Shrunken woman fetish

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Shrunken woman fetish

Doin' pushups! Just gettin' ready for all ya little hotties! It is probably rather due to the small participation of the members. Even if it concerns only replies. This can also be seen at GiantessCity. This might scare people away from posting something. I don't really care if I get a reply or not. But it's always nice to get a compliment for the work. I don't like playing with dolls, I like to play with little woman!! Looking at tags on s with anime pictures is seems like "mini girl" would also be something people are likely to use as a search term, but on google that just gives you unusable.

Protect freedom of Expression! Stand against all censors and self proclaimed morale apostles. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I'm also wondering if the use of 'tags' would help. This community has been with 3 different forums, 3 different websites, and 3 different URLs in the past handful of years. Every time you pick up and move a community, let alone move them due to site errors and without being able to warn folks, you hemorrhage people. A lot of them don't want to come back because access is unreliable, and if people keep losing things because boards disappear, then that's definitely no incentive to come back and rebuild again and again and again.

There is a TON of material out there on the intertubes, and unless you're familiar with the 90's-era crowd as someone mentioned upthread, then you're not going to be doing searches for shrunkenwomen on twitter or tumblr or google. Very few people google for communities anymore as it is. They're going to be looking into gianttiny or minigirl or whatever other community-specific terminology people use on those already established sites. I'm big on masculinity. This has only snowballed with my friendship with Jitensha and my subsequent involvement in sizecon. Here's the thing: The SW forums have always kind of been a sausagefest.

I dunno why, but for some reason, this community has never seen broad appeal with women. Thats a big problem too because most of the people who get into size kink approach if from the tiny point of view. With all the giantess crap out there, its pushed by the incalculable hoards of tiny men who are interested in giantess kink.

Those communities are infinitely more stable because their content is generated from the bottom up. The way these boards evolved were pushed by a minority of giant guys who were interested in Tiny Women. Now thats not to say these forums have always been a boys club where we sit around jerking each-other off, or that there are NO women here. But if you compare the of tinies in a giantess forum to the of tinies in THIS forum, comparatively, its a ghost town. If you really want to grow this forum, you've got to start advertising where the people are.

Carl, The Reducer, The Beast, etc With tumblr and DA's puritanical censorship practices, shill this spot as a place to get giant dicks and teeny titties without fear of black bars and crappy watermarks. I usually searched for "shrinking women" and came up with dieting and Lily Thomlin.

Typing in "shrunken-women" as Sally suggests, I was delighted with the sites and images! Maybe some folks are trying to differentiate themselves from dieting and Lily Thomlin, but not everyone got the memo. These are always named from the point of view of the "man" normally, I don't want to sound sexist.

Something like "Shrinking Woman" and "Giantess City.

Shrunken woman fetish

So possibly more women would find their way there Any attempt to search for giant and man. But searching with "shrunken" at least gives you a few on pornHub mostly vore videos. Yes, of course, more people may come with extra unwanted attention, bots, etc. But it also brings in an influx of talent, creators, etc. Let's face it, the shrunken women forums are stale. We discuss the same questions.

Shrunken woman fetish

The same content. Inconsistent attendance. We've lost institutions like The-Minimizer and VSW boards along with thousands of members who have had to scramble back to find where the community migrated. I would HOPE we would want better for our community. I mean, for pete's sake, this will be all of our interests for presumably the rest of your life. Don't you wish we could have the quality content that size communities like GiantessCity or CoiledFist produce? I think to bring the community back and hopefully even surpass our former glory days, we need to: 1 Make a place that's more welcoming, especially to women as GiantGripper above mentioned!

To make the community more welcoming, I genuinely think we need to get rid of the purity police. Seriously, we are the ONLY size community that segregates things like vore, non-con scenarios, etc. And note, we recently got these sections here, before that we were all segregated off to the old VSW board R. These "violent" topics are things that are considered commonplace in every other corner of the broader size community, but for some reason, they are segregated and even looked down upon in comments made by other members in this community.

The segregating of content encourages it! We have a history with prudes, and I expect this will be an uphill battle. This is an especially important point to me, because many women like myself say they feel embarrassed about their fantasies and don't feel like that have many outlets to share them. I have many non-con fantasies, and I really only get to share them in spaces of mostly tiny men who make comments like "I wish the genders were reversed".

There is no validation, no encouragement for women, and even men dealing with these fantasies. I completely understand that for some people, this sort of play can be triggering or uncomfortable for folks to witness, but that's why we should invest in a robust tagging system that is MANDATORY with each new thread.

Maybe also having badges ex. In general, the disconnect with most SW communities and sex is somewhat shocking to me! This is a fetish community, right? I genuinely think there is a fear among many of the men here who are terrified of being called a misogynist. A wife beater.

Shrunken woman fetish

An abuser. And of course there are some prudish women out there who feed into that shame. I find it very discouraging. But where is the conversation in this community? There's barely ever a peep about Dominance and submission. The foundation of BDSM isn't even just helpful for active couples, but those who casually RP via text, voice or virtually.

Sexual education is probably the reason most of you came here in the first place - What's wrong with me? How will I enjoy sex IRL with my kink on my mind? Will I ever find love? Lastly, As mentioned before in this thread, having content that would appeal to women would be greatly appreciated!

Shrunken woman fetish

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