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Your hand clamped over your mouth as you tried to hold in your gasp. You pushed the door open in anger only to find Calum in the room by himself watching porn. Calum jumped in surprise, immediately hiding his hard on. The sounds of porn was still playing and you had to stifle your laughter. He hit the pause button and reached out for his boxers. You leaned against the door frame with crossed arms. You chewed on your bottom lip then shook your head. Ashton: It had been so long since Ashton had gotten some release.

You had been away on a business trip for about a week now and Ashton was starting to miss you desperately. He was sat on the bed, hand slowly stroking at his length. Ashton was trying to imagine it was you. His eyes closed as he imagined your naked body hovering over him. He was working himself up so much.

Chest rising at a steady rhythm as his strokes picked up the pace. Unbeknownst to Ashton you had arrived home early. In an attempt to surprise him for his birthday. He was too busy caught up in pleasuring himself to hear you come home. Headphones in, eyes closed, and working on reaching his release. He had heard your call through the headphones, eyes snapping open in surprise. You bit onto your bottom lip, trying to hide the grin that was spreading out across your face.

Ashton pulled at his headphones and smiled up at you. You sauntered over to him, ready to give Ashton the blowjob he had been imaging about. His face scrunched up in pleasure and hand stroking at his length at a rapid pace. You had walked in at the wrong time.

His load coming out in three hot spurts and landing on his stomach. What made the whole thing awkward was the fact that Michael had held eye contact with you as he came. The lust in his eyes had faded into embarrassment as he realized what had just happened. Michael reached out for a tissue and tried to clean up his load as discreetly as he could. You were too much in shock to notice, but somehow felt your skin burn when you realized Michael had moaned your name when he came. Of course it was out of shock from you walking in on him, but it sounded so hot to hear him say it.

To hear him moan and whine it. You quickly dodged the box and shot him a glare. Michael smiled with a roll of his eyes. You quickly nodded, head dropping low as you left the room. Sexual feelings for your best friend starting to cloud your mind. Luke: He was a fumbling mess. Cheeks red as the heat from his arousal spread throughout his body. His mind tracing back to the images of you in the shower. He was craving your body and touch. His desire for you only growing by the second. The hardened mass was covered in lube making each stroke slick as can be. He was in the zone, head falling back as the pleasure overtook him and your name left his lips in hushed whispers.

Eyes wide in shock at what you had just walked in on. You wanted to make him beg for a bit eventually coming back to fulfill his needs. Hey Lovelies, I'm Jazmine! Enjoy The Feels! Home Ask Submit Archive. Preference You Catch Him Masturbating.

Tumblr masturbate with me

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