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Moderator: TheoW. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Hope you guys enjoy it! A Fertile Gift by: Theo Winters Written for Tincrash Dean yawned as he walked towards the mail box, the sun setting in the distance behind him. He had only been awake for half an hour or so there was hardly any sunlight left in the day. It was one of the down sides of having to work nights during the winter. He rubbed his bare arms as he reached the mailboxes for the apartment complex. Fishing out his keys he opened his box, not expecting very much to be there.

The weekend before Christmas wasn't exactly the best time for mail. Even so he was surprised to find a key in the box, one of the keys for the package mail boxes. Dean fished the key out, surprised to see it. He couldn't think of anyone who would be sending him a gift, and he couldn't afford anything for himself. He closed his own mail box and went to the package box that matched the key.

Opening it up he found a small brown package, pulling it out he spun it around in his hands, finding that his name and address was on the box but no return address. It was heavier than he expected and he could hear something shifting inside when he gave it a light shake, but that wasn't enough to tell him what it might be. He walked back towards his apartment, shifting the box from hand to hand. He was starting to shiver from the cold, his skin prickling along his arms, making him regret leaving his jacket on the couch.

Dean hurried across the parking lot, slipping past his car before he rushed up the stairs to his apartment.

Pregnant tf stories

Normally being on the third floor help keep the place warm, but the apartment under his had been empty all fall and it looked like it would stay that way until spring. It made his floors ice cold. Fumbling with the lock, his fingers protesting the work, he got the door back open and stepped inside. The warmth of the apartment making his glasses fog over, forcing them to working them clean on his shirt.

At least it was warm inside. With the package still in hand he went into the kitchen, his coffee waiting for him. He poured himself a mug, using it warm his hands for a few moments before turning his attention to the mystery box. Not wanting to bother with a knife he used the edge of one of his keys to cut the tape on the box then opened it.

Inside was a mass of bubble wrap, a dark shape hidden inside the plastic. He pulled the whole bundle free of the box, a small piece of paper coming along with it, fluttering down to the table.

Pregnant tf stories

Setting the bundle to the side he picked up the slip of paper and unfolded it. It was a note, hand written in a large flowing script, the loops and whirls of the letters dancing together, mixing and swirling into a shape that complemented the words on the : "My dear Dean, I have seen the worry in your eyes so provide you with a gift. May it bring you as much joy to yourself as it has to me. Your dearest Pirta. He had no idea who Pirta was, but clearly she knew him. That bothered him a little bit, he would like to know the people who ever giving him a gift. Adjusting his glasses, he picked up the plastic wrapped bundle and started to work it free.

It was tapped closed with thin strands of hair caught in it. He worked a finger under the tape, slowly pulling it free from the plastic. With a final tug the tape came free and the bubble wrap unfolded in his hand to reveal an odd statue inside.

It looked like a person, but the shape was wrong, large and curvy, with a tail coming out from the back over a large ass and wide hips. Gently he picked up the statue, feeling the weight of it as he turned it in his hands, the front of it was just as curved as the back, with full breasts sitting on top of a large belly. The face on statue was soft and curved, but had the hint of what could be a muzzle. The whole thing was silver in color, but wasn't made of metal, the only marking were on the top of the belly, a mix of circle and lines that drew the eye to it.

He ran a finger over the belly on the statue, not sure what to make of it. It was odd, but had the look of a classic fertility idol, the sort of thing you saw on TV or in museums, it wasn't the sort of thing you got as a gift. Dean rolled the statue between his hands, stroking his fingers over the soft curves. Whatever it was made of was warm, without thinking he ran his thumbs over the curve of the belly, running it over the dark lines.

After admiring the idol for a few more minutes, he gently set it back down on the table and took a sip of his coffee. He couldn't take his eyes off the small statue, there was something enchanting about it, something that wanted all his attention. He took another drink, a shiver running down his body, settling down into his slight belly, making it feel oddly warm.

Reaching down, he pressed his hand against his belly though his shirt, an odd jolt running over his skin. It felt tender around his belly button, but not everywhere, just in a few places. Pulling his shirt up, he leaned forward, trying to see what was going on but all he did was send his glasses tumbling off his face. He quickly plucked them out of the air and put them back on his nose then left his coffee on the statue on the table, heading towards the bathroom. Once inside the room he pulled his shirt back up and looked at his belly. There were bruises around his navel, almost circling it but not quite.

A long line ran up along his belly, a second one went down towards his crotch. As he watched the bruises grew darker, more of them showing up on his pale skin. Dean shivered, reaching out to touch the bruises, then down to his navel. As he touched it he felt a jolt of pleasure rushing through his body, his innie belly button popping out against his fingers, becoming an outie. He shivered, touching his belly button again, another rush of pleasure running though his body.

He shook a bit in place, feeling his pants starting to grow tight as he started to get aroused. Slowly he ran his fingers over the marks as they grew darker, becoming pure black, like a tattoo. It stood out on his white skin, creating a stark contrast. Slowly he teased a finger over the marks, his other hand slipping down to rub at his crotch, feeling his erection in his jeans. It was tight against the fabric, tight and hot, pulsing with the beating of his heart.

A part of him knew he should question where they had came from, but he pushed that away. It felt to good to worry about. The hand on his belly moved down to tease his belly button again, another jolt of pleaser rushing along his body. He pulled his other hand away from his crotch, only so he could shove under the hem of his pants and into his underwear, grabbing his shaft and squeezing it. His own touch felt so very good, sending another jolt of pleasure though his body.

Shivering he pulled himself away from the mirror, rushing to his bedroom. As he ran he pulled his shirt off, throwing it to the side, then grabbing his pants he shoved them off, throwing them and his underwear to the floor. Dean jumped onto the bed, landing on his ass, only wearing his glasses and his socks. Leaning back he grabbed firmly at his hard shaft, stroking the length of it with one hand while the other ran over his belly, slowly teasing over the black marks.

He wiggled on the bed, whimpering happily as he teased his belly, feeling it starting to swell out slightly under his touch, the tips of his fingers starting to be tickled by something new. It added a bit of warmth to his body and his belly, making him smiling as he stroked his hard shaft. Closing his eyes, he started to stroke himself, eager to feel the pleasure grow even stronger. His hand continued to rub his belly, teasing the nub of his belly button, enjoying the wonderful feelings that it sent through his body.

Using his thumb, he teased the head of his cock, rubbing the precum over the top it and down to the edge of his foreskin.

Pregnant tf stories

Humping at his hand, he worked the skin over his shaft and along the glad of his cock. Teasing it more he whimpered, wiggling from side to side. He was starting to feel a pressure under his ass, pressing up against the base of his spine and making him slightly uncomfortable. Each time he rocked on the bed it helped a little bit, but it only lasted a moment before the pressure came back. Dean pulled the hand away from his belly, stroking it down his side to stroke at his hip. The skin was hot against his fingers, pressing against them with each pulse of pressure against his ass. In a part of his lust addled mind he realized that his hips were swelling out against his hands, his ass growing to match them.

All it did was make his cock twitch in excitement in his hand. He humped at his hand, squeezing his cock as he worked the foreskin over the head, the pleasure growing with each passing moment.

Pregnant tf stories

He continued to rub at his hips, feeling them growing larger with each passing moment, the growth itself making him squirm and moan. Rocking on the bed, his new ass providing a pivot for his body, he worked his free hand back up to his belly, rubbing at his belly button again.

Pregnant tf stories

Oddly it felt larger under his fingers, swollen out even more. The skin felt odd as well, it wasn't smooth anymore and teased at the tips of his fingers. Stroking his cock and belly in time, he teased his hand back up over the marks on his stomach, each touch sending a fresh jolt of pleasure though his hot body. He flexed and twisted his body, biting his lip as the pleasure kept growing. A shiver ran through his body as he felt his nipples get hard from his excitement, it was an oddly wonderful feeling, not quite anything he had ever felt before. It was almost enough to pull him out of his cloud of lust, but it was too strong to let him go.

With a feeling of regret he pulled his hand away from his belly then up to his chest. He teased his fingers against one nipple, rubbing gently at it. He was rewarded with a new jolt of pleaser that rushed down though his body and almost made him climax on the stop.

It was too soon for that, he didn't want the pleasure to end, not now. He forced himself to pull his hand away from his cock, slowly siding it down to cup at his balls, rolling them around in his tight sack.

Pregnant tf stories

With his other hand he started to rub and tease at his hard nipples, moving from one side to the other, trying to give them both the same attention. A part of him wasn't at all surprised when he felt his nipples getting fatter as he teased them. Filling out, swelling under his touch as they grew, the small nubs, hardly standing over his skin, rose higher and higher from his chest, swelling out almost an inch into the air. Each one was fat and as thick as his fingers, the areolas well out as well to dominate his chest.

Pregnant tf stories

Teasing his fingers around the fat tits, he found himself whimpering and shivering on the bed. More thick precum ran from his cock, even though he did nothing to tease it. He squeezed at his balls again, moaning in pleasure. It was getting stronger by the moment, filling his body, burning him with lust.

Pregnant tf stories

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