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If you follow many sex blogs, you might have noticed May has been deated as Masturbation Month - an annual online celebration promoting a sex-positive attitude towards self-stimulation. Play can be so much more than just rubbing yourself to climax. Rather than starting your play by immediately pleasuring yourself, why not try teasing yourself for a while first? Try the Sensations game, which encourages you to explore every part of your body without lingering too long on the naughty bits. You might also try the Words game, try reading down the lists of hundreds of spanking related phrases and not touching yourself, or allowing yourself just a fleeting touch after every 20 lines.

If you enjoyed teasing, try going one step further and visually inspecting yourself - the idea being to explore your own body whilst experiencing minimal physical stimulation. The Inspections for Girls game lists 12 areas, in order of escalating intimacy. How might challenge yourself to see how far you can get before your willpower falters and you begin to start masturbating. You can also incorporate your own favourite fantasy situation when playing the Bottom Inspection game, which anyone of any gender can play.

The Squirm game challenges you to watch something erotic and resist touching yourself for as long as possible, with the possible jeopardy of punishment if you falter too soon. Just as vibrators stimulate nerves in the genitals, spankings stimulate nerves in the bottom. Both cause a pleasurable tingling - though the impact of the latter can be more intense, a sensation, that can be felt across several layers of your skin, its tingles accompanied by a fiery heat and pleasurable sting.

So I consider self-spanking a form of masturbation, a form of self-love rather than self-mortification, a complementary physical sensation to the joys of genital rubbing. An easy introduction to self-spanking is to smack your bottom at appropriate moments when reading a spanking story, just as described in the Naked Reading game. Those craving a more intense whacking might try creating their own Spanking Machine.

For instance, if you have a suction base for your toy, try the Dildo Ritual game, and imagination yourself participating in some profane erotic rite. Suction dildos also work well on walls, so why not try recreating the scene described in the Fucking on a Train game? Remember, properly lubed, wide-base dildos can also be used to stretch and penetrate your bottom.

A more intense experience can be achieved by creating your very own Panty Pulling Chairwhich as you can see, can lead to some very enjoyable experiences. Many like to play whilst looking at sexy images, but why stop there? Rather than just consuming images passively, why not unleash your creativity, and remix them?

Choose any imagery you like, the only limit is your imagination. Or, if you prefer erotic stories to pictures, why not wank as you write a coda to your favourite story, perhaps continuing the tale and imagining what happened, or writing a confession. One idea that just needs string and clothes-pegs is the Clothesline game. Another is to fetch some icecubes and tease your sensitive places. Or, if you have a sturdy pole like a mop or broom handle you can try the Straddle game. This also offers an opportunity for a more meditative experience, rather than chasing a climax, just let yourself balance on the pole, close your eyes and become aware of your breathing.

Feel the sensations across your body, your weight pressing into the pole, balance and savour the developing erotic tension. Masochists seeking more intense physical sensations might be interested in the Figging with Ginger game, whilst those turned on by shame and humiliation might enjoy the erotic embarrassment of the Wet Panties games. Variety is indeed the spice of life. So be bold, try new toys and sensations, experiment, remix and incorporate ideas from your own fantasies, your favourite porn and your most cherished stories. And however you play, whether alone or with another, in front of a mirror or under the covers… enjoy!

Each year, we create a very special Christmas Tree, one that hides a secret visitors will never see. One that celebrates the story of our kinky year. We choose the illicit little messages that had made us yearn, and squirm, and throb.

We scribble them down on little festive gift tags, and hang them amongst the sparkling lights and gaudy baubles, until every branch is festooned with our lust-drenched words. One by one, I pluck each tag from its hiding place. There, on the other side of a cutesy winter scene, I might discover your words, recorded in my own erratic handwriting. In an instant, the visceral thrill I felt the first time I read your words floods my mind. I find it so thrilling to see which of my messages you found so meaningful.

Each one is an echo of the lust that once burned so fiercely in my delirious mind. Each one surprises me in a different way, did I really say that? Did I really have the courage to be that bold? Each one is indisputable proof of how much I once craved you, and still do. And then your fingers would delve into the prickly needles too, in search of the words that once set our souls alight, in search of the whispers that changed our worlds.

When I write, I worry. Is this any good? Is anybody going to like this? Are people going to dismiss me as a talentless hack, or a weirdo, or a wannabe - or even worse, a desperate attention-seeker? Because everyone drops. Any performer who walked off a stage as the audience sat in silence would experience it. Maybe your latest message has gone unanswered, they usually reply so quickly.

The wheels of worry turn. We did it wrong. We ruined it. We begin to drop. Drop happens when we drop our masks and let others see us as we really are, whether it be our art, or our deepest desires. Be kind to those you love. Tell them how much you love and cherish them.

Even if you think they already know that. Love is a reassurance that is continually renewed. Drop is the price all pay for daring to disturb the universe. But the cost of never daring to be vulnerable is infinitely more costly. Be meek, and no one will ever know the magic that dwells within you. Your existence will go unnoticed - and that, is the very worst pain of all. Whatever path you follow inI wish you all a satisfying and life-affirming journey, and the company of wonderful fellow travellers. Every day of illness and disruption reminds us that love is the greatest treasure in our lives.

Masturbation Ideas for Kinky Minds If you follow many sex blogs, you might have noticed May has been deated as Masturbation Month - an annual online celebration promoting a sex-positive attitude towards self-stimulation. Our Secret Christmas Tree Each year, we create a very special Christmas Tree, one that hides a secret visitors will never see. Drop Do you know what writers fear? You will drop, it is inevitable, so ensure you have someone to catch you.

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Tumblr how to masterbate

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