Tatsumi incursio evolve

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Tatsumi incursio evolve

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Okay, thinking Bulat should win this one.

Tatsumi incursio evolve

He has precognition and will pretty much evolve to Budo's attacks and get stronger. Not sure if his invisibility would be useful though. Seeing as Tatsumi got Regenerationn after being forced to evolve, I can see something similar happening here which should take care of Budo's Solid Shooter.

Bulat would not have reactive evolution, he can't evolve in the middle of a fight without taking damage otherwise he would do that while fighting Liver. Bulat got semi solo'd by one guy while Leone, Akame, Tatsumi and Mine all needed to work together to beat Budou. Also, Tatsumi got one shotted by Budou. No way can Bulat trump that. So yeah Bulat has zero chance of winning this. Liver had homefield advantage and Bulat still was on par with him so it really wasn't a semi-solo.

Tatsumi got fodderized because he was tired from being drained by Dorothea. Which is irrelevant as that was needed for his imperial arms which they both had. I don't see how it wasn't even a semi solo. True but yet at full health he couldn't beat Budo even with help.

Also, this thread insinuates that Bulat is stronger then 2nd form Yatsumi, which is false. Gemmysaur VS Battles. Well, Bulat had to fight Liver whose teigu is water manipulation in the middle of a body of water, watch out for 2 other teigu wielders, protect Tatsumi should the need arise, stabbed himself to be able to move after a debuff via flute teigu, was drained of stamina due to extended use of Incursio's invisibility, and fight against someone with intel against him Liver was his superior in the army Gonna have to go with Bulat, if only because he's supposedly superior skill-wise to Tatsumi who was able to hit Budo while remembering Bulat's advice of being aware of his surroundings.

Has calm and collected thinking compared to Budo's fury which could give openings in somewhat the same way it did for Tatsumi. That, and being up to par in physical might. On another note, the AGK wikia notes that Tatsumi was using Incursio in an improper way which is why he was turning dragon when evolving, unlike Bulat. Actually he only had to look out for one which was Liver, unless you count the 15 seconds where he casually lol blitzed all 3 of them and killed one of them, while the other was being slightly handled by Tatsumi, IDK if Bulat ever actually cared about the other during the fight and not after the fight.

Bulat is definitely the superior spear user I can agree there. But he also has less power, physically weaker then evolved Tatsumi, and has no help. Yeah, I completely disagree with calling Tatsumi evolving Incursio"Improper". The reason Tatsumi was turning into a dragon was because Incursio was consuming him as he was forcing more power out of it each time he was evolving it which was every time he put it on ever since he evolved it Incursio was becoming more alive ever since Tatsumi decided to evolve it which Bulat never tried to do, for good reason, and it was looking for a way to become fully alive again Which was to consume Tatsumi and make him more dragon like.

Plus improper implies it was a bad idea, but considering how evolving it was the only way for Tatsumi to gain the strength he needed to beat opponents like the emperor is the opposite of improper. Bulat's first and biggest lesson he instilled into Tatsumi was to be aware of his surroundings.

He always takes note of his surroundings in a fight, hence why when he reprimanded Tatsumi for rushing at axe guy like an idiot and activated Incursio, he was well aware that he was being attacked on 3 sides despite the other two's movement being masked by axe guy's shouting c10 or so. Mind you, the same war axe was flying straight through Esdeath's ice army like butter. The same for Liver's water teigu which was smashing it while it didn't have the same amount of water as when it was used against Bulat.

These ice army mooks are hardy enough that V2 Tatsumi noted that he can't let up his guard for even an instant since he'll lose if he does c This shows that he's not really lacking in physical might considering the things V2 Tatsumi sees as threats get ripped apart by the same teigus he faced at the same time in a homefield disadvantage, and he tanked it all.

Tatsumi incursio evolve

Also, Tatsumi was getting kicked around by flute guy and Bulat had to deal with him too right after he was hit with multiple of Liver's strongest. After all that, Liver still had to resort to doping and poison to beat him.

Tatsumi incursio evolve

Re: Tatsumi's improper use of Incursio, it's not my words. It's what was written in AGK wikia and I agree since iirc, I think it was the doctor that said that Tatsumi is evolving his armor way too fast which is why it's eating him. Had he had some time of reprive to let it sink in first, it wouldn't have happened. He wasn't physically ready for it. Also, improper may be negative, but given the situation, it's still their only chance so Tatsumi can't be faulted for that. I don't think anyone except for Esdeath is actually more powerful than Bulat Tatsumi got more powerful for using his armor and evolving it,but that aside I don't think anyone can beat him even Akame probably wouldn't win Thou I am not gonna vote for now Re: Bulat being stronger than everyone Gensei, the former wielder of Incursio was winning for the most part against him while he was donning the armor and even damaged it with a regular sword.

Akame on the other hand won't be able to get around Incursio considering Bulat's skill. But yeah. You got a vote here yet? Yeah, they ended up in tie with Bulat pretty much losing because of field disadvantage so, honestly don't see anyone else except for Esdeath beating him, maybe susano,but he has an obvious weakness Budou's feats still are above him though, Bulat fought 2 fodder imperial arms users with some help from Tatsumi along with one strong imperial arms user.

That and he fought his old master. So Bulat and Tatsumi had to fight two fearless imperial arms users, one of them having a teigu which is useless since it didn't work and has no abilities aside from the whistle and making the user stronger with it's trump card. Budou with help fought Mine, Akame, evolved Tatsumi, and Leone, all of which would beat the two teigu users IMO all three for base Akame Budou actually has a projectile and I don't see Bulat adapting to a Lightning bolt without taking off Incursio.

Incursio has never adapted to something in the middle of a fight without taking it off aside from cold. Also, all this home field advantage did was make it even, because both had imperial arms, and without a body of water you can't even fully use it. Gargoyle 1 said:. Click to expand Because you know, he totally didn't get hit by lightning after getting weakened by Dorothea Which was before he ignored Lightning in the arena Bulat was severely handicapped in his battle with Liver.

Tatsumi incursio evolve

Liver has homefield advantage and Bulat had to protect the boat they were on, as pointed out by Liver when Bulat charged forward to cut he water snake that Liver had launched. I think it would be close but I give it to Bulat. Bumping this. Bulat was handicapped but he fought one strong imperial arms user, casually fodderdized the one with the axe, and left the other to Tatsumi.

He never diverted his attention to Tatsumi. Plus, evolution is vague, we never see it do this until after Tatsumi evolved it which Bulats never done before, implying it isn't capable of doing that until after evolution. Not to mention that if it could do this without being evolved, it would be blantantly superior to grand chariot, despite GC being the finished product. WilliamShadow said:. And Budo. I count Bulat-2, Budo My bad. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Rikimarox2 Nov 15, Versus Thre.

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Tatsumi incursio evolve

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