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If your girlfriend cheats once, and he happens to have a big cock, she will probably feel guilty for a day or two. Especially that first time you have sex and she is more vocal than usual. But after a couple of days the guilt will fade and will be replaced by a tingling sensation between her thighs.

And before she knows it, she is responding to his text messages, making plans to meet, and then face down in her bedroom with eight inches of thick cock buried deep inside. Telling my boyfriend that I love him, and that I miss him, while shamelessly lying to him about where I am and what I'm doing If he only knew what was being done to me, while I fill his mind with false reassurances that nothing abnormal is happening The thought of this just makes my already blissful moans twice as deep, and twice as loud. Cheated on my bf for the first time. Why don't I feel guilty?

But that's ok right? My wife is from a small town in west Texas Bible belt. She was Baptist and went to church every Wednesday and Sunday. Her dad was the decon of the church and well know respected man. She lost her virginity when she was 15 to her boyfriend. They dated all the way up to the beginning of her senior year of highschool. They fucked at least 3 times a week. After they broke up she went a little wild. Not much to do in a small town but ride around drinking and fucking. She fucked most of the graduation class of the even smaller town 10 miles away.

She said she tried not to fuck to many from her class because she was worried about her reputation. Like fucking all the guys in a town 10 miles about would help. She even had 2 guys from the next town tag team her one night at a party. Like I said if you talked to her you would never guess it. I remember her telling me one story about how she was in church one Sunday morning setting next the her bestfriend after fucking her boyfriend the night before. She swore to God in a church that nothing happened.

For context, I first want to say that my girlfriend never slept with any other guy besides me. Because apart from that, I think that this might sound like one of the most vanilla and non-cuckolding things ever. So we were at a party hosted by a friend of a friend recently. There were a handful of people we knew, but most were strangers. She also knows how much I enjoy playing along and to see her persuaded by other guys. We are both in our 20s, so it was almost funny when a guy who seemed to be in his 30s or 40s approached her and flirted with her.

She already had a few drinks by then, so she played along and they seemed to have a good time. She continued drinking though, and it was those sugary cocktails. I lost sight of her at some point, and was in the middle of talking with someone so I couldnt check it out. A few minutes later I began looking around, eventually went upstairs, but couldnt find her anywhere.

I did notice that one of the bedroom doors was locked though. At that point I was super turned on by the possibilities. Maybe he was just giving her a chance to rest, or he was kissing her, or performing oral on her, or there was even a chance that he was preparing to have sex with her. I couldve checked if someone knew the host of the party, to unlock the door and see if they were in there. But I didnt, it was just too hot. A few minutes later I came back to that spot outside the door, and heard the bedframe creaking.

Insta turn-on. It actually took another hour before they finished up and the door opened. The next time she returned to the party, her hair was a complete mess and she didnt tell me much until we were back home. She was incredibly sorry that things had gotten out of hand, and that it had been a spur of the moment situation. He had first convinced her to just eat her out and thats why she went along with it, but then things escalated and they ended up fucking twice. I immediately assumed they used condoms, but she added that he didnt have any.

So they resorted to having him pull out before he ejaculated. She has no idea how much it turns me on to know that he probably spilled a good bit of precum inside of her. He also gave her his. So for the past few days, I often mention to her that I would be totally fine with her inviting him over.

If he only knew what was being done to me, while I fill his mind with false reassurances that nothing abnormal is happening… he would be shocked, devastated, and completely broken. Posts Likes Following Archive. I will always answer the phone when he calls me in the middle of cheating.

Anonymous asked: Cheated on my bf for the first time. Fuck yes it is. Cheating sex is the best sex. She said it was mindblowing sex, and that she had wobbly legs for another hour afterwards. Recently Liked.

Tumblr mature cheating wives

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