Wwe natalya thong

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Women are proving that the WWE is not just a sport where men can be successful. Some of the female wrestlers, commonly referred to as WWE Divas, are drawing big crowds and bringing in the big bucks in the industry. Although some may have brought in decent salaries, not all of them made wise investments or kept track of the fortunes that they were earning. She has also added to her current net worth though acting and fitness modeling.

She officially left the WWE on August 4, What made it even more special is that the event was held in her hometown of Toronto Ontario, Canada. She arrived on the scene with few talents other than her dramatic good looks. This was when her career really started to take off. She hit the ground running and started spending more and more time in the ring. Her real name is Milena Leticia Roucka and she is a citizen of Canada. She is also a former model who helped to add to her current net worth through her efforts in both professions.

She is the eighteenth richest Diva currently in the WWE. She was also a main cast member on the E! Paige earns an annual salary of a quarter of a million dollars through the WWE. Paige is only her ring name. She made history in the WWE by scoring at win at the tender young age of She has been voted one of the most beautiful of the WWE Divas on the planet, and now she is in the top twenty richest.

Mickie James was friends with Trish Stratus until she started acting out on her strange obsession with her.

Wwe natalya thong

It got creepy fast. She began dressing like her and later confessed to the fact that she was in love with her. The advances were rejected by Stratus and the two became vicious rivals in the ring.

Wwe natalya thong

James was popular with fans, but was not promoted because there were younger female wrestlers entering the ring and they began to receive the attention that she had once enjoyed. She was active in the WWE from tobut still remains one of the top five greatest Divas of all time. Brie Bella is the other half of the Bella Twins tag team due. Bella was ly in a relationship with former Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen.

In Septembershe revealed her engagement to fellow professional wrestler Bryan Danielson. The couple married on April 11, On October 5,Bella announced that the couple were expecting their first child due in April Bella gave birth to a baby girl on May 9,named Birdie Joe Danielson.

She made her debut in the ring in with the WWF. Keibler soon became The Dudley Boyz manager. Her wrestling career was over with the WWE by the time she was just 28 years old. Kelly Kelly is her ring name as an American professional wrestler.

It is also the name that she uses for her modeling career. She came to the sport with a background in gymnastics and cheerleading from her time at college. She made her debut in and became an extremely popular exhibitionist and performer.

Wwe natalya thong

Her birth name is Barbara Jean Kelly. Kelly is also constantly linked to Chris Jericho with regards to her wrestling career. Natalie Katherine Neidhart came to the WWE from her home country of Canada, ing her contract with the company under the ring name of Natalya. She earned her place among the serious competitors by taking the Diva Championship title in November of She is a popular wrestler who is well known for being member of the Hart wrestling family.

Nikki Bella is the other half of the Bella Twins tag team. She also served as a Miss USA celebrity judge in Her real name is April Jeanette Brooks. She is a three time winner of the Diva Championship. She ed her contract with the WWE inand retired from the sport in Currently AJ makes money fitness modeling and through social media.

Wwe natalya thong

Lillian Garcia is the ninth richest WWE wrestler in the diva group. Although she wrestled just one match in her career as a WWE professional wrestler, she is still considered to be one of the greatest WWE Divas in the history of the organization.

She is by far one of the best at delivering ring introductions. She was active in the WWE from to She took a two year break and then returned in and is still with them today. Terri Runnels was active with the WWE for eight years as a professional female wrestler.

Wwe natalya thong

She was actually his wife at the time and it seemed a bit weird for some, but it worked out. Terri was a gorgeous woman and she had an aire of class about her, even when she poked that cigar between her lips. Eventually, she turned to the job of backstage interviewer and this extended her contract with the WWE. Vickie Guerrero is one of those amazing success stories in the WWE. She started her career with them, making just a few appearances now and then, but after her husband Eddie passed away, she became a regular who was singled out to be featured several times over. The WWE took very good care of her and her family by keeping her in work and in the spotlight.

As time went by, Vickie somehow underwent a transformation. As her comfort level rose in her role, she started taking the most heat from the crowd of any wrestler in the history of the WWE. She first ed her contract with the WWE inand has remained active to this day. Tammy Lynn Sytch is known as a pioneer for women in what was a new role for females in the arena of professional wrestling. Tammy served in several different roles in WWE throughout her career.

She was a manager and did some wrestling, interviewing and has even served as the WWE TV host on occasion. She started out as The Bodydonnas manager but became bigger with the company than the guys she was managing. Her time with the WWF was cut short when she was accused of using illegal drugs. The company let her go at that point, and although she made a few bids to re-enter her career, she was not allowed steady work with the WWE again. She was active with the WWF from through Sunny was inducted into the WWE Hall of fame in Nakano made two great runs in the WWE, but each was too short lived.

She ed on with WWE in and built her scary reputation. One of the more popular feuds was in the s and it was during her second run that she had an all out battle with Alundra Blayze. SumerSlam 94 was brutal and the hard hitting divas had some pretty impressive match ups that made history in excitement that have yet to see in the ring and out to this day. Hull threw Blayze all over the ring like she was a Raggedy Ann. It was during her second run with WWF that she ran into some serious issues.

She was busted for possession of cocaine and she was fired from the company. Bull Nakano was active in WWE in and then again from She was pals with Stacy Keibler and the two led the pack in trying to take over the ring in It was during the Invasion angle that Wilson did a three sixty and fans became enamored of her as a favorite. She eventually departed from the WCW and it was due to her then boyfriend, Tajiri. She came across as the female version of John Cena before Cena was even Cena. Her visibility was high and she was one woman that the WWE pushed with gusto.

Wwe natalya thong

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