kidnapped by moriaty while she is figuring out how to tell sherlock. Originally posted by sweatyfbiprofiler It had been 2 hours since you had woken up, finding yourself in a deserted art gallery, tied and pinned to a pillar.

Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in! Chocolate Gabriel X Teen! Translate Magneto X Daughter! See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked.

Pregnant sister tumblr

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