Sissy cuckold sex stories

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Sissy cuckold sex stories

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Live Sex Chat. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Paul the Sissy Cuckold 4. Discussion Discussion Reviews Status Not open for further replies. ed Jan 13, Messages 1 Reaction score Age Paul the Sissy Cuckold Part One Sue sat at her kitchen table chatting with her friend Debbie while at the sink her husband, Paul, worked to clean the dishes from dinner. Sue and Debbie laughed and talked about how nice it was to be relieved of the burden of housework now that Paul had lost his job and was free to take care of the household chores.

The two women sipped coffee and discussed the freedom this allowed Sue to go out at night with friends and enjoy herself. Money had never been a problem for Sue as her parents had been quite wealthy and had left her a small fortune. The money was of course in her name alone and was not something Paul was allowed to enjoy.

Thus he had spent many years toiling away at a janitorial job Sue had procured for him so as to keep him busy and out of her hair. For Sue, Paul was just an annoyance that she used to keep her parents happy. You see the only way she could inherit the money was if she was married.

So, several years ago she had snared the weak willed Paul and married him in order to appease her parents. Sue was a stern and demanding wife who had broken any will and self-esteem Paul had over the years and now treated the poor man like nothing more than a servant. Debbie knew of the arrangement and laughed along with her friend when the weak willed husband was verbally abused. Sue loved the way it entertained her friend so she spent as much time as possible in her presence demeaning her hubby and humiliating him with words and actions no man should ever be forced to endure.

Today being no different than any other day, Sue was extolling Debbie with the story of how Paul had lost his menial job as a janitor. Debbie laughed out loud while Paul hung his head and turned a bright shade of red but continued his dish duty without slowing. The boss yelled at him and called him a pervert in front of the whole office staff. You see even though he was just a janitor and spent his time at work scrubbing floors and toilets I was afraid he might start getting ideas that he was actually a real man and not my little sissy slut.

Sissy cuckold sex stories

Debbie and Sue both looked over at Paul at this last statement to appraise the way the sissy boy was dressed. His shoulder length hair was done in pig tails and his face had been made up to look like a teenage girl who was trying too hard to be grown up. His pink skinned, slender body was completely hairless from the eyebrows down and the diet Sue kept him on ensured a girlish figure.

Paul looked nothing like a man so Sue had little to worry about but she enjoyed the torment it inflicted on him to say such things. Paul almost dropped the dish he was cleaning and the women heard a small sob escape from him before he caught himself and regained composure.

Debbie laughed and asked if Paul knew about the hormones to which Sue told her that it was a secret up until now. She had told her sissy hubby that Rick was only looking out for him because of the strict diet they had him on. Poor Paul had believed them but now that he knew the truth he felt as if he would start to cry. Do you like the idea of becoming a woman for your wife and her boyfriend?

At this both women laughed out loud and Sue said that was a good answer that would keep the sissy from being punished when Rick got home. Paul was shaking as he turned back to the sink, a small tear rolling down his made up features. He hated saying those things but knew better than to object. With no job, no money of his own, no friends and no prospects, the poor sissy was stuck and knew he would never be free.

Besides, Sue and Rick had taken so much video and pictures of him dressed up and acting the part of a sissy slave that Paul knew he had no other options than to stay here and serve his cruel owners. As the women turned back to their conversation a loud booming voice came from the living room and they all knew Rick had come home. The women smiled at each other and ran to watch what was sure to be a fun display of discipline from the man of the house. Paul ran quickly to Rick and dropped to his knees before the handsome black man that stood in the doorway.

It was quite a sight to behold. The thin, weak, white boy dressed as a slutty girl kneeling at the feet of this towering black stud. Rick stood 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighed in at an impressive pounds of sheer muscle. His chiseled features made him look like a professional athlete in an underwear commercial and standing before the tiny sissy boy he looked like a god. Sue and Debbie stood nearby with wide smiles on their faces and watched the spectacle eagerly.

Rick winked at the ladies and took a second to look over his lady. Sue was quite the sight in a light knee length summer dress, her dark brown hair, long and flowing over her shoulders framed a beautiful alabaster face with smoldering dark eyes and full red lips.

Rick let his eyes wander down her body taking in her breathtaking figure. Sue was tall for a woman, standing 5 foot 9 without heels. Her ass was a perfect heart shaped orb kept tight by daily exercises. Her breasts were a thing of beauty standing firm and round on her chest. Not a small woman in height, Sue was able to pull off the 38DD breasts in a way a smaller woman could not. They just accentuated her beauty instead of standing out.

Sissy cuckold sex stories

But first he had a disobedient sissy with whom to attend. Rick looked down at the pathetic wretch still kissing his shoes and smirked. Paul scurried over to the couch and kneeled waiting for Rick. Rick sat down in front of the sissy and told him to take of his shoes. Paul knew what to do and immediately began taking large whiffs of air thru his nose and moaned like he was enjoying the smell of fresh baked bread. He knew to put on a good show for his master and make sure everyone knew he was enjoying the smell. Oh, I know! With your tongue of course. Rick laughed and told his sissy to go right ahead.

The sock was soaked with the days sweat and smelled terrible but Paul placed the wettest part of the garment into his mouth and began sucking. Does he do that every day? It keeps everything clean and soft.

Sissy cuckold sex stories

Debbie laughed again and told her friend she had better be going. The women said their goodbyes and Sue went over to Rick on the couch.

Sissy cuckold sex stories

Like two teenagers at prom they began to make out with each other with loud, wet kisses using lots of tongue. Paul watched from the floor and felt his little peepee start to stir.

Sissy cuckold sex stories

The pain was immediate and Paul whimpered like a dog and squirmed around trying to be more comfortable. The result was to keep the little thing squished to just under an inch at all times.

Sissy cuckold sex stories

Paul knew better than to look away as the lovers enjoyed making him suffer so he watched them make out and sucked away at the sweaty sock. Paul the Sissy Cuckold Part Two As Paul carried the platter of food out to the dining room he could still taste and smell the disgusting socks he had spent over an hour sucking clean earlier this evening. Rick and Sue sat at the dining room table chatting like lovers while Paul served them both. He said it reminded the sissy of his place. Paul on the other hand was miserable. They discussed the news, weather and a favorite tv show as if it were perfectly normal for a couple to talk while another man sniffed away at the crotch of his better.

Sue recounted how she had let slip the fact that she and Rick had been slipping Paul female hormones disguised as vitamins. And yes, her ears and after her boobs grow out her nipples too. Paul, fearful of repercussions began taking in huge breaths of air through his nose almost gagging on the foul air he was now trapped with. As their sissy struggled to inhale the nasty fart, the two lovers continued their conversation. At this, Paul began to sob quietly, his shoulders shaking.

After 20 or 30 minutes Paul had finished cleaning up the kitchen and slowly made his way back to the bedroom he used to share with his wife. That room now belonged to Sue and Rick. Rick was the man of the house now and Paul was merely a servant doing the bidding of the large black man. As Paul neared the room he could hear his wife moaning and crying out in ecstasy from the hard fucking she was receiving from her powerful lover. Paul knocked on the door to the bedroom and waited for admission.

Paul opened the door and crept into the room at first noticing the smell of sex permeating the air. The room was humid and the scent of the two sweaty writhing bodies was almost overwhelming. As Paul entered the room the two lovers came apart and each lay on their back on either side of the bed staying close enough to touch. Rick had his arm around Sue and was gently massaging her left breast with his hand. She almost rubbed the skin off my dick the way she fucked me. You could never last long enough to find out.

I could never last long enough to actually feel how wonderful a lover my wife is. Only a real man like you can please her and satisfy her desires. Paul moved as if in a trance and crawled onto the bed. Rick was uncircumcised so Paul had to work hard to get under the skin and clean the huge cock to perfection. It took more than 20 minutes of licking and sucking before Rick was satisfied that his cock was clean. He snapped his fingers and Paul moved on to clean his wife only to find her stopping him with her hand in his face. Just as he was about to leave the bathroom, Rick walked in blocking the door.

Paul whimpered and slowly dropped to his knees near the toilet. Rick stepped up to the toilet and smiled down at the degraded husband. He put his hands on his hips and waited for Paul to do the rest. Paul held the cock using his lips and tongue like fingers on the shaft and aimed at the toilet. As Rick began to piss Paul could feel the fluid rushing through the shaft of muscle between his lips. His aim was off slightly and some of the piss splashed on the rim of the toilet before Paul was able to direct the stream into the water.

Rick sighed contentedly while he emptied his bladder smiling at the subservient hubby acting as a urinal caddy for his massive cock. Rick patted the sissy on the head calling her a good girl before laughing and walking back to the bedroom. The foul liquid was salty and now cold from the toilet and tasted as terrible as it smelled.

Paul crawled behind the strong black man his face mere inches from his powerful ass.

Sissy cuckold sex stories

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