Robin meade panties

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Robin meade panties

Log in! Robin worked over by hard-nosed Denise Richards last time out--chance to erase that setback with a high-profile Jlo-busting too tempting to pass up. Jlo coming in blonde for the fight--midnight blue bra and panties; ponytail with bangs framing face; white gloves. Robin lavender bra and panties with faint floral print; hair in ponytail; white gloves. During R1: lopez sets hard-working tone, stepping-to Robin and working on her.

R2: Meade slams back, meeting Jennifer midring with short lead rights and muscular left hooks. Girls bumping shoulder-to-shoulder--Jennifer covering up, absorbing bombs, hen re-establishing her her hook to Robins midsection. Lopez slowly taking the round away from Meade--backing the news vixen up, hooking her tummy, bumping her around. Fight drifts to the ropes--Robin slumps into peek-a-boo--Jennifer squares away to work her over big-girl.

Good solid thump from Jlo--whacking either hand to waist, shouldering Robin into ropes, then working up-torso--hammering at the biceps and flanks. Bell: Jen scowling, forcing hardhearted eye contact; Robin rocked, blinking in astonishment R3. Meade under constant, thudding press dire: Lopez pounding that torso with consistent, blunt lefts and rights in close. After four, Jlo perky to her corner: Lopez smiling, turning back the clock as Meade struggles to compete. R5: Meade unpacks the jab, shows a little lateral movement to her left, renegotiating terms with Jen. Lopez turning, getting her face spanked--her forward momentum slows as she has to work harder to get in range.

Nice compact, methodical action--fighters circling in crouches, touching each other hard jabs, then edging in to break off hooks and blunt right hands. Great leathery whacks sounding out from opposing tummies and chests--each girl often finishing up with a tuff left shoulder-bump in the chest to muscle the other off. R6: Jlo firms, engaging Meade, forcing attrition upon her.

Lopez pounding Meade, pushing and shouldering her, squaring up on her, pulling her guard down, then swatting her. Smothering beat down issued--Lopez bodying up, reaching in, pushing off, then clubbing away at all things Meade, Robin struggling to muscle Lopez into ropes and bludgeon her back: Meade getting the worst of it, but competing her little heart out.

Robin starting to outwork Jlo in these moments, wrestling her to ropes, thumping away on biceps and midsection, then beating the fleshy Lopez chest until Jennifer can clinch. Grunting, panting breathes; groans of despair when either lands sumptuous to the body--this is heartless stuff. Stunning jug-mugging sits Robin demoralized in ropes, her mouth open, eyes bleak at bell. R Hammer and tongs. Slow, grinding, push-pull pace. Buttocks trembling heroically with the effort of walking the opponent back.

Mindless body contact and slugging now--both girls just on autopilot, trying to subjugate the other. Final minute--Meade slowly turrrrrning Jlo into ropes, then smiting her a short right hand across the face: Lopez buckles slightly, not answering. Jennifer out on her feet--curvy legs and glutes holding her up as her head droops forward, Meade shrieking in exhaustion, pushing Jens arms off, then applying shellack, wailing away to get Lopez out of there. Jen tottering, beaten, from one foot to the other, but she keeps her feet.

Goes to the cards, comes back UD10, Jennifer Lopez! Good close-in brawl does both women proud; Lopez proving once again how hard she is to beat shoulder to shoulder. Upon recovery, a battle-worn Jen talks about her plans in post fight. So those are the fights I want the most--big money, big name events, and a chance to separate myself from the pack a bit. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a or file from the list above. FCBA Rankings. Get a free wiki Try our free business product. To edit thisrequest access to the workspace. Tools Insert links Insert links to other s or ed files.

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Robin meade panties

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Robin meade panties Robin meade panties

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